Conditioned reflex

Girl Helen grew fairly normal kid. Nimble, intelligent such. Well, these quite a lot. The only thing - it is rather peculiar to treat animals. Not as representatives of the animal world, living beings. But rather how to toys. And for many children toys for research - to disassemble, cut off the tail or paw. Pets (and lived in the house and a huge Caucasian koshak) for this reason that the girl feared panic. Dog learned to sleep like a cat - tucked under her legs and tail. A cat at all appear, as befits a predator - in the dark. Or in the absence of Lena. Cruel, of course, who argues. But there are in this world and more cruel things. Therefore, parents are not particularly panic - will grow.
And then went on a family holiday in Turkey. Squeals, enthusiasm, positive sea. Parents come up with the idea, "And do not go to the zoo for us? Look at the animals, can understand what "This Statement entertaining and educational act. In the zoo, as it turned out, there was a special area where children can interact more closely with the little animals. Those are not the first year in this case, behave quietly, the children used to. Again, a number of employees on the safe side.
Helen burst vortex. Baby elephant! Horse! Worn child with burning eyes. And then freezes before the camel. Also understandable. He all of a monumental. The embodiment of peace and dignity. Pope begins to talk about various interesting ship of the desert. Helen stands gaping mouth, stroking the animal. And suddenly hangs on the tail of a camel.
Monumentality and calm as the wind blew. Camel managed it instantly. Naturally, Lena. Then made a wild leap, turned around and aiming spit literally knocked off his feet Lena. After that wild jumps dashed off in a corner of the pen and began to roar measured tuneless. And in the middle of the same pen he echoed obgazhennaya Helen.
My mother almost had a stroke. Dad almost fashioned from laughing together with a camel.
Then long tried apologizing to foist denyuzhku zoo employees. Those apologized in return, helped with washing clothes, but flatly refused to take the money. And gave goodbye teddy cub. Because verblyuzhenka Helen categorically refused to take.
But now respects the animals. True cat to go to her pen does not want to continue. Conditioned reflex.


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