6 the most famous in the history of curses

Modern man somehow ashamed to be superstitious and believe in the curse of supernatural forces, is not it? For most people, the belief in omens and spirits, or far left as a child, or expressed in poplёvyvanii over the left shoulder and three-time rapping on wood, no more.

But sometimes happens is that you begin to understand that everything in the world there is something from which fails to protect or call the police, or traumatic gun under the pillow or communications in the higher echelons of power. Six strange stories: Coincidence or banal revenge inhabitants of the underworld - every man for himself decides for himself.

1. Curse of Tamerlane

The legendary Central Asian conqueror Tamerlane and commander (Timur) was the initiator of the military campaigns, which killed a total of about 17 million people.

In 1941, the year Stalin sent to Samarkand (Uzbekistan), a group of archaeologists who had to open the tomb of Tamerlane, that was seriously alarmed local residents and Muslim clergy. According to unconfirmed reports, at the opening of the tomb of Timur was discovered inscription: "Who disturb my grave, will pave the way for a more fearsome invaders than I am." Everyone knows what happened next - June 22, Adolf Hitler's army invaded the Soviet Union.

By the way, when in 1942, Stalin ordered to return the remains of the tomb of Tamerlane and buried with all due rites, German forces surrendered at Stalingrad, which was one of the turning points in World War II.
2. Curse of the Pharaoh

According to some reports, at the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun was found a stone with the inscription "Death on swift wings overtake the one who disturbed the peace of the Pharaoh," but possessed Egyptologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon that did not stop: in 1922 it was officially announced the sensational discovery . Shortly visited the tomb began to die one after another.

Lord Carnarvon died from the bite of a mosquito that caused blood poisoning and pneumonia, four months after he first entered the crypt. I must say, in the last months of his life he did not differ good health. A few hours after his death in England, yelp, gave up the ghost pet dog Lord - Susie.

American financier George Gould, who visited the tomb, caught a fever and died six months after his visit to the Tutankhamen. Millionaire Joel Wolfe, came by to look at the interior of the tomb of the pharaoh, was killed a few months after the visit. Just a few days after the death of Lord Carnarvon was poisoned with arsenic member of the archaeological team Carter Arthur Mace. Not escaped death and personal secretary to Carter, who was found strangled in his bed in 1929.
Whatever it was, many of the members of the expedition Carter opened the tomb lived a long and happy life, and a number of possible causes of death of the other scientists called toxic mold and bacteria that lived in the tomb for thousands of years before the archaeologists have violated their privacy.

3. The Curse of Ötzi

In 1991, a group of climbers went to conquer one of the Alpine peaks in the Ötztal Valley, found in the ice half vmёrzshie human remains. Deciding that it was one of the victims of avalanches and blizzards, climbers have learned body with ice axes and sent to the morgue. Examining the corpse, pathologists concluded: the man was a resident of the Bronze Age and lay in the mountains at least 5300-m years.

Ice prisoner named Ötzi, and scientists came to the conclusion that he was killed by a blow to the head, which caused him to unknown pursuers, and, when found, Ötzi still clutched in the hands of a flint knife.

After some time, the people involved in this incident, suddenly began to die: Rainer Henn, the medical examiner who examined the body, was killed in a car accident a year after the events shortly thereafter avalanche claimed the life of Kurt Fritz - a guide who led the transportation of the body. Mountaineer Helmut Simon, first discovered Ötzi died in 2004, roughly in the same area, fell into the abyss.

Almost immediately after the funeral of Simon died of a heart attack, the head of the rescue team, look for it - Dieter Warnecke. In April 2005, died of a stroke Professor Konrad Spindler of Innsbruck University, who led the team of scientists who have examined the ECR. Can be regarded as a series of deaths coincidence, but in general, if we consider that this story had a ratio of hundreds of people in the death of several of them for 20 years can not be anything supernatural.

4. The Curse of the Hope Diamond

According to one legend, a French merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier pulled the 115-carat blue diamond from the Indian temple, after which he was hounded to death by dogs. But in fact, hunter diamond jewelry purchased in the Sultanate of Golconda, Central India, smuggled him out of the country, and then in 1669, the year brought the stone to the French court, where he bought the "Sun King" Louis XIV.

Stone is not made itself felt, until I got into the hands of Louis XVI and his wife Marie-Antoinette, who were beheaded during the French Revolution, after which the diamond was stolen and then "floated" only in 1812 at a London merchant with a different cut.

Hope Diamond was named after one of the first known owners - British Lord Henry Philip Hope, who bought the stone in 1830 at auction.

Until the end of XIX-th century the family owned the Hope diamond, but at the time of financial difficulties, it was decided to sell. Stone while walking on his hands, and in 1912 went to Evelyn Walsh McLean - daughter of the owner of the newspaper «Washington Post». Soon after her son was killed in a car accident, daughter committed suicide, and her husband left for another woman, Evelyn (by the way, he died in a lunatic asylum).

After the death of Walsh McLean diamond by paying its debt was transferred to the jeweler Harry Winston, who in 1958 presented it to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, where the Hope Diamond and is still. The postman who delivered the package to the museum with a stone, was hit by a truck, but survived, but died soon after his wife and beloved dog, and the house burned down the postman.

5. Curse of Tippecanoe (Curse of the US Presidents)
XIX-th century in American history is marked by numerous conflicts and clashes with government forces the indigenous Indian population.

In one of the largest local wars of this kind was killed Shawnee chieftain Tecumseh. Dying, the proud son of Indian people cursed future US presidents, who are elected or re-elected in a year divisible by 20. Tecumseh foretold that the rulers of the United States will die or be killed before the end of the presidential term.

Argued that the curse acted to the seventh generation. The first victim was the leader of the posthumous wishes of President William Henry Harrison, elected in 1840 - he died of pneumonia a month after the inauguration. It was Harrison, being the first governor of Indiana, defeated the troops of Tecumseh in Battle of Tippecanoe, which became fatal for the Indians.

Another damned became Abraham Lincoln was elected to his first term in 1860, re-elected in 1864, and he was killed in 1865 shot in the head.
Third in the "black list Tecumseh" was destined to become James A. Garfield: elected in 1880, the year after his inauguration in March 1881 he stayed in office less than six months, died from complications after being shot in the back, made a psychopath Charles Guiteau.

Fourth proved William McKinley, who became president in 1896 and re-elected in 1900. The cause of death McKinley September 14, 1901 was the first year gangrene internal organs develop after a gunshot wound in the stomach.

Number five - Warren Harding, who took the presidency in 1920, died in 1923, according to some versions, of a heart attack or a brain hemorrhage.

The sixth was Franklin Roosevelt, during his fourth term as president of the United States who died from a stroke. Of course, among Roosevelt's re-election was a multiple of 20 - 1940-th year.

Closes the list of well-known John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who led the United States in 1960 and fell victim bullets Lee Harvey Oswald November 22, 1963 the first year.

Elected in 1980, Ronald Reagan broke the law, having survived an assassination attempt in 1981, and safely left the presidency in 1989, the year.
George W. Bush was also impervious to the curse of an Indian chief: he became president in 2000, he survived several assassination attempts, but not killed, after which it became clear - the term "authority" Tecumseh expired. Whose curse will be next?

6. "The Curse of the Billy Goat»

In 1945 the owner of the tavern "Billy Goat" Sianis Bill came to a baseball game between the "Chicago Cubs" and "Detroit Tigers" drag with a goat. Peculiar smell of animal prevented the audience, so Billy asked to leave. Indignant Sianis leaving, said: "The Cubs will never win!».

That game really was for "Chicago Cubs" fatal: since then the team has never reached the final of the World Series, fans also tried various ways to remove the "curse", but to no avail. One of the games 'Cubs' even came nephew Billy Sam Sianis, of course, taking with him a goat, but it did not give results.

The story of the goat, he took from baseball club success, seen by many as a joke, but true fans of baseball's no laughing matter. In April this year in Cook County Illinois found headless corpse goat tied to a tree near the golf course, and a few days later, the current head of the club "Chicago Cubs" Tom Ricketts came parcel, which was partly decomposed goat head.

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