Fatalities adrenaline junkies

Such people are called "adrenaline junkies." They just can not help but feel sudbu.No, as often happens, desperate guys pay for their hobbies life

Orvar Arnarson (Orvar Arnarson) and Andrimar Pordarson (Andrimar Pordarson)

Arnarson was Orvar Icelandic instructor skydiving, who parachute jump at least 1,000 times. Andrimar Pordarson though not as experienced as the Arnarson, yet committed eight jumps themselves. In 2013, the couple took part in the annual tour of the Icelandic skydiving, held in Florida. Having made two joint jump, they have identified the third jump on a clear morning, March 23. Witnesses saw how they jumped from the plane separately, but never descended to the ground. Concerned friends, eventually called the police. It is nine hours before their bodies were finally found in a wooded area, about 1, 5 km from the place where they had landed. The circumstances of their deaths were very puzzling. None of them has been disclosed the main parachute and reserve parachutes (designed to open automatically when the key would not work) were not fully disclosed before they fell to the ground. Everything became clear only when the police looked the video filmed by a camera mounted on the helmet Arnarson. The video Pordarson was unable to open his main parachute. Arnarson, noting trouble less experienced parachutist, heroically decided to risk his life to save the life of his partner. He flew to the middle of the flight and Pordarson frantically trying to release the parachute. The pair fell to her death and not being able to open the parachute Pordarsona.

Kyle Lee Stocking (Kyle Lee Stocking)

Skating on a rope in the canyon in which the man hanging from a rope tied to the arch of the Grand Canyon, has gained immense popularity on YouTube last year. There was a lot of videos, where brave souls have tried to improve the results of their competitors. In March 2013 a 22-year-old Kyle Lee Stocking decided to try to ride on the rope on the Arch Crown (Corona Arch) in Moab (Moab), Utah. Stocking rope fastened to his waist gear, surrounded by friends and observers. At once he jumped, it was clear that something had gone wrong. Instead of rocking back and forth under the arch, he fell right down to his death. Group brave blithely miscalculated, hoping to how much rope he needed for a successful skiing. This area is famous for being known as "The biggest rope swing in the World» (World's Biggest Rope Swing), and it is the first such incident that occurred in the area.

Crunch Matt (Matt Cranch)

"Reckless stunt show Scott May's» (Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show) toured the UK since 1991, performing dangerous stunts to raise money for local charities. In 2011, the group gave a presentation at the exhibition center in Kent (the Kent County Showground). During the presentation stunt Matt Crunch prepared for your rooms' Man Cannonball »(Human Cannonball). During rooms Crans had to get into the hydraulic power unit - a huge, similar to a pipe, a device installed in the back of a truck.

After he signaled his readiness, Crans had to run the air. Being in the air, he had to turn around and land at the exact posed a safety net. However, this time the pillars with a net fell Crunch and flew straight to the ground. He fell, broke his neck and head injuries received the strongest. He later died in hospital. "Reckless stunt show Scott May's" continues to tour the UK.

Audrey Mestre (Audrey Mestre)

Freediving, or more simply, diving without oxygen bottles and diving, does not come to mind when it comes to the brave individuals, but it is incredibly dangerous sport that can lead to the same disastrous consequences as parachuting. In 2006, a French diver Audrey Mestre has decided to break the world record (set by her husband), diving to a depth of 171 meters. During the dive, she used a special 90-kg weight, attached to a steel cable, which was supposed to help her reach the desired depth.

Miraculously, Mestre was able to reach the desired depth, but lost consciousness on the way to the surface, at a depth of 90 meters. Members of her team tried to get her out of the water, but faced with the problems associated with the used equipment. The cables seem to have been damaged during the workout, and lift-bag, which was to raise it to the surface or was poorly filled or deflate. In general, immersion Mestre took 9 minutes, during which she had no oxygen. For this reason, revive it failed and she died. The documentary titled "Unlimited" part says Mestre attempts to break the record.

Richard Guzman (Richard Guzman)

In the early 1970s, a tightrope walker Richard Guzman performed with world-famous troupe "Fugitive Wallenda» (Flying Wallendas). However, on the night of his death, he had not even played the main trick. Performances take place outdoors at the stadium "Wheeling Island» (Wheeling Island Stadium) in West Virginia before 6000 spectators. Star of the evening Karl Wallenda almost finished its usual representation, carrying heavy travel on a tightrope. When he came to the end of the war, Guzman (who was the son-in Wallenda) he climbed the tower and reached out to pick up his balansshtok Karl. Twelve years ago he fell Guzman with tightrope and spent nine months in the hospital, so he knew how important it is safe to cross with the rope to the tower. Plumbed for balansshtokom, Guzman accidentally leaned on a piece of cable is energized. Electric shock threw him to the ground where he fell to the police, tried to soften his fall. Despite the fact that the audience was a nurse who gave him first aid, he soon died of his injuries.

Todd Greene (Todd Green)

Walking on the wing - a stunt in which people try to climb onto the wing of a biplane. The Braves are usually tied to the aircraft of any insurance which, although not eliminate the risk of this activity, but it does the trick a little bit safer. Others prefer not to use insurances. Todd Greene was one of those people, which added to the trick and even a helicopter. In 2011 air show Selfridge in Michigan Green tried to get out of the passenger seat biplane and cling to the bottom of the helicopter that would safely lowered to the ground. During his speech, Todd reached out to the helicopter, but failed to catch on, and then dropped from the wing of the aircraft. The audience at first thought it was part of the speech, not realizing that Green had his death.

Saylendra Nath Roy (Sailendra Nath Roy)

Daredevil India Saylendra Nath Roy was known for its incredibly strong hair, with which he pulled buses, trucks and even a small train. In 2013, Roy announced that he will try to cross the river, being suspended for his tail on the cable car. The trick, which was watched hundreds of onlookers had to beat his world record set in 2011, when he likewise crossed the 180 meters. After Roy "passed" about 90 meters, it stuck and began to call for help. Despite the obvious danger of a stunt, until the arrival of rescue services took 45 minutes. When they arrived at Roy, he was not moving. He was taken to hospital where it was discovered that Roy was killed by the strongest of heart attack, which occurred at a time when he was suspended on a cable. He promised his worried wife that this would be his last trick.

Paul Cashin

Paul Cashin was Russian frirannerom, famous for his deadly deeds and excellent agility. In 2013, he performed a trick in which he had to make a back flip on the edge of a 16-storey building in St. Petersburg. It was the last moment was captured on camera by his friend, who was on the roof with him. Friend Paul managed to capture the midst of the jump. Kashin tragically went over the edge of the roof and died. Photo of his last reverse somersault has been posted on the Internet his family, which hopes that it will make others do not try to make dangerous stunts in the future. Videos of amazing abilities and tricks Kashin can be found all over the Internet.

Jane Wicker (Jane Wicker)

Jane Wicker was a true lover of walking on the wings of planes. She had a passion for his vocation, even planned to marry her fiance on the wing of an airplane. Unfortunately, her plans went awry. June 22, 2013 during an airshow Vektrenskogo (Vectren Air Show), held in Ohio, Wicker soared into the sky in front of a crowd of spectators with his pilot Charlie Schwenker (Charlie Schwenker). It was her last performance. Trick Wicker included zalezanie wing aircraft and walked on without a tether or a parachute. However, in the middle of flight the plane began to move erratically and almost immediately went to the ground corkscrew. Obviously, Schwenker has sent a plane away from the crowd. The aircraft crashed into the ground at high speed and exploded. Wicker Schwenker and died on the spot.

Sean Cunningham (Sean Cunningham)

"Red Arrows» (Red Arrows) - This aerobatic team of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain (British Royal Air Force). The group of highly skilled pilots who perform daring aerial maneuvers in their distinctive scarlet aircraft. The group entertains audiences at air shows and special events around the world. From 1988 to 2011, the group was not a single accident fatalities: a remarkable achievement. However, in 2011, two pilots were killed with a difference of a few months of each other. The first was egging Lieutenant John (John Egging), who apparently lost consciousness due to overload and spinning in the air, fell to the ground, fell to his death. The second pilot was Sean Cunningham, whose death occurred under mysterious circumstances much more. Cunningham was not yet in the air when the accident occurred. He was preparing to fly his plane models «Hawk T1» being on the runway, on the basis of the Royal Air Force in Skemptone (RAF Scampton), Lancashire (Lancashire). At this point, suddenly activated his ejection seat, throwing him 60 meters into the air. As cruel fate would have it, Cunningham parachute failed to open and he fell to his death. The investigation of why intensified ejection seat, and why did not load parachute did not reveal any manufacturing defects.


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