Do what you want...

In 3 years. Wash your hands first, then grab from the table.

First, then sweet.

First, get your Legos, then get the toy from the box.

First, eat some soup, then go for a walk.

First, take away the toys, then cartoons. Do not go in the pool, listen to your elders and go to sleep.

10. First homework, then walk.

First, you do the math, then you play.

First, clean up the room then at the computer.

First answer my questions, then you will indulge in.

First the teacher, then lessons, then eat and sleep.

20. First, finish University, find a job, then married and nothing else.

First "finish" forced-forced learning of English, before embarking on the study of a favorite, but this is rare and "why would you need" Czech.

First to finish the degree, and then for a manicure and a movie.

Then at 30, 35, 40 — "do what you want" sets the global dead end. Like life after sitting in the box the person is not able to realize their desires, to separate them from the desires of others (relatives, society), doesn't know how to voice them, to defend and implement.

At that time, as the realization "other people's desires" as time can be very successful, "the joy of" parents, boss and all around the world. Job work schedule, children are born, because "necessary" (to whom and for what?), a family is created, how sad, too, because of well-learned action "in order" and not by choice.

And the people don't even realize it. Someone does, and someone to such a moment, when suddenly manage to realize your "WISH": to leave the office and open a small business, move to another country, write a book, invent something unique...

And at this point 30, 35, 40 years have "learning to walk": learn to listen to yourself, your desires, to learn to resist the desires and benefits of society and family, "why do you need?", "live and don't move", etc. is Not always easy, but often interesting!



Self-sufficiency: what does it mean for you?

Men's personal hell


But those who despite everything continued to "learn to walk", stood on his feet and ran, things happen and sometimes there comes a time when you grow wings. published


Author: MIA Scherer



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