Who we lost this year (18 photos)

This year is remembered not only joyous events, but also sad.
Many famous people have gone to the next world.
Let us remember them.

Singer Whitney Houston

August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012

Fact: in the Guinness Book of Records Whitney Houston appears as a singer, gathered during his stage career, winning the largest number of

Quote: "I can not sing," the black, "and do not know what a" white music ". Music has no color »

One of the most commercially successful singers in pop music history, the star of the movie "The Bodyguard" (Partner - Hollywood actor and director Kevin Costner) has died at the Beverly Hilton on the eve of the 45th awards ceremony "Grammy." The basic version of death - Whitney Houston drowned in the bathtub after a cocaine poisoning.

Actor Alexander Porokhovshchikov

January 31, 1939 - April 15, 2012

Fact: Alexander Porohovschikova grandfather on the maternal side - Alexander Porokhovshchikov - was the creator and owner of the restaurant "Slavic Bazaar»

Quote: "Memory - the most important thing. Of course, the past can not live. But it is necessary to rely on the past »

Most viewers fell in love with the actor for his role in the cult film by Nikita Mikhalkov "At Home Among Strangers," even though his character Chekist Kungurov after dubbing the tape spoke of another great voice actor - Igor Kvasha (and died in 2012). But Porokhovshchikov was no less successful director. He took six movies, including 1989 - autobiographical film "Censorship memory does not admit" (on which he founded one of the first private film studios in the USSR Creative experimental workshop "Homeland"), and in 1992 - popular at the time thriller "Thirtieth destroy».

Stylist Vidal Sassoon

January 17 1928 - May 9, 2012

Fact: in 1948, 20-year-old Vidal Sassoon participated in the war for Israel's independence, and in 1992 founded the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SISCA)

Quote: "The only place where prosperity precedes work - a dictionary»

Vidal Sassoon rose to prominence in the 50's, when the famous designer Mary Kwan invited him to participate in her fashion show, which coined the mini-skirt. World aka brought Sassoon haircut, he made Hollywood star Mia Farrow. Under his name Procter & Gamble Company produced the famous shampoo, but in the early 2000s, this cooperation has disintegrated: Sassoon sued the manufacturer, claiming that he was not very actively promoted the "name" shampoo in favor of other brands.

Singer Eduard Khil

September 4, 1934 - June 4, 2012

Fact: from Smolensk, where the family lived Hiley, an eight-year Edward were evacuated in less than two hours before the city was occupied by German troops

Quote: "If someone thinks that the art created for fun, he is wrong. Art must educate. Now the art of time and Losers troechnikov »

Eduard Gil in his creative life has repeatedly been at the peak of glory. The first came in the 1970 th, when the recorded singer hit "Winter" ("The ceiling of ice, creaking door ...") sounded throughout the Soviet Union. And the last was quite unexpected: in 2010 the internet is widely dispersed video Gil to vocalize Arkady Ostrovsky "I am very happy that I'm finally back home" gathered in a few months to 5 million views in Youtube and brought the singer the nickname "Mr. Trololo". < br />
Writer Ray Bradbury

August 22, 1920 - June 5, 2012

Fact: Bradbury wrote 13 fiction novels (the first - in 1950, the last - in 2006), over 400 science fiction short stories and novels and 21 play, not including children's books, screenplays and other literary works.

Quote: "The main thing for me - do not cease to surprise. Before going to bed I'll definitely give myself a mandate early in the morning to discover something amazing »

About to become a writer, Bradbury thought in 20 years, and at age 23 began to acquire the writer's trade. He had no education other than high school, and described himself as a man who had graduated from the college library instead. But all this did not prevent Bradbury to become the "Grand Master" fiction (the title he was awarded in 1988 with the Hugo Award) and the owner of another prestigious award - Nebula (in 1954 for the novel "Fahrenheit 451"). < br />
Designer Sergio Pininfarina

September 8, 1926 - July 3, 2012

Fact: In 1991, in Detroit, Sergio Pininfarina was awarded Designer Lifetime Achievement Award as the best car designers in the world

Quote: "Good design - a synonym of vitality. The better the design, the longer the life of the product. Beautiful car, as well as a charming woman, always beautiful »

Company Carrozzeria Pinin Farina, to create a body for the best Italian cars, in 1930 founded the father Sergio - Car designer Battista Farina, nicknamed "Pinin" ("younger"). In 1961, the President of the Italian Republic allowed the members of the family of famous entrepreneurs from Turin to add the father's nickname to his name - so there was a dynasty Pininfarina. In 1950, Sergio graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin in "engineering" and began working in the studio of his father, and after his death in 1996 took over the company.

Directed by Piotr Fomenko

July 13, 1932 - August 9, 2012

Fact: Pyotr Fomenko was in 1953 expelled from the third year of the School of Moscow Art Theatre for "hooliganism»

Quote: "lived life - is baggage, it should be stored. All losses, mistakes, failures, sometimes lesions are more successes »

During his nearly 55-year career as director Piotr Fomenko staged more than 60 plays, has prepared and issued a set of four students of his studio at the directing department GITIS (RATA), but was able to create his own theater in 1993 alone. Nevertheless, to this day, and his theater, and his disciples are called common name "Fomenko," but the methods and approaches of the famous director used his no less famous students - Sergey Zhenovach Vladimir Epifantsev Elena Nevezhina other.

The actor Bohdan Stupka

27 August 1941 - July 22, 2012

Fact: before come in Lviv Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre Bohdan Stupka worked as a photographer at the astronomical laboratory

Quote: "I look forward to the audience, because you can take for yourself on the toilet - and the play itself, as you want»

For 42 years of work in the theater and film Bogdan Stupka played about 60 roles in productions and more than 110 roles in movies. The first cinematic debut - the role of Orestes in the film "White Bird with Black Mark" - brought Stupka fame, but only the actor was honored with 15 awards and prizes, including the "Nicky" and "Golden Eagle" (three times). In post-Soviet Ukraine Bohdan Stupka was not only the Minister of Culture (1999-2001 AD), but also one of the most famous and sought-after actors (in 2011, on the eve of the 70th anniversary, he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine), and actively acted in Russian tapes . Late masterpiece is considered his role in the drama of Russian director Dmitry Meshieva "their" (2004).

The physicist Sergei Kapitsa

February 14, 1928 - August 14, 2012

Fact: In 1986 Sergei Kapitsa almost became a victim of the assassination of a madman, a scientist who attacked with an ax at a time when Kapitsa went on a break from the lecture hall MIPT

Quote: "Attempts to draw the most important achievements of science as someone's discoveries - is just a way to satisfy the vanity of their authors. In fact, these achievements belong to humanity as a whole »

Sergei Kapitsa - son of the famous physicist, one of the founders of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Nobel laureate Peter Kapitza - was born in Cambridge, where his father was a scientist, he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute and a large part of his life to popularize science. He was the undisputed master of popular science program "The obvious - an incredible", headed the Department of General Physics, MIPT, and in the last months before his death he wrote the work on demography.

The writer Harry Harrison

March 12, 1925 - August 15, 2012

Fact: Harry Harrison - the world's author, who is an alias used his real name (in fact, the writer called Henry Maxwell Dempsey)

Quote: "This is always the case: young old men sent to fight. Would put into operation not less than fifty years old, all the time would have stopped the war »

Harrison became a professional writer in 30 years, and his professional career has had time to write and publish 35 novels and 200 short stories. The most famous cycle of his works have become "world of death" (8 novels) and "Steel Rat" (11 novels). It is noteworthy that Harry Harrison was awarded the "Nebula", but ... for the film, delivered in his novel "Move over! Move over! ", But was later awarded the title of" Grand Master "," Nebula "for special merits in the field of science fiction.

Directed by Tony Scott

June 21, 1944 - August 19, 2012

Fact: The first major success of the director Tony Scott brought the movie "Top Gun" for the shooting in which the leading man Tom Cruise received a fee of $ 1

Quote: "I am considered to be a man, too aspiring to diversity - and on a variety of the category" classics "will not get»

Hollywood director Tony Scott was the younger brother of another famous director - Ridley Scott. Unlike his brother Tony in his career he has gone through several series of ups and downs: of successful films followed quite regularly failing. Among the biggest successes include the Tony Scott movie "Top Gun," "The Last Boy Scout," "Beverly Hills 2", "True Love" and "Crimson Tide." The summer of 2012, Tony Scott suddenly all committed suicide by throwing himself from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles. If you believe the Hollywood media, probable cause suicide could become incurable oncological disease.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong

5 August 1930 - 25 August 2012

Fact: Neil Armstrong - the first man to walk on the moon July 21, 1969

Quote: "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind»

Behind Neil Armstrong was the Korean War, in which he, the pilot combat aircraft made 78 sorties and once was shot down in a dogfight. After 11 years of participation in the US space program in 1969, Armstrong was appointed commander of a flight on board the "Apollo 11", which made the first landing on the moon. It was the last space flight Armstrong: in 1971 he retired from NASA. Armstrong's ashes buried at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where the re-entry capsule splashed down "Apollo 11».

Actor Igor Kvasha

February 4, 1933 - August 30 2012

Fact: for his cinematic career Igor Kvasha than once played a prominent communist leaders: Joseph Stalin (1995 and 2005), Karl Marx (1966), Yakov Sverdlov (1967-1969)

Quote: "We have been long accustomed to what a pity - a vile feeling ... Yes, on the contrary! When we feel sorry for another person, or even a dog, a noble feeling, it improves ourselves »

His best role in the movie Igor Kvasha believed Stalin's role in the film of Yuri Sorokin's "Under the Sign of Scorpio." While moviegoers he is more remembered for other, more human and likable roles: the mayor in "the very Munchausen" Pastor Adams in "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines", the old Prince's "Tales of the old wizard ..." regulars "Sovremennik" theater, in which the actor He spent most of his life - in 1957, loved by all theatrical role Kvasha, and even many of those who have never seen it on stage, know his voice through the work on the radio, where Kvasha read Pushkin, Mayakovsky, Lermontov, Nekrasov. A wide fame brought him telecast "Wait for me", leading permanent which he remained until his death.

Gen. Pavel Grachev

January 1, 1948 - September 23, 2012

Fact: Pavel Grachev was the first in the history of post-Soviet Russia captain, awarded the title of General of the Army

Quote: "The team to capture the White House was the 17th in the evening ... I'm just at the headquarters of Airborne ... the men of his collected ... We talked it over, and our solution is reduced to the fact that no matter what the order was, the blood is not shed and did not storm»

Coming from the Airborne Forces, Pavel Grachev had to pass through Afghanistan, where he returned a Hero of the Soviet Union, the August 1991 coup, the storming of the White House in October 1993 and the first Chechen campaign. It's the cost position of the first Minister of Defence: Grachev was dismissed June 17, 1996. She appeared in several controversial cases, including as a witness in the murder of journalist "MK" Dmitry Kholodov, but no incriminating Grachev public crime was not proven.

The writer Boris Strugatsky

April 15, 1933 - November 19, 2012

Fact: in his times operate off-line interview with the official website of Boris Strugatsky in the 14 years to 7583 had an answer readers' questions

Quote: "This fantasy - it is a miracle-mystery-the accuracy»

Boris Strugatsky outlived his elder brother Arkady 21 years, but in that time has produced only two of his own novel - all major works were created by the brothers together. Of all domestic fiction writers Strugatsky are the most famous and recognizable - as well as among all the writers who worked in collaboration. After the death of dust Strugatsky was according to his will scattered over the heights of Pulkovo near St. Petersburg.

Multiplier Fedor Khitruk

May 1, 1917 - December 3, 2012

Fact: During the Great Patriotic War Fedor Khitruk, graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages, served as a military translator and demobilized only in 1947

Quote: "A cartoon is not a dialogue between two people. This is a conversation with millions »

The animation Khitruk came in 1937 when, after three years of trying he still managed to get to the studio "Soyuzmultfilm" on which he worked for a total of almost half a century. He is best known as the author of the cartoon incarnation tale Milne about the bear cub Winnie the Pooh (acted as writer and director) and the cartoon-parody "Film, Film, Film", although only on account Khitruk - about 100 animated films created in different qualities .

Architect Oscar Niemeyer

December 15, 1907 - December 5, 2012

Fact: a convinced communist, a member of the Brazilian Communist Party since 1945, Oscar Niemeyer is more than 20 years has lived in exile in France, while his homeland was a military dictatorship

Quote: "I've always liked to draw. When I was a kid, I drew a finger in the air »

One of the most famous architects of the world and became the longest-lived: he died 10 days before his 105th birthday. Niemeyer's greatest creation was the current capital of Brazil - Brasilia, designed almost from scratch (apart from the general development plan, the architect was the author of 13 major facilities in the new capital). The last building designed by Niemeyer - a cultural center in his name was opened in the Spanish city of Aviles in 2011.

The singer Galina Vishnevskaya

October 25, 1926 - December 11, 2012

Fact: During the siege of Leningrad 16-year-old Galina served parts of the defense, for which in the end of 1942 was awarded the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad»

Quote: "We are born to die. As we spend time between these two events depends on us »

Of the three spouses opera singer, head of the Center Galina Vishnevskaya Opera was the most famous cello virtuoso Mstislav Rostropovich (who died in 2007), whom she married in 1955. After two decades, the couple took an active part in the life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, was forced into exile and returned to Russia only in 1990. Galina Vishnevskaya - one of the 12 full members of the Order "For Merit" (awarded Rostropovich only two awards - I and II degree).

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