3 the most unusual circus world

The first theatrical circus performances can be called the London, which was held on August 4, 1777, in the circus created by Astley. Now a variety of circus genres is amazing. Econet predlagaem You to visit the most unusual circuses around the world.
Big Apple Circus
The American Big Apple Circus — the most generous circus in the world. Circus received such a title due to the large number of ongoing fundraisers. At the Circus the Big Apple, despite the tight schedule of speeches and a lot of work, always set aside time for the free shows at children's hospitals and orphanages.

Circus Jim Rose
Circus Jim rose is rightly called the most shocking circus in the world. All the tricks that actors do, are very dangerous not only for their health but for life. What is the performance of circus under the stage name Mr. Knife. Throughout the presentation he juggle chain saws that operate at maximum speed. The slightest mistake and sharp as a blade, a chainsaw chain will cut the juggler into small pieces.

Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey
The world's largest circus is considered the Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey. The strangeness of this circus is that the artists perform simultaneously in three arenas. If at one stage acts aerialists, another trainer with animals, and on the third motorcyclists inside a transparent globe. This form of appearances keeps the viewer in suspense.

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