Most feared assassin in the world

Came across a message about the supposed new record for Shark Hunter. In an accompanying commentary, as usual - "brave", "long exhausting struggle", and of any other opisalovo injection atmosphere. And, of course, the size and weight (a record yet, as here without specifics). Length - three meters and sixty-five centimeters. Weight - six hundred pounds. Shark mako shark is the fastest of the world.
Photo with the trophy and interviews with George, all as expected. In an interview, again, on duty "killing machine", "shestisotkilogrammovy nightmare." Yup. Who nightmare for anyone - even the question. Anyway, I do not remember that the same shark hunting purely for fun. Excitement was overcome, you know. Adrenaline leaped. and suffered a difficult stretch their legs a bit.
In homo sapiens because as usual. To hunt for an animal (or human) has been approved by the community, you need to hang on the subject of hunting as possible unsightly shortcut. "Insidious killer." "Cruel predator." List extensive. And then you have to look like a liberator and savior, when you go and stupidly valish his victim. Though the beast or fish. Though man. Even the whole country.
And in the network, I can tell you have more than enough disk imaging, refuting all shark myths. Yes, even if only foty with divers in direct contact with the "U-killers." If you do not immediately try to bang or anger the animal with him, in most cases, you can still make contact. Unlike human.

In the photo above - the most terrible predator in the world. Next - his female white shark and
And it is - a record mako.


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