Where to fly in Moscow: a guide for those who want to conquer the sky

In Moscow, a lot of entertainment: concerts, restaurants, movies, shopping. But all of this Muscovite was not surprised: he wanted something more unusual, a bird to fly, for example.

To soar into the Moscow sky to see a rubber still the capital or not, you can in several ways: by helicopter, glider, balloon, gyroplane, and even the pipe. While you go for a extreme impression, we will tell you where in Moscow you can fly and how much it costs.

Where to fly in a wind tunnel: free fall
One of the places to go in Moscow, is a wind tunnel. Xtreme this game will not name – there's no risk (you can fly even kids from 4 years). The flight of the pipe is the simulation of a breathtaking feeling of free flight that you feel jumping with a parachute. The flow is pretty difficult to resist, because you will first be asked to participate in a short briefing.
The minimum" duration of flight – 2 minutes. And believe me, it isn't enough. The impression is so strong that even some couple of minutes will be enough to charge you for the whole month.
Flight in a wind tunnel is not just fun, but a real sport. Guys who are seriously into it, can fly sitting, standing, on his head, upside down, in spirals and in many other ways. Aerotruba in Moscow is not uncommon. To experience a free fall at:
"Free flight".
By the way, the latter is the largest wind tunnel in Eastern Europe.
How much is the flight in the tube: starting price for 2 minutes of fun is immeasurable 1 400 rubles per person.

How to fly a helicopter: get up to 60

Places where the wind'll take you on a helikopter, abound in the capital. So where is the helicopter in Moscow?
"Club Balloonists".
"Heaven in a gift".
These are companies that will do everything to make your flight safe and comfortable. Some firms not only give people a lot of impressions, but also conduct flight training in a helicopter.
How much it costs to fly a helicopter: the pleasure, just be warned, not cheap, minimal price tag – 9 000 rubles. But what is more important: a piece of paper in my wallet, which in the end you will spend on the Moscow fashion things like smoothies, falafel, cupcakes, and other pieces, or an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime? I think the choice is obvious.

Conquer the sky in a helicopter

As hot air balloon rides: fun ancestors
Even back in 1783, a sheep, a rooster and a goose running in the balloon flight by the Montgolfier brothers, experienced great delight, I guess. With balloons is associated with many stories with unprecedented incident, which is reflected in the literature.
In the basket you will not feel the wind the speed of the aircraft is small. Of course, to go behind the clouds a little scary, but because each of us dreamed as a child about how to be in the cloud.
Where to hot air balloon rides: abound in the capital of companies that organize you a flight on the highest level (and will hold a briefing and delicacies of different treat). The most popular is:
"Club Balloonists".
The Magic Flight.
Latest club offering flight training in a balloon (cost from 25 000 rubles).
How much flight on the ball: the price starts from 12 000 rubles for a group of flights. The individual you will be much more expensive. But if you decided to propose to his girlfriend in the air, do not spare money – the effect is stunning. As they say pilots, yet not one has said no.

Paragliding: a couple of new experiences in your life

Pipes, balloons, helicopters – already tried everything? Experience new sensations on a non-piloted aircraft – a paraglider. It is very slow (flight speed – 20-70 kilometres per hour), so to manage it for everyone. A paraglider can fly for hours, looking at the prostrate under the feet of the world. For seat enclosing the parachute, so the flight becomes a comfortable and relaxing one hundred percent.
In short, if a glider is simple to operate, which prevents the daring lovers feats to master flight? It would wish, and places where you can soar like a bird in Moscow abound.
Where to paraglide:
Club "Vector".
Club "Distan".
Club "Horizon".
How much does paragliding: the price of the flight starts on average from 500 rubles per hour, and courses (40-50 flights) will cost you
10 000-15 000.
Already flew? Like it? Want your own paraglider? To make a dream a reality is quite real. In the 25 000-30 000 rubles you can soar over Moscow at least every day.

Where to go for a ride on a hang glider: you're like a dream, you're like a dream

Hang gliding should only in good weather. In the suburbs, unfortunately, there are no mountains, and therefore to fly on a classic glider without a motor will not work. Flight season starts in may and ends in November – you have plenty of time to decide on a feat.
Of course, in the winter, too, there are nice, pleasant to fly days. And if suddenly out of season will visit Moscow sun and clear sky, and in the winter there, where to fly. Just call one of the companies listed below, and tell of his zeal. You will understand and will try to do everything possible so that the flight took place.
Be sure to take flight on a hang glider: that's a great photo, the mood on top, and you are there.
Learning to fly a hang glider can go practically in every club:
"Heaven in a gift".
How much is a memorable flight on a hang glider? The price does not bite (especially for Moscow) – the minimum cost is 2 000 rubles per person.

Master gyro: this is not fun and games

The gyro is a small helicopter that looks more like some kind of pod from another galaxy. It flies fast, if something breaks, then you can safely to land, and not to remember my whole life in 2 seconds. Moreover, many Muscovites specially trained flying a gyroplane and acquire them to travel. To fly such a pleasure. Want – still hangs in the sky for a few seconds, I want to – fly at max speed and lightly touching the surface of the water, you can even tricks in the air to perform.
If you have a fear of height, but I want to make a flight in the gyroplane is a video to help you. View a couple and realize that it's not a bit scary.
How much is a flight by a gyroplane, ten minutes flight – 2 000 rubles. You can contact the club "Auto Gyro" or "Wingspan". published


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