The most amazing in the world of circuses

Each of us is a child loved to go to the circus. Different rooms, animals, clowns struck our imagination with their performances. Now every year the number of circuses becoming more and today we want to show you the most amazing and unusual ones.

Circus Big Apple

American Circus Big Apple Circus is the most generous in the world. Circus received the title of the most generous thanks to the huge number of shares held by them to charities. At Circus Big Apple, despite the very busy and tight schedule of performances is always enough time for a free show in orphanages and children's hospitals.

Doctors say that thanks to the performance of circus artists are significantly reduced treatment time and improves patient outcomes. Patients with depressive disorders say that after visiting the circus have long disappeared painful state of mind. Despite the fact that the circus has the best artists from around the world, the cost of tickets will never exceed seventy dollars.

Christensen created a circus director "ER clowns", the essence of which is to visit sick children at home. For them, they will organize a free home performances. His performances Circus Big Apple seeks to change the world for the better, there is no place for discouragement, boredom and indifference.

Jim Rose Circus

Periodically, the actor shows the sharpness of their instruments, cutting of pieces of wood and metal rods. Master of provocation, he sometimes intentionally at speed carries a roaring chainsaw near the throat. The peak of speech, supposedly random error and a sharp chain touches the thigh. Gushing blood, the audience at a loss, many lose consciousness. At these moments, the actor is experiencing tremendous drive from his own stunts.

But the idea is just beginning. King goes to the arena of torture. As soon as the audience come to life as the next test begins their nervous system. With deadpan stare King torture drives to their feet dvuhsotmillimetrovye nails. In some countries, the Jim Rose Circus performances are banned because they supposedly promoting cruelty and violence.

Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey

The biggest in the world is considered to be a circus Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey. The singularity of this circus is that both artists performing on three arenas. If at one stage the trainer acts with animals, then on the other aerial acrobats, and the third motorcyclists inside a transparent sphere. This form of performances keeps the audience in suspense.

Striking Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey grandeur of his shows. As a rule, in repose participate simultaneously ten elephants, tigers fifteen, eight lions. Small animals, participating in performances is simply impossible to count.



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