The umbrella that dries itself

And fortunately or unfortunately, absolutely all the everyday things we can do from the comfort of home. In order to make purchases, you need to go to the store, to relax with friends whether it's Hiking club, or kebabs) also need to get out, most people also outside the home.
Well, when you need to go for a purpose out of the house and on the street the sun is shining, or spinning fluffy snow even if the weather is cloudy is good, too. But not all days are like that, sometimes pouring rain. Here not do without an umbrella!

The criteria by which you select the umbrella not so much, but they are still there. Not all the rains alone, in many cases, they are accompanied by strong winds, and therefore, the umbrella must be strong that would not break. The second criterion is the convenience of the umbrella in the transfer, as in the open state (here we pay attention to the handle) and closed (here has the value of shape and size in a closed form).

With all the advantages of the umbrella (thank you to him for what does not get wet), there is also a big disadvantage. Suppose in the rain you went to the store, turned the umbrella, and the water poured directly on the feet. Or came home in the rain, opened the umbrella to have it dried and all the water was on the floor.

In General, one problem with this water from the umbrella! Previously in this case, you could say: "Well, go and mokni, just not happy with!", but now no one would say, because the designers Kiho Jung and Jang Mingyeon found a way out of this problem.

The solution to this problem is the umbrella that dries itself. This is due to the selection pressure of air from the umbrella when the concept of a button. It is also not possible not to remember that this umbrella is very easy to transfer, as in the closed state is a stick.
The actions that you need to make La the fact that the umbrella is opened, recall the principle of operation of the pump. Only need three times to "swing" and the umbrella will open. In order to close the umbrella, you need to raise the button to the handle, thus the drying of the umbrella and close it.


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