Wristwatches: design and innovation

Accessory who prefers to wear a person can learn a lot. Wrist watches have become not just a device allowing to determine the time. It's all much more serious.

In this article we suggest you consider the detail of imagination and original solutions to watch designers. Agree, sometimes, they create real masterpieces. So, what is important for hours? Style, energonomichnost functionality? Everyone chooses personal criteria. To choose a really decent, we offer a glimpse into the online store tictactoy.ru. Maybe there you will find that so long sought.

Of concrete and steel

Industrial designer Dmitry Samal (Dzmitry Samal) lives and works in Paris. The concept is the status of his first hours in the world of watches made of concrete and steel. Quartz from Switzerland closed from external influences concrete hull and sapphire crystal. Three pairs chronograph hands are driven and regulated by the buttons in the upper body.

We - the tree

Wooden case for wrist watches - unconventional and very gently. Italians of «WeWood» offer many options wristwatches with wooden body. Easy to wear, no harmful elements and the possibility of a complete overhaul. This is just one example. Materials for the watch case, there are many. More examples can be found in the online store tictactoy.ru.

Animal world

Very often, designers use the theme of nature. The same Cartier will not fail once again to release themed wristwatch with unusual dial. Especially when there is a reason specific reference image to a particular event. In general, the dials can be quite diverse

The more complex - the more expensive

Approval is not required, but is often exactly what happens. Imagine a watch that on the dial not only displays more than ten points and perform a few dozen features, but also mechanical! Hundreds details the use of precious metals and unique materials - all this adds significantly to the cost of the product.

The world of watches is vast and varied. To understand all the palette and choose that will emphasize your individuality, we recommend using the services of online stores. For example, tictactoy.ru, where you can always find the latest trends and classic watches. Make your choice and wear it with pleasure.


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