What is femininity ... the eyes of men

Psychologist Mark Ifraimov about the big difference that women and men mean by Feminine

What is meant by the woman femininity and men - a big difference. Where big difference - there is a parody of the original and eternal misunderstanding.

And so about the holy of holies - Femininity - I speak with a reservation for our male point of view.

In this story, I will call you on you - that was the natural communication and trust, like old friends, ready to listen to a different version of the familiar tunes.

You used to think Feminine tenderness, gentleness, sensitivity, fluidity of movement, flexibility, flirting, flirt, confidence and the ability to dissolve in a man.

Unconditional true - all this femininity ...

Every man is looking at the one who builds a relationship with these qualities.

But why?

Let me, for a start, I give my definition of femininity.

Femininity - the ability to inspire others to action, without creating any movement, remaining alone.

To understand this definition, look at this picture:

She sits at a table in a cafe. He sipped coffee. Not in a hurry. At the opposite wall he sits. He looks at her, and we understand that he wants to meet.

He hesitates. Time goes by. She gets up and leaves.

Sorry ...

Let's change the picture:

It is there in the cafe. It is also opposite.

He gets up and resolutely suited to her table. What had changed, that he was inspired by the motion?

It should include some kind of magnet, forcing him to get up and go.

What is this magnet? Does she know about him? If she can use it?

Good questions.

We call this magnet femininity. Of course, she knows about it. But that may not always enjoy. Magnet myself included - under certain conditions.

Here we are with you and come gradually to the fact that all the same comprises femininity and inspires others to deeds.

Let us speak plainly: the other - is a man and a brave woman, for feminine women themselves staying alone, delegate other feats.

I was a little delayed the moment when you know that launches your femininity. Perhaps you'll be shocked. It's so unlike anything you've heard before. It is not associated with beauty or with deceit, nor the fact that alludes to any manifestation of physicality.

Femininity is activated when there is a spiritual partnership. In other words, when the Spirit of Women intuitively feels the presence of the Spirit, the purpose of which it was ready to support, a woman's body is humbled and finds a charming and attractive softness, creating a desire to create in its space.

Two Spirit, disembodied, absolutely opposite in sign, in quality, in energy, but with a common goal, transforming the body, which are, and bring them in motion. The man's body becomes hard and aspirations like a spear. Your body becomes soft and enlistment if the target.

The bodies are beautiful and inviting each other to reunite in a single Spirit, that they may serve as life itself. To them through life could manifest itself in the universe.

Your Spirit makes you feminine at the time of the meeting with the Spirit, the aim of which is interesting to your Spirit. It always happens, no matter you are a woman or a man, in which the Spirit operates, the purpose of which is interesting to your Spirit. You can be very feminine with a woman and wonder to themselves, their feelings, their softness and beauty. But now you know the reason for this sudden transformation. This woman - Targets your carrier Spirit.

And your intuition is not deceiving you. Just as long as your mind does not know about the objectives of your Spirit. The history of mankind shows that intuition is more important than the Mind.

Intuition is to the future, creating new and mind wanders through the maze of the past in search of lost self-worth.

Intuition and inspiration - the two most important attributes of your femininity.

Intuition allows you to listen to the whisperings of your Spirit, indicative of the presence next to you someone who will take care of you while you are serving life together.

When the bell Intuition very gently will signal you about the presence of the Spirit in the body of the right of a person, will come the turn of Inspiration.

You ever seen a funnel in the water? Women's Inspiration is very reminiscent of her. No wonder many women are taught to practice spin funnel in the uterus.

Imagine a wide river. It's you. Let yourself go with its flow. Be fluid and do not stop. Now feel that you fell stone-so Intuition gave you a sign that the next closest Spirit. What will the water with a stone? Immersing it in herself, she swallow a whirlwind around him, and on the surface will begin to disperse waves. Water can not resist, because it is fluid and flexible. Its wavelength is your inspiration.

These soft and elastic waves other bears to their goal. Do not forget that you - not just a wave, you - the whole river. And while you let others be kept in your environment, in your area, they can swim. You give them to live in themselves, they swim together with you to your overall Goals.

But you do not make movements - you river, which affords easy flow through the bed. You do not do work, though are moving and even drives the rotor standing in your way of dams.

Life is good for you simply because it does not resist the space; that agrees with relief; that takes everything that occurs in your way.

And life settles in you. You become a river full of life. So you serve her.

Your service life is expressed in two ways: through your femininity and motherhood through your.

Femininity is expressed, as I said, through intuition and inspiration, and always seeks to connect with the Spirit of the Creator in the other person (or group of people).

Once a connection, your life becomes a ministry of motherhood: you begin to nurture the idea of ​​the Spirit, to materialize it as a child in her womb and continue to grow your project, as a son or daughter.

Sooner or later the child will need to let go into adulthood, and it means that you have to re-enable their femininity. It is now, after motherhood, femininity becomes yours feat. Because to give up her child, offspring, and they started catching strange signals easily Spirit in his youth, but do so from time to time ..?!

It turns out that inherent femininity forever young, or those who are in contact with his Spirit.

Therefore, I believe that femininity - it is the highest manifestation of spirituality woman. And despite the fact that we have been taught that "Motherhood - the highest mission of the woman," I'm sure that being a mother is easier than to be feminine, inspiring others to deeds.

Many women see themselves as feminine, saying that they can inspire. Here are some of their expression:

"My husband does everything I say".
"Yes, under me a team of 120 people working successfully".
"As I say - and will!"
These statements express the way Motherhood: Mother told what to do. Femininity, on the contrary, is alone and for the sake of her people will want to move.

That is the big difference, of which I spoke at the beginning. Never confuse motherhood with femininity. Because your femininity for us men:

This void, giving answers. This universe is calling the Creator. It is light, beckoning to him. This is peace, to create movement. It is the energy of the river of life, refreshing, invigorating, rush. This is the meaning of life of men.

Mark Ifraimov


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