Remembering Nikulin

Yuri Nikulin born December 18, 1921 in Demidov, Smolensk region. "Most of my childhood I remember how my father first took me to the circus, I was six years old. Since then, I fell in love for life this magical world, "- he recalled.

Photo: Yuri Nikulin involved in school amateur performances.

Son dream of becoming a clown parents Jura, Vladimir Andreyevich and Lidia Ivanovna, who gave many years of theater and circus, taken seriously, they sewed him a suit and went to visit. Caught in public, young clown decided to fall to all laugh. After three falls laughter never came, but the mother of one of the girls asked: "Is he with you, epileptic?" So Nikulin recalled his first experience of a clown in the book "Almost seriously ...».

Photo: antiaircrafter Yury Nikulin (2 left in the 1st row) during the war.

At age 18, Nikulin went into the army. Military service lasted for seven years, he participated in the Finnish campaign in World War II, survived the siege of Leningrad, was wounded, burned in the tank.

After the war, Yuri Nikulin decided to enter the Film Institute. "I came to college perfectly calm, confident in his admission. I read a fable, a poem, but the prose read I was not given in response I heard: - You know, Comrade Nikulin in you something to eat, but for the movies you no good. Not that you have a profile that we need, "- says Yuri Vladimirovich.

It was then an aspiring actor remembered his other passion - the circus. Nikulin told that the family council had a long discussion: whether or not to enter the studio. "My mother was inclined to the theater, believing that sooner or later, but I'm lucky. Father has a different opinion. - Let Jura dare - he insisted. - In the circus can experiment ».

Photo: Yuri Nikulin on one of his first performances in the circus shows "a man in the audience," which first sat on a horse (1947).

In contrast to the VGIK, the studio clown at the circus on the colored Boulevard accepted it at once, and in his trainees took the famous pencil. Beginner artist for life remember the covenant of his teacher: "The clown must seem silly those laughing at him ... look, but do not be!»

It took a few years the young clown to find their way, in harmony with the nature. Over time, Nikulin realized that his character special makeup need: enough podchernit eyelids and butterbur tip of the nose.

Many years on an arena partner Nikulin was Michael Shuydin. The legendary clown duo - naive phlegmatic (Nikulin) and his snooty friend (Shuydin) - there was still a trainee at the pencil.

"Pencil taught us a lot. We have learned the wisdom of a nomadic circus life. We have learned seriously and take good care of each found funny tricks, and the ability to use it at the right time "- recalled Nikulin.

Clown parody dashing dzhigits performed immediately after the number of riders and therefore have much success. By the way, trick horses were made based on sketches Nikulin.

Reprise "pump" Yuri Nikulin came up when pumped car wheel.

Ideas for new rooms and Nikulin Shuydin often prompted props himself. So there reprise "Snake", which clowns spotted in scraps of rubber, and "bottle", props to which was received by the artists as a gift from the owner of a Japanese restaurant while touring.

At the Circus Nikulin met his future wife, Tatiana Intercession. Timiryazev Academy student aspiring actor invited to see a room in which he was portrayed as a man from the audience who wants to learn to ride. However, that evening the number failed: Nikulin was under the horse's hooves. The girl visited a few months' dashing rider "in the hospital, and six months later they were married.

Tatiana, loves the circus, was for the wife of a real assistant and advisor to the profession,

Later Nikulin headed your favorite circus on the colored Boulevard, where he worked for a total of 50 years.

Chief director of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, People's Artist of the USSR Yuri Nikulin, leaving the office, leaving his "deputy". December 1, 1984.

Photo: Yuri Nikulin as Albert Klyachkin partners Anatoly Grachkinym (left) and Victor Gromoboevym (right) in the movie "intractable" directed by Yuri Chulyukina, 1959.

But the dream of a movie Yuri Nikulin did not leave. "As a child I thought that in the movies can only brilliant people, and I'm a normal boy, where really there to dream about shooting" - recalled the artist. However, the success of the first roles in the films "Girl with a Guitar" and "intractable" allow novice movie actor say, "Perhaps I can be removed».

The first major success Nikulin in movies is associated with the name of Leonid Gaidai, who invited the actor role in the comedy "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross».

When selecting the actors, the director first saw Nikulin, he said: "Well, it is not necessary to look for Goonies. Nikulin - what you need. " Thus was born the legendary "troika": Coward (George Vitsin) Experienced (Eugene Morgunov) and Bobby (Yuri Nikulin).

Photo: Rostislav Plyatt (left) and Yuri Nikulin (right) on the set of the film "Business people».

A few years later Gaidai again proposed Nikulin work together. At this time, the actor got the role of a rogue in the film "Business people" based on the novel O`Genri.

After the film "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik" Gaidai decided that more individual films about Goonies, Coward and Experienced will not shoot. "Enough. "Troika" outlive "- admitted the director.

And in the "Caucasian captive" Gaidai invited actors only "revival of the film." "Unfortunately, the" troika "to become cloying popular. This was the period of our take-off and at the same time the end of our joint appearance on the screen "- recalled Nikulin.

The role of a senior economist Semen Semenovich Gorbunkova in the movie "The Diamond Arm" was written specifically for Nikulin.

Photo: Inna Gulaya as Natasha and Yuri Nikulin as Kuzma Kuzmich in the movie "When the trees were big».

His first dramatic role Yuri Nikulin played in the movie Lion Kulidzhanov "When the trees were big" - Kuzma Kuzmich Jordan fallen former mechanic who pretends to be the father of the girl Natasha. And although the actor long doubted whether to play this role, he managed to create a very touching way.

Work on the film "To me, Mukhtar!", Which played a policeman Glazychev Nikulin, once again proved the actor: "The most difficult thing - to play with children and animals, they are not natural».

Photo: Yuri Nikulin as a soldier Nekrasov

Sergei Bondarchuk several times invited Nikulin in his paintings, but to work together actor and director was only in 1976. Yuri Nekrasov ordinary played in the movie "They Fought for the Motherland».

Photo: Yuri Nikulin as Lopatin and Lyudmila Gurchenko as Nicky in the film directed by A. Herman "Twenty Days Without War».

The offer to play Alexis Herman Lopatin Simonov in "Twenty Days Without War" Nikulin also wanted to give "old self, and not the temperament." However, Germany was able to persuade him.

Photo: starred Christina Aguilera and Yury Nikulin in the film directed by Rolan Bykov "Scarecrow».

Christina Aguilera, who played with Nikulin in the film "Scarecrow", admitted: "I am very thankful for having met with Yuri Vladimirovich a very important period of formation of me as a person. I will always remember his unusually warm tone and full of kindness opinion ».

Yuri Nikulin died August 21, 1997 at the age of 75 years. All questions about happiness so great clown replied: "Truly I am happy only when people around me laugh with me!»

Famous quotes:

Never avenge the meanest people. Just become happy. And they will not survive ...

If each of us will be able to make others happy man, even one on earth everyone will be happy.

A lot of good can be done if you have a good mood.

And we, the guys will be our victory. The main thing is that they are not up in arms.

Sometimes something postponed for tomorrow and was horrified to think, and tomorrow - it's almost a few hours!

A lot of good can be done if you have a good mood.

Hear the laughter - a joy. Cause laughter - pride for me.

I'm always happy when evoked laughter in humans. Who laughs good laugh, kindness and infect others. After such a laugh becomes atmosphere: we forget many of life's troubles inconvenience.

In my life more than once played a decisive role is the case. Analyzing the past and thinking about it, I come to the conclusion that it is only for those who are looking for who wants who wait appearance of this case and does its best to fulfill your dream, desire.

Be self-taught, do not wait until you teach life.

In nature, nothing is lost but fulfilled expectations

Yuri Nikulin school

What is destiny? When one track to meet two trains moving. Trot flying at great speed at night, not knowing that an accident could occur. And yet they do not collide. How Come? And apparently no luck!

What is the trouble? In my opinion, the loss of those closest to you.

I've played a half now - extra time.

I'll be happy if me and then say, he was a good man. This does not mean that I always kind. But kindness - in the first place.

I loved to study in humans. And learn from the good things that they were inherent. But the greatest impact on me made my mom and dad.

Young Yuri Nikulin, 1930

During entrance exams VGIK in 1946, Yuri Nikulin removed from the second round, the chairman of the selection committee filmmaker Sergei Yutkevich categorically stated: - Young man, try to go to any theater institute. For movies you absolutely useless, so forget about it forever.

Yutkevich wrong ...


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