For the revival of traditions

People like to predict and guess. This applies to the weather almost primarily. And why not? Simple and safe topic. Promised the arrival of spring the first of March - and quickly change your mind, no one has yet zametil.Ili for example, vyaknut anything about the "short rains" because it so you know, in their classification, the rain for more than three hours will not go. Average this definition. And, importantly, it is very specific. What a difference the Middle Ages. There Oshibochka could be very costly. For example, in the good old England for synoptic Oshibochka relied death penalty. It seems that those wishing to engage in the forecasts and predictions of this approach was much less.
It is only later, in the twentieth century, when a radio station owner is exposed to rain and it suddenly dawned on excess moisture in the air, he introduced a special section "weather forecast". And since it started. Synoptics - that dogs nerezanyh. And it would be good to revive the tradition. For example, promised sun. And outside pours. Come for the count. You look, and would increase the efficiency.
Speaking of rain. Still funny phenomenon of nature. He, too, with cockroaches. For example, Cuba, it is only during siesta in Thailand - almost always night. That's where predict very convenient.
One friend shared a weather service worker once they have provided premium, if within a month forecast to be 60%, and a higher degree of accuracy. While the bonus pool is not in demand.


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