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Could the Vatican be destroyed by the light of a Hollywood script? Against the background of more recently discussed the probability of conversion of the entire Earth into a black hole, this question seems to be fine. But public interest in the new blockbuster - is high. And scientists simply could not take this opportunity to dot the i.

The film "Angels and Demons» (Angels & Demons), the world premiere of which took place on May 7 in Japan (in Russia - 14 May), caused unprecedented activity among physicists .... Incredible story of a Harvard scholar Robert Langdon (in his role - Tom Hanks), who saves Rome from extinction in the brightest flash of light, a reserve that is called a chord.

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The tape filmed on the novel by American writer Dan Brown (Dan Brown) and is a continuation of the acclaimed "The Da Vinci Code».
Previously, all the more worried: will there Large Hadron Collider black hole? What physics answered, it is extremely unlikely. But if they happen, it will be a microscopic black hole (called a quantum black hole) that will disintegrate due to Hawking radiation in a short moment after his birth.
The figure - computer simulation of "fingerprint" of a black hole in the detector ATLAS. By the way, if this event occurs, it will serve as confirmation of the theory that the number of spatial dimensions - more than the three that we see and feel (Figure CERN).

Illuminati secret society steals from the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) a magnetic trap and a quarter gram of antimatter.

This "vessel" is in fact a bomb capable of destroying in the annihilation of the entire city, if not, it most. At the same time the Illuminati kidnap four cardinals, the papal claim to the throne, to kill them before the final massacre of the Holy See. Specialist religious symbolism Langdon embarks on a dangerous race, trying to prevent a catastrophe ...

This is the complication of the Hollywood scene, the starting point of which served as the Large Hadron Collider (Large Hadron Collider - LHC, or LHC). It is on him, according to the scenario, and it was received very antimatter bomb that turned against the heart of the Catholic Church.

Yes, just died down talk that, they say, "these crazy physics" will make using the LHC our planet into a black hole, and that the film industry has thrown fuel to the fire, picture showed what "dangerous" toys "indulge" the researchers.

The response of the scientific community, this time followed by a more developed. American "diaspora" of the Large Hadron Collider (US LHC), experts from the US Department of Energy (US Department of Energy), Fermilab (Fermilab), the National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation) and more scientists from more than 30 colleges organized a mass lecture series Angels & Demons Lecture Nights, in order to acquaint the public with the real science of antimatter. These lectures are held not only in the US but also in other countries.

In addition, CERN has launched an educational project: Angels & Demons - The science behind the story, in which the popular painted and operation of the accelerator, and the riddle of the origin of mass, and a bunch of other really exciting mysteries associated not with mythical conspirators so excited the general public - and to universe.

Some scenes of "Angels & Demons" actually filmed in CERN, but mostly - in the scenery. Rome is also to a large extent "fake" (pictures from the site

And what about the film? In it there are a lot of inaccuracies and gross blunders on the part of both physics and on the part of the Internal Affairs of the Holy See, and even - in the geography of Rome. But we are interested in the first - you can still create antimatter bomb?

The film tells about 1/4 gram of antimatter stolen. TNT they contain the energy of about 10 kilotons, which is comparable to 14 kilotons exploded over Hiroshima. However, in the film says about 5 kilotons. Probably, the writers do not take into account the share of energy from ordinary matter involved in the annihilation, so that wrong twice. But it is not so important. Much more interesting question of the operating time of such a large number "antimaterial explosives».

While the film featured CERN and the LHC, the most powerful manufacturer of antimatter it is currently Fermilab. And it generates about 2 nanograms of antiprotons per year. So at this rate, it will need more than 100 million years to create a quarter of a gram, a bomb laid in the Illuminati. CERN would produce 10 nanograms per year - say physics, but fundamentally it does not change anything.

Moreover, as noted by one of the leading researchers at CERN, Rolf Landua (Rolf Landua), the production of antimatter accelerator - a very inefficient process. To create antimatter, you need to spend a huge amount of energy. This efficiency is low: in the collider only one billionth of a joule, "uploaded" in colliding beams, the collision of these particles wrapped antiparticles. But antimatter is represented in the film almost as a source of "free" energy, recovering from nowhere. But that first you need to spend this energy, the creators of the tape somehow did not bother to say.

As the Zinsou Seth (Seth Zenz), an American graduate now working in the CERN, on this occasion, "a free lunch does not happen».

And further. Taking into account the costs of complicated installation and operation, according to various estimates, one gram of antimatter is from 10 to 1,000 trillion. The conspirators, of course, in no way affected. They stole something atimateriyu. But even these colossal figures also indicate impracticability of a Hollywood script. However, they are not alone.

The interesting question is: how to store antimatter in such numbers? In the film, for this is a compact device that can carry people. In reality, scientists say, it would be extremely heavy and cumbersome installation, continuously consuming to simply abyss of energy for their operation.

After all, at the moment firmly hold the antimatter we can only with the help of magnetic fields (the antiparticle, of course, should be charged, ie it should not be anti-atoms, and, for example, antiprotons). And now existing settings can be stored together once the order of 1012 antiparticles. Why not more? Ask Coulomb.

As same charges repel each other, the more you put in the particle trap, the stronger must be field. And if you think that the Illuminati plan to implement (or rather, co-screenwriter of the film), simply "a little" add power magnetic trap, then here's the numbers: a quarter of a gram - about 4 x 1023 antiprotons.

Traps for antimatter in the Hollywood movie is compact and lightweight (picture from the site

But still, we have not said that in addition to the fields to store antiprotons require high vacuum and temperatures close to absolute zero. Imagine piling associated equipment capable of providing all this for a trap?

Well, if that anti-atoms are neutral? Ability Storage neutrally charged particles (Brown's it was antihydrogen) are also now being studied by researchers (including the same Landua), for which discount ingenious optical traps or magnetic "bottle" with complex operating fields. But all this is still at the preliminary studies and are unlikely to lead to the creation of the installation, which could carry in their arms. Not for a quarter of a gram, anyway.

Lamenting the fact that the general public a Hollywood movie much more interesting scientific lectures, physics Note: the wonders of the universe no less than amazing. Creating the LHC, scientists hoped it answers to many important questions.

For example, there is a chance that finally manage to catch the so-called "God particle", without having to theology any relation.

It is also possible that the experiments in Geneva will slightly open the veil of mystery disappearance of antimatter. In the cosmic scale, and it said it was not (the cloud of antimatter in the center of the Milky Way - the product has modern space processes).

But according to existing theories of the big bang matter and antimatter were to occur in equal proportions. But for some reason in the first moments of the universe formed a tiny imbalance (particles about 1 to 10 billion) in favor of the matter. Most of the original matter and antimatter annihilate, and "residue" served as raw material for the creation of stars and galaxies that we see around us today.

But go down to earth. Some scientists grumble that "Angels & Demons" are a science in the wrong light. That, by the way, the film CERN - almost secret laboratory, entirely hidden under the ground and filled with dark personalities. In fact, it is quite open to communication organization founded by 20 countries, and operates 9 thousand people here. And let him and the accelerator is in the tunnel, most of the buildings and laboratories - it above-ground structures.

Another part of the research, however, the film just glad. This, though distorted, but some no popularization of science. And, they say, it is likely that more people are interested in - what about all actually. So for the new lecture (and network resources, equipped with a video of a bunch of advanced science issues) blockbuster - just advertising.

But in fact, experiments with antimatter promise humanity a lot of interesting perspectives. For example - a quick space flight. But it's - future. And now, "a horror" even antimatter generated directly inside the bodies of patients. Surprised?

But there is also actively developing positron emission tomography.
For its implementation a man introduced radionuclides prone positron beta decay. Moreover, these radionuclides are mixed with various substances so that they postponed in certain organs or helped to highlight certain processes - metabolism, gene expression, and so on.

As a highlight? Emerging during radionuclide decay positrons are immediately find a mate - electrons from ordinary matter - and annihilate, producing gamma rays. These flash and fixed detectors, outstanding medical image.

And in the world one year conducting research on the destruction of cancerous tumors using antiproton beams. And they spend their scientists in the same CERN.

So, we can say that research at the LHC - are multifaceted. And the negative reaction of the society to run it - sorry for scientists.

By the way, 30 April 2009 53 and the last magnet to be repair and replacement, was lowered into the LHC tunnel, marking the exit of repairs after the September crash at the finish line.

Of these 53 magnets 16 have received during last year's incident, minor injuries and were therefore raised to the surface only to lung repair, but the other 37 were replaced with new ones.

Last replaced quadrupole magnet sector 3-4 in the LHC tunnel (photos CERN).

Now all these magnets are connected to the overall scheme of beam control. But the main thing - this summer will be engaged in the installation specialists in the LHC tunnel safety systems designed to avoid similar accidents in the future. It will also set up a solid "bank" of spare magnets - said CERN.

A restart of the collider is scheduled for autumn this year, and even then the installation must work out for so long until you accumulate enough data to produce the ad and the first scientific results.

And while they do not, the physicists can only prepare the ground, fighting with Hollywood for the minds of people. Well, of course, the war is not so serious. Who are waiting for the factory of dreams of scientific certainty? On the other hand, is not so harmless.
Compose the whole story in a way Brown comes on the same rake as the Illuminati themselves. Yes, now we're talking about real-life secret orders.

Illuminati sought ideals of enlightenment and called for science and the Church, in their opinion, there appeared a brake on development of humanity (and in general - social institutions and the state). Only here in combating the Illuminati believed that the end justifies the means. As you know, this principle before anyone no good arguments.

The purpose of "Angels & Demons"? A lot of them. From entertainment to the masses of the banal earning money. If the someone will be unhappy, what about that?

By the way, the new film has already caused a very negative reaction from the Vatican City. Just as the violent protests of the religious community had once raised the film "The Da Vinci Code." In Rome, talking about undermining the credibility of the Church, although longer should indicate that a problem of confidence in the present society to science, capable, they say, "one day destroy us all».

To be fair to say that the history of adventure Langdon also raises a very interesting topic portivorechiya (or, conversely, reconciliation) Science and religion (the plot - one of the scientists at CERN was both a priest), about which we can say a million words.

But we will not. But we note that scientists have behaved in this situation constructively, trying to counter the blockbuster liberties in his lectures.
Adam Weishaupt (Adam Weishaupt) - the founder of the Order of the Illuminati (illustration from the site

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