Films over which tends curse

You can believe and not to believe in mysticism. But the facts - are stubborn things. Word said tends to turn into a reality. And because so dangerous prediction of nightmares and disasters.

Hollywood has a long tradition of the damned movies. They have a special appeal, especially if it is a thriller about supernatural forces. In some cases, the curse - both from the "Stalker" Tarkovsky - a combination of bad luck and errors committed earlier. In other - as in the paintings of the late Brendan Lee, son of Bruce Lee - it seems to be associated with bad luck individuals. It is mysterious, often tragic accident, which is believed to cause the evil spirits who decided not to start the film in theaters.

List of the "damned" is headed by Hollywood movies "The Exorcist" ("The Exorcist"), filmed in 1973. Before the film hit the screens, the film crew on the roof caved in misery. Like evil forces took revenge for his appearance on the film. The screenplay was based on real events that happened to 14-year-old boy from Washington, which in 1949 was applied exorcism. Now the name of the elderly person and his place of residence is carefully concealed.

First Makgouran Jack died. A week after the shooting death of his hero, he became seriously ill and then died. Max von Sydow in a couple of hours of the start of filming got the telegram about his brother's death. During filming, my grandfather died of Linda Blair, who played a major role. 5-year-old daughter of Jason Miller (he Actor) got into a car accident and received a head injury, died without regaining consciousness. The secretary is also the director went to the hospital, where she found some unknown science of mental illness. And the assistant director general was taken to a psychiatric hospital in a straitjacket!

Director Friedkin says: "Even the film chips contact numbers! On a number of frames to receive a double exposure face girl possessed by the devil in you.

The Curse of "The Exorcist" was struck and cinemas: reported cases where the spectators vomited while watching, they fainted and fell into hysterics. During the Italian premiere of "Metropolitan Theatre" in Rome by lightning destroyed the 400-year-old crucifix.

A cautionary tale filmed in 1979 film "The Amityville Horror." The film was shot on the book writer Jay Anson. It it was a strange house, where I will dwell evil spirit: it flowed from the walls of the mud, its tenants levitated (hung in the air). Handing her friend a few sections of the book in manuscript, as if the writer had signed that death sentence: that burned from a fire at his home with the children. But the "devil" manuscript survived. When the publisher of an advertising agency carried a copy of the new book, his car suddenly caught fire.

Showered with misfortune and supporting cast of the film (filmed another series). Performer of the Little Joe died of cancer. He died after taking part in the film in 13 years, Dan Blocker, who played the role of Cartwright. Chinese Victor Sheng Yang, who played the role of a cook, pursued by disease and hardship, committed suicide by choking gas. He surprised all and the death of Laurent Green starred in this film. He died suddenly of pneumonia.

Creepy story was also filming the movie "Poltergeist" Spielberg. Spielberg used in his movie about paranormal phenomena occurred in Germany, the United States and Scotland.

Little heroine wakes up every night, tormented by demons. 6-year-old Heather O'Rourke played well, but the individual scenes have shocked her. Her frightened huge fans of the intake of spirits.

And there was the devil's "Harvest." In six years, he died four actors relating to the series Poltergeist. The first victim of the deadly film became a rising star in Hollywood, who played the older sister of the heroine Heather. Dominique Dune was strangled lover. The most notable was the death of 12-year-old Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne. O'Rourke was hospitalized with suspected flu and died the next day. 60-year-old Julian Beck (Detective Kane), died of stomach cancer. 53-year-old Will Sampson, who played the doctor, conducted on a set ritual of exorcism - he died a year later of kidney failure. Some argue that the angry spirits of the dead, because the shooting used real human bones.

In the spring 1984 survey "Poltergeist 2" Continue without Dominique. It was directed by Brian Gibson has. The film features the Native American legend of the dead. Injun suggested this idea (in the film he played the role of sorcerer) Julian Beck. A few weeks after the shooting, he was gone.

Heze O'Rourke starred in three films about ghosts. She died during surgery on the intestines.

"The Raven" (1994)

According to the school friends Brendan Lee, once he predicted that he would die suddenly on the set, as well as his father - a martial arts legend Bruce Lee. On the set of "The Crow" there were many incidents, including fires and accidents, but Lee's death - he died eight days before the shooting - began to explain "family curse." Brendan was shot during the filming of a scene from the past of the hero, which shows how really lost its character - Eric Draven. He died because of the fact that during the shooting blanks in the barrel of the gun turned out to be a bullet stuck. But maybe, he died through the fault of the curse of "The Crow"? During the filming of the television series, the continuation of a strange coincidence killed an experienced stunt coordinator Mark Akerstrim - his head hit the debris, discarded explosion.

"Superman" (1951 and beyond)

The Curse of the "Superman" is usually catches the actors who play the goodies - fulfill one of these roles, and it is likely that your career comes to a standstill or not you are very lucky. The most famous victims of the curse became George Reeves and Christopher Reeve. George Reeves played Superman in the 1950s. In 1959, eight days before the wedding, he was found dead with a gunshot wound - this mysterious death became the basis for the plot which was released last year, the film "Gollivudlend" with Ben Affleck. Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in 1995 when he fell from his horse. In 2004, he died of a heart attack.

Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) is now suffering from bipolar disorder. Marlon Brando played Superman's father, after which a series of tragedies ruined his personal life - in particular, went to prison, and then the death of his son Christian. Richard Pryor ("Superman 3") was diagnosed with "multiple sclerosis". Career actors Kirk Allen and Dean Cain, who played Superman, then derailed. It is believed that the series cursed Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, unhappy with the small amount that they paid to authors as a character.

"Rosemary's Baby" (1968)

In the sixties Roman Polanski were known that they appeared mysterious forces. However, this story of a pregnant woman whose baby want to sacrifice to the devil, returned to the director himself in August 1969 - when Charles Manson killed Polanski's pregnant wife Sharon Tate. Since the film "Repulsion" (1965) observed inexplicable parallels between the work of Polanski and life Manson. Over the years, and the director, and the murderer has developed an interest in the occult. The Curse of the affected and the death of John Lennon - Manson and his followers called their murder «Helter Skelter» on the eponymous song Beatles, and Lennon was killed near the apartment house "Dakota" in New York, where they filmed "Rosemary's Baby."

The trilogy "The Matrix» (1999-2003)

The death of the two actresses - Gloria Foster, who played the Oracle 1-series and 22-year-old former singer Aalii which appeared only a couple of scenes, and then died in a plane crash in the Bahamas - Connect with rumors that initially the Wachowski brothers We would like to invite to the role of Neo Brendan Lee. In this regard, we began to talk about the curse of "The Matrix." Perhaps it is true there is millions of people around the world cursed time spent viewing abhorrent 2nd and 3rd series.

"Stalker" (1979)

Filming of the philosophical fiction classics Andrei Tarkovsky were associated with many difficulties. In the picture the mysterious and unexplained events occur in the zone. But mysterious penetrated into reality. The film had to shoot twice: the first version was "lost" because it was not possible to prove the experimental film "Kodak". But rumors about the curse went only years later, when many of the people who worked on the film died prematurely. Part of the filming took place near a hydroelectric power station on the river Pilite, near a chemical plant, which is discharged into the river poisonous liquid. In one frame even seen as river floating waste. Anatol starred Solonitsyn, assistant director Larisa Tarkovsky Tarkovsky died of throat cancer.

"Call 2" (2005)

During the filming of the American version of a Japanese horror movie creators had to call Shinto master, that he held a ceremony of purification. Life is beginning to copy the plot of the film, when the industrial premises, where there was work on the movie, was flooded due to burst pipe. Shortly thereafter flooded with make-up van. The plot involved possessed animals, and especially because it turned out terrible attack of bees on a van with props and an attack on the crew of a deer. Directed by Hideo Nakata, who directed the original and the Japanese, accustomed to oddities in the shooting of "The Bell." When in 1998 he rented a Japanese version of the second part of the microphone at the sea surface, it seemed, he recorded ghostly voices.

"The Omen" (1976)
In the documentary, 2005 "Curse Omen" approved by that supernatural forces tried in 1976 to prevent the output of the first episode of the Christian prophecies of Armageddon. On the first day of filming as a result of a road accident injured the main representatives of the group. Then planes with screenwriter David Selttserom and actor Gregory Peck was hit by lightning. One group was to fly a private jet, but at the last minute canceled the order, and the plane crashed. All aboard people died - the plane crashed on a car with his wife and child pilot. Two lions attacked the film shoot in a caretaker in a safari park, and killed him, and the hotel where he lived director Richard Donner, the explosion occurred.

And one of the first films of the damned - "The Wizard of Oz" (1939). Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch West) suffered serious burns when it overheated makeup. Since then, the legend of the curse grew like a snowball. In the theater, "The Wizard of Oz" has repeatedly been recorded accidents. Particularly unlucky who plays evil witch west.

During the filming of "Quantum of solace," a new series of adventures of James Bond, as the incidents occurred, that the cast and crew began to talk like a curse on the movie soars. All started on 18 April this year, when the car Aston Martin DBS went to the bottom of Lake Garda - stuntman, was bringing the car to the set, lost control and went off the road. A week later, another stuntman was seriously injured - his car was in an accident during the filming of the chase scene. Shortly thereafter, another car crashed.

He hurts himself Bond - Daniel Craig. A few days ago he was rushed to a hospital, where the actor cut off the tip of your finger. In another incident, Craig cut face, and therefore needed to impose eight stitches. After one of the falls were afraid that the leading man broke his ribs.

But that is not all. The fire in the halls of Pinewood Studios was damaged scenery for the film. And in Austria for technicians working on the film, he attacked his wife with a knife. The mayor of one of the cities of Panama, Carlos Lopez was arrested for having driven the car on the set, trying to hinder the work.

But in spite of everything that happens, it is too early to say, "Quantum of solace" cursed: all the incidents were connected either with powerful hardware, or occurred during the shooting of dangerous scenes. The main curse of the film - it is rather a title that can not be memorized.

Satanic forces operate outside of Hollywood. Terrible consequences and the Italian film "Mary Forever" (1991). Michele Placido, known here on the series "Octopus", playing the teacher of the colony. His team - young Sicilian criminals. At the shooting killed four actors!

The first crashed on a motorcycle Stefano Consiglio. He also dabbled in drugs and got behind the wheel under the "high". After stealing in a supermarket, and the flight was killed by police Giorgio Stefano. Drunk Marco Krizafulli drowned in the sea, and Roberto Mariano was killed in a plane crash. Gianni was hit by a car Favilla, who played the role of the director of the colony.

So it is not too unrealistic attempts to awaken an evil spirit. By creating a "bad reality" of the impact on all the senses cinema, if we provoke him in real life ...

It is possible that all this is an explanation, but we better do not wake the beast! Think about the good!



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