Adrenaline junkies

BASE jumping - it's an extreme sport where adrenaline envelops your entire body, and the soul goes to the heel.

These antennas are located on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg:

Their height is 115 meters:

Denis shows a quick way to get down:

While the boys were placed parachutes, I photograph the neighborhood from above.

At the bottom of antennas swarming sadists:

And it is an expensive vacation properties:

Moving to the city center, at an abandoned construction site business center "Demidov". Preparing for flight:

White Castle.

All jumped, I was on the roof of one. Waiting for the sunset. A few photos of Yekaterinburg. Neighborhood "Zarechnyi»:

New Yekaterinburg:

Abandoned building center "Prism».

Flour mill.

Abandoned Tower (220m).


After sunset, the city becomes more colorful:

Local fireworks.

Business center "President" and Makarov Bridge:

The next morning, Dennis jumped towards the planet with an abandoned construction site of BC "Prism»:

I had a little time to see the city.

View of the center:

The device for turning the locomotive:

At the bottom we are waiting for the crowd of guards:

Fortunately leaving one object to another teleeed. Ratmir jumped from the tower down:


And it flies Denis:



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