Instead parachute garden umbrella (3 pics + video)

Eric Rohner - known American extreme, party of the "Nitro Circus". He played himself in the movie "Jackass 3D». Rohner has been largely a BASE jumping - parachuting from fixed objects such as skyscrapers. He also enjoys downhill skiing on unprepared slopes.


On the record shows how Rohner jumps from a hot air balloon with a large garden umbrella in hand. He manages to survive in the air for about 20 seconds, after which the dome hood comes off and flies away. Then Rohner opens the parachute and landing successfully. There were no injuries during a jump, he did not receive.

Actor Sylvester Stallone in an interview, said that as a child tried to jump off the roof with an umbrella-storey house, hoping to take off, and broke his collarbone.



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