The strongest signs of the zodiac - Myth or Reality? It turns out, the stars know a little more ...

First of all you need to say, that it is the power of moral and spiritual, not physical. Moreover, it should be understood that each individual - individuality, so cut one size fits all - wrong. However, many astrologers agree that when a person was born, a very strong influence on his destiny and the perception of the world. Team entertainment magazine wants to show what the strengths and weaknesses in character can be traced from a particular zodiac sign. By the way, even the most inveterate skeptics agree that there is a grain of truth. Like it or not - judge for yourself.

The element of Fire

The fire element is considered to be the strongest Sagittarius. As a rule, the representatives of this sign will never hang up his nose for nothing and try to remain human in any situation. Sagittarians know how to control their emotions, deal with the negative influence of others, not to give in to provocations and defend their opinions. "What is the force, brother?" - You ask them. "The optimism and perseverance vital position," - confidently answer you Sagittarius.

King of beasts of fortitude takes the second place in the element of Fire. What is paradoxical at first glance, these people give the impression of a strong, brave, strong-willed people. But when you get acquainted with them more closely, you realize that they are very dependent on external circumstances and the views of others. Like it or not, the Lions need support, praise, recognition - that is their essence. Without it, they quickly become discouraged.

Despite the fact that Aries people are very active, active and stubborn (sheep, after all), they are considered to be the weakest in his element. They are worse than Archers and Lions can control their emotions, are often victims of what is going on in their hearts. It happens that Aries, yielding to impulses coming unwise, because of what often find themselves in a difficult situation.

element of air

The air element gold medal for the fortitude gets Aquarius. For many, this can be a real discovery, because Aquarius is characteristic dreaminess and the pursuit of high ideals, a strong request to themselves and others. However, as the leading astrologers, the zodiac sign can survive a thousand and one difficulties, but never lowered hands. They are not afraid to say goodbye to the old, so any changes to them are easy, which makes them morally strong personalities.

In the struggle for the moral fortitude and steadfastness Libra occupy an intermediate position in the element of air. They are quite strong, but they have one bad habit, which often prevents them to achieve heights in life: Libra like to postpone everything until the last minute, wasting energy and often do not lead to the end started. Scales quickly burn out, lose their enthusiasm and postpone indefinitely the achievement of the cherished goals.


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