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You've probably heard of some curse that struck the imagination of people around the world. Was it a coincidence or really involved here some supernatural phenomenon that affects the fate of those people who believe in what they are cursed? After the death of the famous singer Amy Winehouse, who was in "Club 27", has died at the age of 27, like many other musicians, people began to think that there is really a curse. Learn about the most famous curses that seem to be something more than just a legend and a match. 1) The Curse Meddena

Madden NFL - a popular video game of American football, which includes players in the National Football League and their characteristics. The game is updated every year. The first who appeared in the booklet of the game, was John Madden, whose face can be seen on the cover of the game for 11 years, until 2001 goda.

Since then, every year on the cover of the other players began to appear. There is an opinion that all players who appear on the cover of Madden NFL, in the same year will have a serious injury or their glory fade Dante Culpepper suffered a knee injury and missed the next 5 games of the season, Michael Vick broke his right fibula is just a game to him Cover appeared in stores. McNabb said that he does not believe in the curse, and agreed to appear on the cover of the booklet. Madden Curse and overtook him, he earned a sports hernia in the first match. List of injured athletes continued every year, if they appear on the cover of the video game. 2) rune stone Berktorp

In the province of Blekinge, Sweden, there are several standing stones arranged in a circle. Some believe that the ancient tombs are located here. However, nobody really knows what these stones were set. It is known that the stones were not installed by one person, although they appeared about the same time - in the 7th century AD. One of these stones is called the present Berktorp has mystical properties, it says ancient runic curse:

I'm the owner of the runes, hid here mighty runes. [Being] Waylessness not know the rest, in exile [to be] killed magic to those who would destroy the monument. I predict death. According to legend, appeared in the 15th century, one man tried to remove the rock, to make room for planting crops. He decided to dissolve around the fire and then pour the water to split the stone and it can be removed. However, when he made a fire, the flames spread to him, and he died in the fire. 3) Club 27

Curse Club 27 refers to a group of very well-known musicians who die at the age of 27 years. The Club 27 has proved to be such well-known musicians like Robert Johnson (who died in 1938, for no apparent reason), Brian Jones (1969, drowned in the pool), Jimi Hendrix (1970, choked vomit after taking sleeping pills and wine), Janice Joplin (1970, heroin overdose), Jim Morrison (1971, heart failure), Kurt Cobain (1994 suicide. As a child, Cobain told her sister that he wanted to get into the Club 27) .

Although it is the most famous musicians who find themselves in Club 27, the list also includes other, only about 40 people, who were not so popular, but also became the "official member" of the club. Recently added to the list of another celebrity - Amy Winehouse, who died at the peak of his fame July 23, 2011 from a heart attack brought on by alcohol intoxication. 4) James Dean and "Little bastard"

James Dean - a famous Hollywood actor, 1950. His most famous film is a picture of "Rebel Without a Cause," and "the little bastard," he called her a Porsche 550 Spider. The actor died in a car accident at the wheel of this car soon after bought it. Actor Alec Guinness told Dean that this car looks like "ominous", prophesied his death a week after purchase. James Dean was really dead after 7 dney.

Moreover, after the accident, the car parts were sold and also bring bad luck to their owners. For Porsche tires on a new car were breached almost simultaneously, and very soon after their purchase, which caused the car to move down the road. Troy McHenry and William Eshrid involved in an accident while racing. Their cars were equipped with spare parts "little bastard", the list goes on ... 5) Curse Supermena

It is said that the character Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster cursed him, because they were deceived by Dc Comics, which worked, and have not received a penny for their work. The actor who played Superman in the TV series, George Reeves, took his own life samoubiystvom.

The other actors - Christopher Reeves, who played the superhero in the later paintings of Superman, fell from his horse, resulting in was confined to a wheelchair for 9 years. He died in 2004 of heart failure. 6) Curse Diamond Houpa

Hope Diamond, perhaps the most famous diamond in the world. Obviously, he was kidnapped from his forehead idol in the 17th century. The priests of the temple laid a curse on the stone, which is in force for several centuries. Immediately after the theft of the stone was sold to a French dealer in precious stones, which in Constantinople soon attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and bitten him. Before his death, the merchant had to present the stone the King of France Louis XIV. He had no idea that the stone can bring misfortune ...

The Princess de Lamballe, who wore the stone permanently, was killed during the French Revolution. The sad fate as the Minister of Finance of the king, who then took the stone himself, he ended his life in prison. All the jewelers, who were involved in this diamond-ending life in strange circumstances, including committing suicide, as Jacques batters. However, scientists reject the theory of the curse on the Hope Diamond, claiming that such stories were "promotion" of stone in order to make it profitable to be sold. But who wants to own damn stone? 7) Curse Tekumse

This curse has many names, including "presidential curse" or "Curse of the year zero." It refers to a series of strange laws relating to the death of American presidents who were elected in years ending in 0, from 1840 to 1960 y.

Curse associated with President William Harrison, when he was still governor. He tried to bribe the Native Americans with the aim to take away their land. He captured the village leader Tecumseh, which was located on the river bank Tippekanoe. Tecumseh's brother, who was called "the prophet" curse Harrison and predicted that he would die during the reign. This applies to all the other presidents before 7th knee, which will choose in years that end in 0 as the year in which Harrison chose. 8) Curse crying malchika

They say that the portrait of an unknown boy was the cause of many explosions and fires around the world. Each time the picture is untouched in places disasters. The well-known researcher, Dr. George Mallory was intrigued by these facts and began searching for the author proizvedeniya.

He still found the artist of this painting, which was an old man who lived in Madrid, which reported that painted a picture of a lot of years ago, when he found the boy - an orphan, wandering around the streets of the city. This boy was the only survivor in the fire of all the members of his family. The artist also said that the priest, who knew the boy, had warned him that the child brings fires in all the houses where he allowed. The artist does not want to believe these stories and began to care for the child, whose name was Daniel Bonilla, is not burned his own studio. After that the artist drove the boy, who was never seen again. 9) Curse "Poltergeist"

"Poltergeist" - a trilogy of horror films, the first film that was released in 1982. Incredibly violent nature of painting and its story have generated a lot of rumors around the mysterious film. However, the facts can not be denied: four of the crew members died in the period between the outputs of the first and last film, among them was 12-year-old actress Heather O'Rurk.

They say that the cause of the curse was that for some movie scenes were filmed several real corpses. 10) Curse Clan Kennedi

If you have a large family, it is possible that some of its members will surely die as a result of accidents. However, an incredibly large list of deaths belongs to the family Kennedy. Ted Kennedy, after being in a car crash killed his passenger, Mary Jo Kopehne, said that probably weighs a serious curse on the family Kennedi.

Like most other curses, the curse of the Kennedys is due to injustice: Joseph Kennedy Sr. Rosemary Kennedy's daughter forced to do a lobotomy at age 23. Family members thought that rosemary grew retarded child, she has a sharp mood swings, perhaps as a result of isolation and feelings of inadequacy in adolescence. Thus, my father decided that surgery can cure daughter, but lobotomy left her an invalid for the rest of his life (she died at age 86 of natural causes). It is worth noting that of the 5 children of Joseph Kennedy Sr. Rosemary - the only one who died a natural death.



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