As elephants are trained in the circus

Circus Company «Ringling Bros.» is largely due to his room with the elephant is known around the world. With this program, the audience always leave happy, cheerful audience, but no one is unaware of the process of learning this animal tricks. In our selection grim photos were collected, which was captured the process of training and learning the little elephant and the methods used by the employees of the circus. These shots were filmed on amateur camera former employee of this company, who could no longer hide this disgrace.

1. Each day after the training begins the main double entry full workout, which lasts one to two hours.

2. Legs young elephant calves tied with ropes and chain linked with another elephant. From this moment any movement and other forms of natural behavior that will be hard to put down an elephant trainer and his whip.

3. After small elephants taken from their mothers, their men tied them to a cold concrete floor for all four paws. Elephants make almost around the clock sitting on a leash and strictly forbid walk in the fresh air, and it is detrimental and extremely difficult for a young elephant.


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