For What albinos in Tanzania, cut into pieces

East Africa and Tanzania in particular is an area with an abnormally high proportion of albinos - it is 15 times higher than the world average. Negros albino most vulnerable part of the local community - for them arranged the hunt, they cut into pieces and eaten as a medicine. West saves them in special boarding schools.


On average in the world 1 albino account for 20 thousand people. In Tanzania, this ratio is 1: 1400, in Kenya and Burundi - 1: 5000. Scientists and can not clearly explain why in these areas is so high percentage of albinos. It is known that the gene for this deviation must have both parents that their child was born "transparent". In Tanzania, albinos are considered to be the most outcast of society, and they are forced to marry each other. Perhaps this is the main reason for the abnormally high percentage of people in these areas.


The high number of albinos "regulated" consumer - literally! - Attitude towards him "classic blacks." At least five centuries, then there is a belief that albino body is healing, and they arranged a hunt. Since 2006, in Tanzania killed at least 71 albino 31 th managed to escape from the clutches of hunters. Excitement catchers can understand: albino flesh, if you sell it quacks and sorcerers in parts - tongue, eyes, limbs, etc. - Costs 50-100 thousand dollars. This is the average earnings for the Tanzanian 25-50 years.

Demand for albinos increased dramatically with the spread of AIDS in Tanzania. There was a belief that eating dried genitalia eliminates the disease.


Until recently, the hunt for albinos almost punished - a system of mutual responsibility of the local community led to the fact that the community essentially declared them as "missing." But western public opinion, perturbed brutal practices in Tanzania, forcing the local authorities still reluctant to take up the search for and punishment of cannibals.

In 2009, in Tanzania there was the first trial of the killers of albinos. Three men caught 14-year-old albino, killed him, and cut it into small pieces with the aim to sell the sorcerers. The court sentenced the villains to death by hanging.

But this case did cannibals more inventive - they albino killings switched to cutting off their limbs. Even if the offender caught, they will be able to avoid the death penalty, and will have only 5-8 years for grievous bodily harm.

Over the past three years, at least 90 albinos have been chopped off hands or feet, died as a result of such "operations" three. Below you can see in the photo of the victims of barbarism.




98% of Tanzania albinos do not live to 40 years. But this is not the fault of just killing them (for eating). Their skin and eyes are particularly susceptible to UV light, then it is a 16-18 year albino 60-80% lose their sight, and by the age of 30 with a probability of 60% fall ill with skin cancer.

of Health Saving is simple - you need to always use sunscreen and wear sunglasses. But in a poor Tanzanian people have no money at all this.

In albino one hope for salvation - the attention of the West. And that helps them to survive. In Tanzania and other East African countries are preparations for the albinos, and most importantly - on Western money for them are built spetsinternat where high walls and guarded albinos live in isolation from the surrounding eerie reality

. What is the life of albinos in Tanzania, in the photo below.


















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