My first skydive

Author: Recently I first parachute jump. Wanted to do it two weeks ago, and jump at the airport pervorazniki only on Saturdays and Sundays. The airfield is located in the village of Novonezhino, 140 km from Vladivostok after the settlement Smolyaninovo, I lived in the last couple of years. On Saturday, after eight o'clock in the evening called the flying club "Seventh Heaven" to find out tomorrow whether to jump, the weather Flight and so on.

On the phone, all the instructor told me at the end of the conversation was as follows:
 - Come, you may be lucky ...
 - I mean lucky?
 - Living stay :)

Normally at all jokes aside, but after this ride was scary. Especially from a friend's grandmother lives there and told me about the accident with a girl in 2008. Looked at a couple of videos on YouTube with these jumps and still decided to go. There are things that just need to do, if you really want something. Otherwise, then awareness of the fact that you are something you can not, but you want to be you just mentally push.

I woke up at 5 am on the day of the jump, oddly enough sleep, called Druganov who expressed a desire to go for the company. At the beginning of the seventh pick him up, he drove me audiotapes Scorpions and animals. And we chuhnuli in Novonezhino.

On the way, the idea was to send the idea to hell, but had his own reasons to do so. On the way stop at a checkpoint gaytsy, speeding before Lent, the other head was busy. But, oddly enough, just checked the documents and everything.

We arrived at the airport, wait a bit and classes began at 9:20. Instructor raskazyval about overall device parachutes and more detail about the D-1-5u, with whom we had to jump. The class was fun, unstressed such an atmosphere.


Armed with theoretical knowledge, we went to the aircraft An-2, from which we had to "perform the feat," as the instructor. Everyone worked jump, some jumped in tandem jump and not practiced, there is no need. Then we went to rehearse landing. This is a very important part, because you can very easily get broken if zakosyachit this final stage. With a weight of 50-60 kg in the legs should not hit hard, but it is 70-90 kg significantly.

At this briefing is over, then just signed the papers on safety, we are divided into groups, who in some jumps. I found myself in the second group, the first jump those who have not jumped on Saturday.

On the ground began to observe how another group jumping, teasing each type "you have already made a will?" Or "What if someone does not unfold, you'll jump?", Stuff like that. And this is the first group returned, and one guy said that if the type who changed his mind jump, give it a parachute - it again siganёt. Then put us on a parachute, it weighs 15 kg, then stand in it is not very comfortable. And when even the spare tire 10 kg hanged, just tin.

Theoretical lessons

I note that everything connected with a parachute, very organized and responsible passes. Puts you parachute one person, and then you get up in the system, check all of the second and then third again. A little hit a nerve when I wore a parachute and there was unwound the rope, and the guy Parachute Dress said something like "well, who puts so ...".

Hence we have built, I had to jump a second, wished good luck, and we went on a plane, to tempt fate. Boarded, the plane takes off, you see the window all this - as everything becomes so small - and you realize that you need to jump. As long as we gained altitude, oddly enough, I remembered a lot of people, especially bright one person.
It was interesting to watch the rest of the paratroopers, such concentration, even in those 20 minutes ago bark drenched. During takeoff from someone else cell phone rang, the song Holly-Dolly, was fun :).

In short, the plane gains altitude, then the instructor group opens the door, adjust something with the pilot, and then closes. Then again opens and that the command "READY" and all rise. Honestly, can parachute was heavy, but when I got up, then had a couple of times to step down, so as not to fall for the first time this sostoyatnie experienced something resembling a faint. And before you disappeared the first parachutist, and the next it's your turn. The left leg at the ready, hands on his left shoulder, you look down and you see it ... the sky, the earth is so small, the edges are not seen ... a dense cotton on the shoulder and you jump. From the air stream close your eyes, and that you would like to toss it opened parachute. And so quiet, the sky ... Then you remember that you need to pull out the hose to spare himself did not open automatically.

While flying, look at the ground, trying to control the uncontrollable parachute. I frankly zakosyachil landing, upside down back, but managed to successfully grouped, as taught. Then he rolled over on his stomach, pulled the dome of the sling, I was approached to meet, we have collected the parachute and put it in the truck. Sami went on foot, the guy told me that he already had over 70 jumps, it is wrong to put the parachute is very difficult, it is necessary for this great desire, and fit it for 10-15 minutes. Then we went through dedication, we were given a certificate and applause from house to house.

After the jump at first did not understand what had happened, the emotions start to come later. I want to experience it again.

Our plane


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