Albinism - a gift or a curse?

Albinos - enigmatic, mysterious, beautiful and rare on this planet! According to medical statistics, about one in 20,000 people is a white-skinned, fair-haired and red-eyed albino.

Lauren lives in Sydney, Australia. Despite the rare disease, which is albinism. It does not feel like an outcast in society. The family tries to fully support her self-esteem. Even my sister, who is not an albino, sometimes paints own hair and eyelashes white to Lorena did not feel lonely.

African-American «M» - known cabaret singer and poet - songwriter from New York ...

This mother of the West African country of Mali reaching out to the medical center for two days to get the information on how to help her daughter with albinism. The mortality rate of people with white skin is significantly higher in African countries, where intense sunlight can cause such people have skin cancers ...

On the island of Fiji albino anciently enjoyed special respect and held a senior position in society. As well as their children ...


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