Just in case

Jokes - jokes, movies - movies, and "nychka rainy day" earthlings still available. Well, as nychka. There is a Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It is located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, equipped - God forbid any store. It is carved into the rock tunnel dug into the rock on the one hundred and twenty meters and ascended to one hundred and thirty meters above sea level. Naturally, other gadgets are present and for the storage of such level - gateways, explosion-proof doors and so on. Naturally, since the seeds are stored, then it is equipped with facilities and refrigeration units. Plus a natural refrigerator - permafrost, which even in the case of equipment failure will not raise the temperature of more than a couple of degrees in three weeks. In low temperature storage (-18C), the access of oxygen to the seeds is limited (they are placed in four-hermetic packages), so that a sufficiently high degree of safety.
A built the cellar Norwegians themselves. And it cost them just something simply to nine million dollars. I think so, if built this beauty with us, we could easily multiply by ten. for less money and would not have taken.
In general, a sort of a Noah's Ark in the event of unforeseen sorts. Asteroid suddenly there dolbanet. Or the people themselves decide anything nuclear indulge. Or warming comes flood yes men. And for the rest - please. Come, take it, to revive. In the vault, in principle, set aside a compartment for each country. But if, God forbid, still have to use the services of this bank, I think, is not up to the ceremonies.



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