Chemistry of patriotism

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About bunks * Otik as chemicals, all more or less we heard and have some idea. Here, for example, how the heroin? When administered intravenously, it quickly penetrates into the brain through the blood-brain barrier into the brain and then converted to 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) and morphine. Heroin metabolites bind to opioid receptors. They can cause changes in the excitability of neurons by stimulating presynaptic release of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system of humans and mammals. What is important for my story, it is a nutrient. That is, the "fingers": we accept the "substance", it changes the nature of the work of a certain group of neurons, which is why the body is released by the new substance, controlling the state of the organism has.

So much more interesting man's dependence on its own hormones. As we know from school biology lessons in addition to the nervous system is yet endokrennaya - the system of regulation of the internal organs through hormones secreted by endocrine cells directly into the blood, or diffusing through the intercellular space in the neighboring cells. Hormones control pile body functions, such as ghrelin - appetite, insulin - reduces the level of carbohydrates in blood adrenaline - increases the excitability of mobilization of organism, melatonin - sleep phase controls and so on. Changing the amount of certain hormones in the body can cause not only swallowing the pills, it is important that this can be done simply by moving the body in a good psychological condition.

So psychologists have found that in nature there are quite a real adrenaline junkies. These fall into all sorts of fans of extreme entertainment and sports climbers zatsepery, Rufer, snowboarding, etc. They enter the body with the state in which it releases adrenaline and enjoy the side effects associated with the excitation of the central nervous system, increasing the functional capacity of muscles, improving resistance to stress. But, like any other drug addicts are paying other side effects: the need to constantly increase the dose, an increased load on the heart, etc. That is, some people are like that relieve stress and essentially sit down on drug addiction.

As I have already written above, and many different hormones. Therefore, various psychological conditions lead to the release of various hormones, and these hormones can serve different the narcotic substance, which will determine the behavior of people. For example for a sense of excitement meets hormone norepinephrine. That is, the gamblers in the casino, and the people of the house taschuschie last penny slot machine, in fact, patients addicted to this hormone. When we say that the "totalitarian sect powdered brains", in principle, possible to understand which specific feelings they played, and which effects in terms of endokrennoy it caused.

So, for a sense of pride meets serotonin. This is a very important hormone. Its decrease leads to a state of clinical depression. But a chronic increase in its levels can even lead to hallucinations and schizophrenia. There is even a term serotonin syndrome, describing the body's response to a sharp increase in the level of serotonin. There is a strong emotional arousal, accompanied by anxiety, he becomes fidgety and talkative. At the same time the patient is disturbed opportunity to discuss, establish complex causal relationships between phenomena. There is a state of euphoria, happiness and delight. There are manic tendencies associated with increased self-protective tendencies reassessment of the individual up to the delusions of grandeur. The researchers also found that a sense of shame reduces serotonin levels.

At the same time, scientific papers, shows the relationship of lack of serotonin and tendency to aggression and religious bigotry in different countries. Mandell in 1980 notes a correlation between the "mystical feelings" and a lack of serotonin. Rapoport in 1989 notes that one of the obsessive-compulsive disorder - obsessive-compulsive neurosis, has similarities with religious fanaticism, is associated with disruption of serotonin, etc.

In general, as a sharp increase in soderazhniya some hormones and their reduction leads to a very sad consequences that person completely unaware. Similarly, the great danger is a chronic shortage / surplus of hormones. Hormonal changes in human well-managed his psychological state, and the change in hormone levels occur mental reactions and psychological dependence. Through this recursive algorithms can build information campaigns that will get people into a state like drugged-out from which the people themselves do not understand how and why they acted.

For example, a man suddenly felt great pride for something on the background of a long protracted depression, will look for new reasons to be proud, even very far-fetched, just in order to "increase the dose." All that will call into question his pride, will be filtered at the stage of obtaining information which will contribute to the growth of the side effects of serotonin levels. Human activity is spurring new information received, and it is less critical to choose a reason for pride. If he will come out of the very pertinent information, it will eventually evolve into a full manic tendencies to self-aggrandizement.

According to psychologists, in the case of psychological dependence, just as drug abuse, it is crucial that people understand the essence of the problem and was prepared to fight it.
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