Karmic task zodiac signs

In one very wise philosophical legend tells that, sending his 12 children (12 signs of the zodiac) on the Earth, God gave each of them a certain gift that they had to teach people.

Aries received the gift of action.
Taurus - the gift of power.
Gemini - questions without answers, in search to develop a curiosity and sociability.
Cancer - the gift of family and emotional fullness.
Leo was a very important gift - to demonstrate to people the idea of ​​God.
Virgo - the purity of thought and the ability to analyze. Weights were commanded to be where there is discord, and they received the gift of love.
Scorpio was very difficult gift - the gift of conversion.
Sagittarius ordered to bear the light of his contemporaries and to teach people to be happy. He received the gift of infinite abundance.
Capricorn had to teach people to work and aspire to the goal.
Aquarius has received the gift of freedom and the task to serve humanity, directing it to the future.
Fish received the greatest gift of all - they were endowed with an understanding of God.
And the kids are gone, are determined to do their job well. But, start it, they realized how difficult it is to fulfill its tasks. When they returned puzzled, God said, "Each of you believes that better other gifts.
So I let you change ».

So people born under a certain sign of the zodiac, assumes a corresponding task of Karma which followed a series of incarnations vary.

What tasks are intended born under a certain sign of the zodiac?

☼ ARIES - to develop courage, determination, the ability to act.

☼ cells - to understand the dimensions of the material world, collect
tangible assets and use them wisely.

☼ TWINS - to increase knowledge, develop intelligence, learn to share experience in the mental images; establish family ties and get the support of relatives visible and invisible.

☼ CANCER - to strengthen family bonds, to understand the origins, in
the origin of life; develop sensitivity and intuition.

☼ LION - learn leadership to establish itself as a person to become a strong and generous, to protect the weak; learn creativity in all spheres of life and love; to give himself to people.

☼ VIRGIN - analyze the world around us, learn to obey and to work effectively; serve and be useful to people.

☼ weight - to achieve harmony, social justice, radiate the beauty around.

☼ Scorpio - Scorpio person is willing to clear and burn everything to prepare the update; to destroy for the sake of creation (transformation).

☼ SAGITTARIUS - to convey a spiritual message, to bring light and knowledge to contemporaries; spread joy and fun.

☼ CAPRICORN - to learn patience, firmness, and the ability to take responsibility.

☼ AQUARIUS - to live the joys of friendship; develop and transmit to others his inspiration and love of liberty, new knowledge, the entire original.

☼ FISH - work out the karma ancestors, suffering and taking
restrictions of any kind; family responsibilities, good to do any work; get rid of the disease.


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