The most famous air records in the history of aviation

The first flights of the Wright brothers.
The history of aircordav it is impossible to imagine without the advances that made the Wright brothers on 17 December 1903. This day happened 4 the first in the world flight, each of which was considered a record compared to the previous range and duration.

The flight across the Atlantic ocean

On may 20-21, 1927 Aviator Charles Lindbergh made the flight, which up to this point is considered the most famous in the history of world aviation. On the plane with the unusual name "Spirit of St Louis he made the flight from new York, and after 32.5 hours landed at the airport near Paris, after flying across the ocean.

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The flight across the Pacific ocean
The following overcard similar scale set in 1935, Amelia Earhart. Brave American on his own plane 5b Vega accomplished the first solo flight across the Pacific ocean, flying from Hawaii and landed 18 hours and 15 minutes in Oakland, California.

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