Why the body is more important than thinking?

A person can live in two ways - in the body or in the mind. In this article I'll show you the difference between these methods. And also explain why the body is more important than thinking.

Let me start by explaining why it is important. The first and most obvious argument that thinking is a part of the body, but the body is not part of the thinking. Thinking - is only a small feature, a small piece of the body. Thinking - is part of, and the body - it is a whole.

Generally, where there is our thinking? It is located somewhere in the head. And not even entirely in the head, but only a small part of the head. Not even the whole brain - the brain controls everything the body, not just thinking. So, thinking - this is only a small piece of the head or brain. But what about everything else?

And everything else, oddly enough, a man accustomed to ignore. Because his mind is so strong that pulls on all your attention. As a result, the person actually starts to live in the mind, not the body.

How does this happen? All animals, except man, attention is distributed evenly throughout the body. The entire body of the animal - balanced. Therefore, all the animals look to us as natural and organic. We all, by the way, this was also - when we were young and had not yet learned to think (therefore childhood person usually takes more than happy to adulthood).

But the human ability to think is so strong that begins a strong bias in favor of thinking. That is, the human attention ceases to notice anything but thoughts. Thoughts begin to substitute for a man of his real body, which lives in the real world. Thus, any person begins to lose touch with reality.

As a result, a person begins to exist, literally, in a fictional world. Thought for him become the only reality. And the only truth. Everything that people think, it will automatically be considered true. Because no other truth or reality, he no longer sees. Because for this it is necessary to begin to live again in the body.

So how do you begin to live in the body, not the mind? In the first place - to start paying more attention to everything that happens in the body, not in mind. Most pay attention to the feelings and body movements. On each part of the body, not just at the thought.

Secondly, we must begin to replace the actions of thought. That is, the movements of the body. After all, any real action - the movement of the body rather than mind. Accordingly, when you are moving, rather than to think - you go back into the body.

What happens after that? First of all, you feel alive. Because you feel alive only through the body. Through thought impossible to feel anything at all, because the feeling - it is, by definition, the bodily capacity.

Next, you will begin to operate more efficiently. Because you do start to act. When you were just inside the mind, you could not act. Because thought in general can not act - we thought no arms or legs. Only the body can act.

Once you begin more acutely and to perceive reality. Because you can only perceive reality through the body. Through thought nothing impossible to perceive. We thought no eyes, ears and nerves, they can not see, hear or feel. While you are in the thoughts, you do not actually perceive reality - you only think a surrogate of reality, which is really impossible to live.

Here, of course, the question may arise: but if I do not be stupefied if I start to use the body, instead of thinking? Oddly enough - no, not otupeet. On the contrary, it becomes a lot smarter. Because thinking, remind once again - just part of the body. Accordingly, when you begin to live in the whole body, not just in the thinking, the thinking will also be used. But in balance with the rest of the body, and not just by itself. And this is - much more effectively.

Generally, it is understood that thinking can not work effectively without a body. Because without it the body begins to break away from reality and withdraws into himself. As a result, it comes to crazy ideas or stupor. It ceases to function adequately.

And when the mind is used in conjunction with the rest of the body on an equal footing - it is absolutely adequate. It starts to act in balance with everything else. It only begins to fulfill their functions without disturbing the others. And then one becomes harmonious.

So - start to live in the body, not the mind. Watch the body, feel the body, the body act. Only then your life will come true happiness and contentment activity.

Or, to put it simply - only then will you finally start living.

© Dmitry Leikin


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