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Experiment Kitty Hawk, August 4-11, 1901


7th August 1974 - go on a tightrope Philippe Petit between the towers - Twins


In 1913, Emily Davison (Suffragette), a militant activist of women's suffrage in the United Kingdom, threw herself under the horse during the Epsom Derby. The horse belonged to King George V.




Nazi athlete on the podium.


Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Everest. 1953. One of the two people (along with Edmund Hillary), first pobyvashih the summit of Everest (Chomolungma). He ascended Mount Everest May 29, 1953, together with Edmund Hillary in the framework of the British expedition led by John Hunt. The ascent was timed to the coronation of Elizabeth II.


Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard in Trieste at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The only person dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench has been made January 23, 1960 The US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard researcher at the bathyscaphe Trieste. Instruments recorded a record depth - 11,521 meter (adjusted figure - 10,918 m). At the bottom of the researchers unexpectedly met flat fish up to 30 cm, similar to flounder


The project was conceived for the study of skydiving from a great height, it was supposed to make all three jumps, which were performed with stratospheric balloons. While Captain Kittinger was assigned to the Aeromedical Laboratory Air Force Base Wright-Patterson. The project is named after the Excelsior diamond found in present-day South Africa. The first jump was committed with a height of 23 to 300 meters 16 November 1959. Because of the problems stabilizing parachute did not open, and Kittinger fell into a tailspin. His body was rotated at 120 rpm, overload is 22g, and Joseph lost consciousness. Parachute opened with an instrument automatic chute opening. December 11 he jumped again, this time with a height of 22,760 meters, for which he was awarded the "Medal of Parachute Leo Stevens." August 16, 1960 was the last jump in the framework of the "Excelsior" from a height of 31,300 meters. Expanding the drogue parachute for stabilization Joseph Kittinger falling 4 minutes and 36 seconds, reaching a speed of 988 km / h (or 274 m / s) prior to the opening of the main parachute at an altitude of 5500 meters. Tightness right glove was broken, and his hand has increased in size by half. This jump has received several records: the highest jump from stratosphere, the highest parachute jump, longest fall with brake parachute and the highest rate achieved in the fall. All these records are registered US Air Force, the FAI does not recognize them.


May 1, 1994. Death Irona Senna at the Grand Prix of San Marino. At the 7th round, the second after the departure of the safety car and restart the race, Senna's car fell off the track in turn "Tamburello" at high speed and crashed into a concrete wall. According to the testimony of telemetry, at the time of failure of the speed of the machine was about 310 kilometers per hour, then Senna managed to brake and slow the car, but still the impact velocity of the wall was about 218 kilometers per hour. When it became clear that Senna remains fixed in the car, the race was stopped, to the scene of the accident, doctors arrived. When Senna was pulled from the wreckage of the car, he almost no signs of life, he did traheoctomiyu helicopter and taken to the hospital by connecting to a respirator. After the survey conducted, it became clear that the brain is dead and Senna chance on his way out of the coma left. Therefore, the doctors decided to stop artificially sustain the life of his body. As it turned out, the collision of the right front wheel came off with a piece of suspension and Senna hit on the head with the metal suspension piece struck his helmet and struck injuries incompatible with life.






On September 20, 2006, Richard Hammond was seriously damaged in a car accident on the set for the transmission of Top Gear at the former RAF airfield near York. He piloted the car on the Vampire jet-powered, which is theoretically capable of moving at a speed of 500, 5 km / h (311 miles / h). According to some sources, he was not trying to break the British land speed record, however, these statements made by the owner of the 'Event Fire Services' which was hired to provide security protivorechivy.On very moved at a speed of 464 km / h (288 miles / h) during the accident. He was examined by a specialist neurological department at Leeds General Hospital. Doctors have characterized his condition as "serious but stable". Specialists in Leeds General Hospital said that he had received "a serious brain injury." BBC notes that he was elevated air from the accident site and at this point lost soznanie.Politsiya North Yorkshire reported that they "got the message from the Fire Department, a man trapped in an upside-down race car, which went on the airfield" After some time, Sky News and BBC News reported that he led Vampire car with the engine Rolls-Royce; the car is very similar to the one which belongs to the British land speed record of 300, 3 miles / h (488, 11 km / h).



Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died during a training session at the Olympic track in Whistler, crashing into a concrete column after he lost control at a speed of 145 km / h.


May 15, 2006, after forty days of climbing, Inglis became the first disabled without both legs to climb Everest. Akklimatiziruyas at an altitude of 6,400 meters (21,000 feet), Inglis fell and broke one of the prostheses. Leg was constricted duct tape until the base camp was not brought a spare part for the prosthesis.


January 18, 1912. Last Photo Scott expedition. From left to right: Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Edgar Evans, Robert Scott, Lawrence Oates. For his expedition Scott regardless of pioneer poles Rualda Amundsen, but almost simultaneously with him went to the goal. His expedition hit the road for a month after Amundsen, also composed of five people. From the beginning of the expedition Scott had to endure a lot of difficulties, partly due to errors leader, partly because of the coincidence. Snowmobiles are out of order, and the Manchurian ponies that Scott chose the dogs had to shoot: they could not withstand the cold and congestion. Heavy sled through crevasses in the ice glaciers people dragged on themselves. The British achieved the goal a month later his rivals, January 17, 1912, and found the Norwegian flag on a pole and notes Amundsen. Scott writes in his diary: "The Norwegians ahead of us - Amundsen was the first at the Pole! Monstrous disappointment! All-purpose flour, all the hardships - for what? I was horrified to think of a way back ... "Return really turned into a disaster. The first non-commissioned officer was killed Edgar Evans, a fall from the ice hill with a concussion; February 17, 1912, he died after spending hours unconscious. The second was Captain Oates, froze both feet. He asked not to be late for him, but his companions could not leave. Then the morning of March 16, Oates said quietly: "Go take a walk" and crawled out of the tent; his body was never found. Three travelers left. Last Camp Scott is 11 miles (20 kilometers) from the camp "One ton" with a stock of food, but to leave the tent and move on to stop them the strongest storm; polar forces were on the wane. Last Blog Entry Robert Scott made March 29, 1912: "We know that we are going to take risks. Circumstances are against us, and therefore we have no reason to complain. Death is near. For God's sake, take care of (not leave) our loved ones! .. "The bodies of Scott, Wilson and Bowers and diaries were found only on November 12. Judging by the fact that Scott was in nezastёgnutom sleeping bag and took it diaries of both comrades, he was dead last. Discover their search party has erected over the place last stop travelers who have become their tomb, a pyramid of snow (cairn) and cross made of skis.



Armed with children playing soccer human skull.



January 25, 1995 Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona scored in the away match against "Crystal Palace". During the match, defender Richard Shaw hosts grabbed Eric's shirt, on that hot-tempered Frenchman answered, striking his foot offender. The judge immediately showed the Frenchman a red card. Leaving the field, Canton succumb to provocation fan "Crystal Palace" Matthew Simmons, leaping into the stands and hit the last leg in the style of "Kung Fu", which was followed by a series of punches. Later, Simmons was charged with threatening statements and behavior, and after the verdict "guilty" bully attacked the public prosecutor directly in the meeting room, jumped the bench and causing a servant of the law the same impact in the jump, which previously struck him in Canton. Simmons was sentenced to seven days in jail, but in fact he spent behind bars only 24 hours, after which he was released. At a press conference held later, Cantona said one of his most famous phrases. Responding to the statement that journalists will constantly monitor his behavior, Cantona said: "If a seagull flying over the trailer, so it is only because they are waiting for the sardines thrown into the sea." After this phrase Eric stood up and left the room leaving reporters gathered at a loss. He was sentenced to 120 hours of community service for assaulting a fan, disqualified from all games until October next year and fined $ 10 thousand pounds.


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