Fool visiting cannibal

All right. Now zazhravsheysya and prosperity of Europe softened exactly kranty. If gays lesbians could not finish off it, it really Muslim migrants in that, finally, succeed. Horde militant Arabs flooded the streets of European cities and the chaos will come, in which one of the other pillars of the collapse of multiculturalism and tolerance, and then in the former Europe will create a new caliphate living under Sharia law ...

Anyone who thinks so sincerely, I advise you to take a walk in the fresh air, some water cold to drink, sleep it off in the end - well, or freshen up your head in any way to your taste. I can even understand that thinks some illiterate Arab from Syria outback, which zapudrili Mullahs already not very developed brain, but you somehow have to know the history and be able to make conclusions from it.

< History tolerant Europeans

I just remind you, who are these lovely, kind and innocent Europeans, of which we have experience.

The history of modern Germans began with the fact that in the V century AD, their ancestors came out of the woods and immediately attacked the Roman Empire, which was not equal to the time in the world. As a result, in 410, the Visigoths had taken Rome, and on September 4476, the leader of the Germanic Odoacer forced the last Western Roman emperor Romulus Augustulus to abdicate. The start was promising, and future Europeans do not let us down.

Since the XI to XV century in vogue with European nobility went horseback tours to the Holy Sepulcher in Palestine, who were called the Crusades. In total there were nine Crusades. Knights gathered in organized groups and sent to liberate the Holy Land, simultaneously establishing control over the trade routes from China and India to Europe. Fun, profitable, and Pope approves - three fun in one
In the end, though, the Knights is fun and bored with the XV century, Europeans do the colonization of America, almost completely destroying the people and culture of the two continents at once. In South America, we tried Spanish and Portuguese (the descendants of the Visigoths, by the way), and in the North - the British, Germans and French
At the end of the XV century, the Portuguese took control of the western coast of Africa, which launched an active slave trade. Behind them streamed into Africa and other Europeans: Dutch, French, English. By 1900, virtually the entire continent (except for the remaining independent Ethiopia and Liberia) was split between the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy, and Spain and Portugal have maintained and even expanded their old colonies.

Since 1858, Britain seized the territory of modern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In China due to the Opium Wars in 1842 and Hong Kong chop off UK imposed bonded "cooperation agreement", so that the Chinese can say lucky.

Capturing all that made sense to capture Europeans bored and decided to arrange a small get-together, which is better known as the First World War. In the course of this war, in just four years - from 1914 to 1918 - the loss of the armed forces of the participants were about 10 million people, and at least another 20 million civilians died in the fighting, as well as famine and epidemics
To ensure such a grand scale killings, Europeans invented many useful tools: guns, combat airplanes, poison gas, tanks, battleships, submarines and so on. It would seem that in any normal human blood on the incident should freeze in their veins, but the Europeans just warming up.

Only 21 years later, the Germans began the Second World War, which set an absolute record of all time in the number of victims. Total losses in this war by the most conservative estimates amounted to 60-65 mln. People for 6 years from 1939 to 1945.

During this war, Europe has presented humanity carpet bombing of cities, concentration camps and ballistic missiles, and two over the matter of nuclear strikes, each of which killed more than 150 thousand. People (civilians, mostly).

In fairness it should be noted that spent nuclear bomb is not the Germans (although actively working on it), and the Americans. But the Germans established industrial destruction of people in a specially constructed for this death camps.

Once there waiting for hard labor, hunger and, as a result, the gas chambers, and then - the crematorium. However, even the work is not always required. In Treblinka, Chelmno, Belzec and Sobibor survivors temporarily allowed only those who helped remove the bodies from the gas chambers and burning them, as well as sort of dead things, and those who have served the protection of the camps. All others were to be destroyed immediately.

In the concentration camps in humans put medical experiments that often end in experimental fatalities and economic vein in the German camp personnel led to the emergence of interesting artifacts as bindings for books made of human skin and human soap.

< The history of militant Arabs

And that all this time did the Arabs? With the I millennium BC, Arabs were divided into two parts. Southern Arabs lived in the cities, the northern - wandered in deserts. However, the V century, when future Europeans were preparing to seize Rome, civilization and the northern and southern Arabs, for unknown reasons, fell into disrepair.

Then, in 570, the Prophet Mohammed appeared, and with it - Islam. Since then, the Arabs things went uphill, and it for a hundred years, have managed to create a caliphate that stretched from Spain across North Africa and Southwest Asia to the very borders of India.

It was during this period, from VIII to XII century, and was created by the majority of the works of Arabic literature, written legal codes and philosophical treatises. This was the "golden age of Islam" when the Arabs made good progress in the field of astronomy, medicine, geography, history and mathematics.

And this is where the success of the Arabs suddenly ended. At first it was promoted by regular trips Crusader, then on a visit visited by Mongolians, and ended up the arrival of the Turks, who in the XVI century conquered the entire Arab world and divided it into provinces.

If not for the British and French, who in the XIX century established control over most of North Africa, Erdogan would now be the president of all the Arabs. And so, after the Second World War, the Arabs with his master's shoulder gave virtually independent. Here, actually, and all the Arab achievements.

< Welcome and Arbeit macht frei

My grandfather during the war was a pilot, flew to bomb Berlin, he was awarded orders and medals. I remember it. And how many now live in Germany lovely and kind people, whose grandfather served in the SS, the Gestapo, the protection of Dachau or just casually shot 27,000 Jews in Riga during the war? I suspect that very, very much. And they also love their grandparents, I'm sure.

Here to these tolerant, patient and harmless to people now and rush headlong, migrants from Arab countries. I would in their place properly thought its halal brains before Europeans poke his nose under the sharia, Koran and other unpleasant products of their vital activity.

The situation looks as if to escape the rain, to the house of the honored ogre broke mentally retarded teenager. Yes, the ogre is now sober, regularly visits the club Anonymous cannibals, genuinely ashamed of his past and handfuls eats tranquilizers, and at night, just in case fastens himself handcuffed to the bed, and for a long time no one was eating, but to provoke it - is not a good idea
No need to shout in his ear "allahakbar" do not try to install it in the cave of their orders and even more so - to be missed for the priest's wife or daughter. For a while, it will endure, meditate on universal values, to try to reason with the impudent, even the police will call, and then - picks. In the most unexpected moment. I doubt it, I just remind you about Anders Behring Breivik, who in 2011 killed 77 and injured 151 people.

Only very naive people can underestimate the full depth of cruelty, which is hidden under a thin layer of European tolerance. No LIH there was not even close. For example, the most famous hangman LIH - Jihadi John - before the fall of the American missiles had killed 28 people in his entire "careerĀ»
For comparison - in 1942, a modest Croatian 25-year-old Petar Brzica, who graduated from the Franciscan college and who had studied before the war, at the Law Faculty, University of Zagreb, for one night with a knife has killed 1,360 people in the Jasenovac concentration camp, became the winner in the competition for the murder of prisoners of Serbs - that is, he was not the only one, just coped better than others. As a reward for this he received money to promote and inscribed gold watch. He died this remarkable man, presumably in 2007.

If 1942 seems too distant past, I recall the story fresher - organized mass executions of Serbs (our brothers-Slavs) civilians Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995. Total time about 8000 people were shot.

In short - if the European authorities hesitated to restore order, but workers too far, do not rule out the possibility, in which the good-natured German burghers remember their roots and begin to make Arabs environmentally friendly biofuels. Fortunately, for this, they have everything you need, including a suitable heredity.

< When the majority of migrants

In fact, the scale of the problem of migrants in Europe, somewhat exaggerated. For the year to the EU with a population of 502 million people got about a million migrants, which, in fact, quite a bit. The world is full of countries where migrants is several times higher than the indigenous population.

According to the UN at the beginning of 2014 in the United Arab Emirates were 83, 7%, in Qatar - 73, 8%, in Kuwait - 60, 2%, in Bahrain - 54, 7%. At the same ethnic Arabs, there is hardly one-third, and all others - natives of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other South Asian countries. Many Filipinos have come from the East and Central Africa, mainly from Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Eritrea. Not the most educated, civilized and law-abiding folks, in a word.

A heard of you ever to the eve of the Ramadan Bayram drunk in the boob Ethiopians gathered crowds in Dubai near Burj Khalifa, tore the veil from the local women's and seized them for their asses, sending to Shaitan local police, shouting "We Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al -Nahayyan invited? " I think no. Because this was not in the foreseeable future, it is impossible in principle.

Only once, 11 March 2015, several hundred migrants from South Asia in the heart of Dubai, blocked traffic, demanding higher wages for their work on the construction of elite residential quarter Fountain Views. In fact, to solve this problem, it took less than an hour from the local police.

Wherever normal police work, the problem of migrants eventually solved. USA, for example, quietly digesting million immigrants annually. And it smooth it is not always.

< The only place to live

The first problem with the migrants in the United States began when in the middle of the XIX century in this predominantly Protestant country descended Catholics of Ireland. They were poor, uneducated, often do not know the English language, different total disregard for the law and created famous for its violent street gang.

In the second half of the XIX century began to grow the share of Asians. By 1880, more than 200 thousand. Chinese settled in California, accounting for nearly 10% of its population. In response, in 1882 the US Congress fully banned Chinese immigration. Finally, the ban was lifted only in 1943

In 1880-1950 years in the US moved the Italians, who brought spaghetti, pizza and, of course, the Mafia. Now 15-20 million Americans (6.8% of the population) have full or partial Italian descent. Can you imagine the scale of the problems faced by the police then?

Since the 1890s in the United States went to immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe, including a large-scale Jewish immigration. About the Jewish mafia, I did not hear, so we assume that this wave of migrants relatively painless.

Since the 1960s, the country flooded "Latinos" from Mexico, Cuba and Colombia. . Now there are 45 million people (. 10-12 million are in the US illegally), 60% of them in everyday life use only Spanish, about 20% - Spanish and English, 20% -. Mostly English

Each wave of migration brings with it a poor, often desperate people who do not know the language, local customs and laws. And every time those who came to the US a little earlier and had already assimilated, resented the behavior of the aliens.

And in the end? And nothing - is America, not reeling. So you can not worry about the Europeans, they have someone to learn from.

< On a barrel of gunpowder

With regard to acute problems of resonance always very tempted to come up with some simple and quick solution. In the case of migrant workers - not to start, to deport, deny entry, close the border and so on. Unfortunately, this approach often creates more problems than it solves a real society.

The most valuable thing in the European civilization - not high salaries, tasty sausage and good roads, and the unique environment with an amazing level of personal, political and economic freedoms. Everything else - the derivatives of these three components
To support this common space is possible only in the absence of inter-ethnic conflicts within the EU, which requires the most delicate relationship to national circumstances non-EU countries - the very notorious
The outbreak of xenophobia against migrants can warm up "the appetite" and to clarify the relationship between the EU neighbors. Given the fact that certain claims against other countries is almost at all, any expression of hatred of outsiders can play a role of detonator and everything that Europe has built over decades, will collapse in a moment for the European long history.

Politicians are well aware that they live on a barrel of gunpowder, so try to choke xenophobia in the bud, without regard to any cost, as it is expensive and it does not look silly with our point of view.
< Expulsion from Paradise

In the US, the migrant can manage to become a "real American" itself, and in most European countries, this will require a minimum of three or four generations. Turkish Experience in Germany shows that their integration into the society can go very slowly, or not go at all.

German society is quite conservative and does not allow migrant workers to quickly move up the career ladder, so they have to if they wanted all his life to wallow "in the bottom of the standings," and it's not very motivating their efforts to self-development.

In addition, in Germany, all the conditions for the cultural isolation of the Turks - they can watch Turkish television daily, reading Turkish newspapers, listen to the Turkish Radio and spit on the German language, German values, German traditions
But most importantly - social benefits provided to them so comfortable level of existence that they can afford not particularly strain and preserve traditional family life - when women do not work, are not socialized in German society and learn the language, fully devoting himself to education of children
As a result, the Turks can not be a "real Germans" do not wish to become a "real Germans" and can not afford to be "real Germans", and the second generation of migrants grows even less adapted to life in Germany than the first.

The most obvious way out of this situation - to make benefits dependent on the depth of the integration of migrants into society. At the entrance to make allowances for migrants minimal, relatively speaking - on bread and water, and then gradually increase them after the exam on the knowledge of the language, history, and obtain useful profession and so on
If the worker does not improve their status every six months, for example, the benefits can start to cut back, that he will be an additional incentive. It is desirable, though not required, to provide an opportunity for migrants learning the language and obtaining the necessary knowledge.

Citizenship and all related social benefits makes sense given only after all the exams will be delivered and worker gets a job with the pay level significantly higher than the unemployment benefit.

In general, if they travel to Europe with the Koran, then why would not introduce them to the Bible? There just is appropriate to the case of a quote: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till you return to the ground from which you were taken" [Ps 127, 2 Ecclesiastes 12: 7]. That is - let either work or return to where arrived


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