Nick Vujicic. Without arms or legs - without the hassle

It was their long-awaited first-born. My father was at birth. He saw the baby's shoulder - what is it? No hands. Boris Vujcic realized that we must immediately leave the room, the wife did not have time to see how it has changed in the face. He could not believe what I saw.

When the doctor came to him, he began to speak:

"My son! He has no hands? »

The doctor replied:

"No ... Your son has no arms or legs».

The doctors refused to show baby mother. The nurses were crying.



Vuychich Nicholas was born in Melbourne, Australia in the family of Serbian immigrants. Mother - a nurse. Father - Pastor. The whole parish lamented: "Why did the Lord let this happen?" Pregnancy is proceeding normally, with heredity all right.

At first, the mother could not bring herself to take her son in her arms, she could not breastfeed him. "I had no idea how to take away the baby, what to do, how to take care of him - says Darling Vuychich. - I did not know who to go to with my questions. Even the doctors were at a loss. Only four months later I began to rebound. My husband and I began to solve problems, not looking far ahead. One after the other ».

Nick is the likeness of the foot instead of the left leg. Thanks to this boy learned to walk, swim, ride a skateboard, play on the computer and write. Parents have to take his son to a regular school. Nick became the first disabled child in a normal Australian school.

"This means that teachers around me too much attention - says Nick. - On the other hand, even though I had two friends, I often hear from their peers: "Nick, go away!" "Nick, you do not know how!", "We do not want to be friends with you!", "You're nobody ! »



Every evening, Nick prayed to God and asked him: "God, give me your hands and feet!" He cried and hoped that when he wakes up in the morning, arms and legs appear longer. Mom and dad bought him a electronic hand. But they were too heavy, and the boy was not able to use them.

On Sundays he attended classes in a church school. There have been taught that God loves all. Nick did not understand how it can be - then why God did not give him what everyone has. Sometimes adults came up and said, 'Nick, all you will be fine! "But he did not believe them - no one could explain to him why he was, and no one could help him, even God. In eight years, Nicholas decided to drown in the bathtub. He asked his mother to take it back.

"I turned to face the water, but it was very difficult to resist. Nothing worked. During this time I presented a picture of his funeral - these are my father and mother ... And then I realized that I could not kill myself. All that I have seen from their parents - is love for me ».


A change of heart.

More Nick tried to commit suicide, but thought - why did he live.

He can not work, can not take the hand of his bride, will not be able to take the child in his arms when he cries. Somehow my mother read an article about Nick seriously ill man who inspired others to live.

Mom said, "Nick, you need God. I do not know how. I do not know when. But you can serve Him ».

In fifteen years, Nick opened the Gospel and read the parable of the blind. The disciples asked Jesus why this man is blind. Christ answered: "To it were the work of God." Nick says that at that moment he ceased to be angry with God.

"Then I realized, I - not just a man with no arms and legs. I - God's creation. God knows what is and what He does. It does not matter what people think, - says Nick now. - God answered my prayers. So he no longer wants to change my heart than the circumstances of my life. Probably, even if all of a sudden I had arms and legs, it is not reassuring to me like that. Hands and feet themselves ».

At nineteen, Nick studied financial planning at the university. Once he was invited to speak to the students. On it took seven minutes. Within three minutes the girls in the audience wept. One of them could not stop sobbing, she raised her hand and asked, "Can I get up on stage and hug you?". The girl went to Nick and began to cry on his shoulder. She said, "No one ever told me that he loves me, nobody ever told me that I'm beautiful just the way it is. My life has changed today ».

Nick came home and told his parents that he knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Father first of all asked: "And you think to finish university?" Then there were other issues:

- You're going to ride one?

- No.

- And with whom?

- I do not know.

- What are you going to say?

- I do not know.

- Who will listen to you?

- I do not know.


One hundred attempts to climb.

Ten months of the year it on the road, two months at home. He traveled more than two dozen countries, it was heard more than three million people - in schools, nursing homes, prisons. Sometimes, says Nick stadiums-mnogotysyachnikah. He performs about 250 times a year. In the week Nick gets about three hundred proposals for new shows. He became a professional speaker.

Before the speech assistant Nick makes on stage and help him get to a certain elevation, so it is visible. Nick then tells episodes from their everyday life. The fact that people still staring at him in the streets. The fact that, when the children run up and ask, "What happened to you ?!" He hoarse voice answers: "All because of cigarettes!»

And for those who are younger, says: "I'm not cleaning his room." The fact that he had to place his feet, he calls the "whole leg." Nick says that his dog likes to bite him. And then begins to beat the rhythm of the whole leg fashion.

After that, he says, "And to be honest, sometimes you can fall like this." Nick falls in the face of a table on which stood.

And he continues:

"In life it happens that you fall, and seems to have no strength to climb. Are you thinking then, do you have any hope ... I have no arms or legs! It seems I try to climb a hundred times - I did not get. But after another defeat, I have not abandoned hope. I will try again and again. I want you to know, failure - is not the end. The main thing - how you finishiruete. You are going to finish strong? Then you will find the strength to rise - that's the way ».

He leans his forehead, and then helps his shoulder and stands.

Women in the audience start crying.

And Nick begins to talk about gratitude to God.


I did not save.

- People are touched, comforted, because they see that someone is heavier than them?

- Sometimes I say, "No, no! I can not imagine myself without arms and legs! "But to compare the suffering is impossible and unnecessary. What can I say, one whose close dying of cancer or whose parents are divorced? I do not understand their pain.

One day I was approached by a woman twenty years. She was kidnapped when she was ten years old, was turned into a slave and subjected to violence. During this time, she had two children, one of whom died. Now she has AIDS. Her parents do not want to communicate with her. What she hoped? She said that if I did not believe in God, would do away with them. Now she says her faith with other AIDS patients, and they can hear it.

Last year, I met people who had a son with no arms and no legs. Doctors said: "He will plant a lifetime. Not be able to walk, learn, nothing will. " And then they found out about me and met me personally - another of the same man. And they have hope. Each is important to know that he is not alone and that he is loved.



- Why do you believe in God?

- I could not find anything else that would give me peace. Through the word of God, I found out the truth about the purpose of his life - about who I am, what I live and where go when I die. Without faith, nothing made sense.

In this life, a lot of pain, so should be the absolute truth, absolute Hope that all the above circumstances. My hope - in heaven. If connects happiness with temporary things, it will be temporary.

I can tell a lot of cases, when I was approached by young people, and said, "Today, I looked in the mirror, holding a knife in his hand. It was to be the last day of my life. You saved me ».

A woman came up to me one day and said, "Today is the second birthday of my daughter. Two years ago, she listened to you, and you saved her life. " But I myself can not save! Only God can. What I have is not achieving Nick. If it were not for God, I would not be here with you and the world would no longer there. I could not do with their own tests. And I thank God that my example inspires people.

- What you can inspire, but faith and family?

- Smile other.

Once I was told that a terminally ill man wants to see me. He was eighteen years old. He was already very weak and not able to move. The first time I walked into his room. And he smiled. It was a precious smile. I told him that I do not know how I would feel in his place, that he - my hero.

We saw a few more times. I once asked him: "What would you like to say to all the people?" He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "Now, if there was a camera. And everyone in the world can see you. What would you say? ».

He asked for time to think. Last time we talked on the phone, he was so weak that I could not hear his voice on the phone. We talked through his father. This guy said, "I know what I would have said to all the people. Try to be a milestone in the history of someone's life. Make at least something. Something like that to you to remember ».


Hug without hands.

Previously, Nick was fighting for independence in every detail. Now, because of a busy schedule became more cases trusted caregivers, which helps to dress, walk and other routine matters. Nick's childhood fears did not materialize. He recently got engaged, getting married and now believes - to keep the heart of the bride, he does not need hands. He no longer worry about how to communicate with their children. Came about by accident. To him came a strange year-old girl. She saw that Nick has no hands. Then the girl removed her hands behind her back and put her head on his shoulder.

Nick bride

Nick can not shake anyone's hand - he hugs people. And even set a world record. The guy with no arms hugged 1749 people per hour. He wrote a book about his life, picking up on the computer 43 words per minute. In between business trips he goes fishing, golfing and surfing.

"I do not always get up in the morning with a smile on his face. Sometimes, back pain, - says Nick - but because of my principles is the great power, I continue to make small steps forward, baby steps. Courage - is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act, relying not on our own strength, but on God's help.

Usually parents of disabled children are divorced. My parents are not divorced. Do you think they were scared? Yes I Am. Do you think they trusted God? Yes I Am. Think now they see the fruits of their labors? Quite right.

No matter how many people believe, if I were shown on TV and said, "This guy was praying to the Lord, and he developed arms and legs?" But when people see me for who I am, they wonder, "How can you smile?" For them it is - a visible miracle. I need my test that I realized how dependent on God. Others need my testimony that "the power of God made perfect in weakness." They look into the eyes of a man with no arms and no legs and see them peace, joy - something that everyone wants to ».


February 12, 2012 Nick Vujicic married Kanae Miahare!


February 14, 2013 they had a son - Kiyoshi James Vuychich.









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