Survived after a failed parachute jump (10 photos)

According to most sources, the deaths end (on average) about 30 of the 100 thousand jumps.
C more likely to be killed in a car accident than during the jump.
I want to tell you about the survivors after the accident while skydiving.

Daniel Farr

Imagine this situation and decide whether to make it cost your first jump joint (where you his parachute attached to another person, usually an experienced skydiver) with an instructor who may die in the air. Daniel Farr - US soldiers specializing in military intelligence. His girlfriend gave him as a Christmas present a ticket for a parachute jump. Farrah partner in the tandem was a man named George "Chip" Steele, an experienced skydiver, which account for more than 8,000 jumps. He jumped out of the plane, while in free fall, and then opened his parachute, as expected.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until gone to the dogs. Farr noted that the chip does not respond to any of his questions, any action (in fact, the absence of any action), on approaching the ground. Despite the fact that the armed forces did not give the young Farrah no training in the management of a parachute, they taught him to remain calm in extreme conditions. Farr, in this situation, took control of the management of a parachute - just as he had seen on TV, of course - and he managed quite well to maneuver to avoid the approaching trees, and eventually he landed safely near the designated landing zone. After that Farr did unsuccessfully Chip artificial respiration. Later, the coroner said that Chip had a heart attack.

However, one painful experience was not enough to discourage jumping from Mr. Farr. He expressed his desire to jump again, despite the protests of parents.

Dave Hadzhmen (and a guy named Frank)


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