About the meaning of life and the power of the Spirit

Nick Vujicic - a man who showed real strength of spirit. He found the strength to live, though he had no hands and feet.
The guy was born on 4 December 1982 in the Australian city of Brisbane. His mother worked as a nurse, and his father was a pastor. Surprisingly, with the genetic inheritance of all good, and the mother's pregnancy proceeded normally, without any problems. Parents are waiting for this child, because it was their first-born. Father Nick was present at birth. When he saw the baby's shoulder, I was shocked - he had no hands. In order not to frighten his wife reaction he immediately left the room. After birth, he was approached by Dr.
- "My son ... He has no hands ?!»
- "No ... your son no arms or legs»
After it became clear that the mother did not see the child was given.
The first time my mother could not take it, she did not take the child in his arms and could not breastfeed. Four months later, she began to rebound.
Over time, Nick learned to write because of the likeness of the foot on the left leg, as well as walking, playing on the computer and swim. Parents begged for a long time that their son admitted to a regular school. Nick was the first Australian school students with disabilities. Seeing his teacher issues surrounding it unnecessary attention. Nick fell asleep every night with the thought: "Lord, give me your hands and feet».
Parents tried to somehow translate his dream and bought him a electronic hand. But for him they were serious.
When Nick was 8 years old, he asked his mother to take it into the bathroom to drown. But he could not do it.
"I turned to face the water, but it was very difficult to resist. Nothing worked. During this time I presented a picture of his funeral - these are my father and mother ... And then I realized that I could not kill myself. All that I have seen from their parents - is love to me. " ©
He lifelong thought I would not be able to work, to live fully as all the people who hold the hand of his wife, rocking her child in her arms, when the baby is crying.
Once in 19 years, when Nick was at university, he was invited to speak to students. At 3 minute girl crying. One of them has not been able to settle down and raise your hand asked, "Can I come up to you and hug you?". Nick was surprised. When the girl came up to him and hugged, she said that no one in her life she did not say that it loves what she's beautiful, she's so it is. Since Nick's life changed completely, that's when he realized what he wants to do.

Today Nick Vujicic professional speaker. He performs 250 times a year! He has visited more than 20 countries. He advocates everywhere: in prisons, churches, schools, stadiums, in orphanages. He helps people to believe in themselves, to accept that everyone is given, to enjoy every single day, to believe in God.
When he was run over in the street children and ask - what happened to him, he was intimidating voice answers: "All because of cigarettes!»
You will not believe it, but he printed himself on the computer his book titled "Life Without Limits." In his spare time Nick loves to fish, play golf, surfing.
A February 12, 2012 Nick married Kanae Miahare. And most recently, February 14, 2013 his son was born !!! They Zavala his Kiyoshi James Vuychich. The family is very happy to congratulate them all over the world. "10 fingers and 10 feet fingers" - jokes happy dad.
"I thought, how do I become a husband, if I can not even hold his wife's hand? But this is a lie - to think that you are not good enough. This is a lie - to think that you do not stand. How many people believe that they are worthless! Yes, I have no hands to hold his wife's hand, but when the time comes and God will give me a wife, then I'll be able to keep her heart »


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