Curing space.

That disclosure of "9" begins with him.
Or rather "999". This is our ninth newsletter.
Yes. Curing space. No conservation or freezing. Namely freezing identical to the position of a living being before the jump. Here's how to describe the current state of our reality.

Where this occurs, we will discuss later, but now on the Parade.

Well, maybe we can get around such a vibrant time of forming the starting point of new developments?
Someone wanted the new developments?

Get ...


Of the information resources we know that the parade of planets in January-February 2016 involving Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - the so-called small hits. The construction of these planets in a single line can only be seen from Earth. And it concerns an event only us earthlings.

1. Jupiter. Even before the parade Jupiter showed himself active. We have already said that it goes through the discovery on Earth supervising the contracts. He, Jupiter, the Sun's brother, and the elder brother, comes into its own. Alternatively, return them to the next level.

If Ra - filled with yellow and golden substance, then Jupiter is filled with peach, copper tones.

Even before our conditional holiday New 2016 Jupiter with the Sun formed between a joint line of sublimation, which were strung objects participating in the Parade.

Forced to compare this pattern with the rotisserie and strung him planets. This comparison is taken for a reason. The fact that the elements of the "kebab" burned in a combined heat "two brothers" and covered with "coal" crust. Cork does not fall away and disappear like smoke. That is what is happening now. That is why we feel these days myself in complete prostration, or anger flare briefly imposed on feeling hopeless resistance. As long as the planets crust is not dissolved, we will remain in this state.

But beneath it is already traced entirely new frequency separation of the planets.

Why or why sublimation line built?

Its role - to reforge the principle of the existence of our civilization based on the first and second chakra (survival ...., procreation), the principle of creative cooperation and unity of the third and fourth chakras. Undetectable and unexplainable fears - is the transition to the principle of existence.

Jupiter - a second sun. We already talked about this in releases (link) He gives us the opportunity to feel a extension to recognize your expertise, to advance.

If Jupiter was previously considered "planet", contributing to the development and points the way, but now any spiritual teaching that we have received the mind (the mind and only mind, whoever said that much progress in their operating time) gives the fruit, in the disclosure of the seals of teachings. This means that we are on the way to "time" disclosure of seals and association of keys. This big topic, about the press and keys. And we will return to it somehow ...

If Jupiter was in charge of such a structure, as a "pyramid", then you know what we are waiting for the dominant pattern is now ...

This ball is a sphere.
The ball in the ball, the sphere, in the sphere ....

2. Saturn. Due to the fact that the old contract to close Saturn (karma, fate), diplomas and notifications. This means that the scope and boundaries are moved apart, and those who are very
try them all will not be. Now sustainability will be in charge of this planet do not. Now sustainability will be based on the dynamics in the balance out of time. We are even willing to allocate this phrase: Stability will come from the speakers into balance. OUT OF TIME.

Some people have tried to stand on the rings of Saturn. Successfully resist. Note on rotating the rings of Saturn.

Why successful?
And because it is easily possible to him who puts and feels timeless ...
Everything ached, and now expanding ...
Saturianskoe influence ends, so ends the role of his "fans".

So, who do we have "hats with fields" walk?

We'll have to take off ......

3. Mercury. He finally manifests itself much more active. I feel like saying: "It's time to really ...»

The rotation speed of the object tends to increase. I do not if it was switched to a central computer mode n-th phase? But this is one of the causes of unexplained disruptions in breathing, speech and brain function with the intestines right now ... I do not want to scare anyone, but disruptions will worsen ...

Oh Mercury, Mercury ... Do you fending off, together with the moon ??? For Hermes, whose reflection you are now, it goes in a different world ....

4.Venera. It is not yet awake. All also mauve. Despite the increased temperature - soft and slender. How will close Saturnian contracts, Venus will come into its own. And start a real friendship, cooperation and partnership.

At the beginning of reformatting the planet earthlings already have thoughts: "What's the difference, what kind of person? After all, he's here next, we are together and that is enough! ". That is to go out and have evaluation, comparison. In addition, more and more people will get the opportunity to a comfortable, cozy atmosphere of life. All businesses are becoming more feminine.

5. Mars. On Mars, the works are restless. Although the former provocation is not able to succeed, but in this planet the old scheme and the management are trying to veil. They cover themselves in a restructuring scenario in the "old leaven". Outwardly, it looks so that they succeed.

Men's energy in confusion and vacillation. If a woman is held thanks to the traditional anchoring - motherhood, a man often lost, because it anchors burn, burn and burn ...

In general, the time is now quite critical "success" - "not successful." We all go "Blade." It is a fact. And the new administration of the planet does not completely manifest.

Can change it?
Or is it blasphemy?

6. Sun. As previously reported, it "acquired" his "big brother" and launched a sibling reunion. We also talked about the sun, determine your rhythm. Maybe someone already feeling glitches in the rhythm of your heart - it is reconstructed. And that is why we are now very, very feel your spine and how our heart aches.

Sun - is no longer the only center, and although it is the main reference point for the disclosure of the heart center ...

Heavenly Father provided each gift in a red box decorated with red and gold ribbon, right now. And the sun in the form of a golden-haired young man helps open it and untie the knot.

It is time to open gifts, friends ....

Now it becomes clear that those aspects, which are responsible for the planet's Parade, worked during thereof. Being worked out, creating a conglomerate of awareness.

And about the Earth at this time we do not say anything.

Information about it, we need to be in the next issue ...

Oh yes. We almost forgot to inform about the important point.

Jupiter and the Sun is now the charge of the third object.
He has no physical expression in the form of the planet.
It is the physical expression of a person.
This object is guided by two suns.
This facility started its job.
It directly and cheerful.
He will join and accommodate both the sun ......
This is his "Face" will change everything ...

Ah, given our realities, as it does not tear this beauty .........

Always, we know at all times and know what's going on.
And we can not help to say that popped into our minds.

Is it the person of the Blue Energy ?:

Flash in the night

As soon as dawn approached,
All my hopes began to seem so pathetic.
Threshold laughter ...
Light and darkness banished
My gloom was dispelled.

Subtle person, -
And shadows in shades of blue ...
And flash in the night ... Updated Universe. Bulletin of the Solar System.
Issue №9. 3.02.2016.
3 February 2016.


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