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Nick Wooster. What can you say about this man? For some, the name - an empty phrase, but for people looking for the fashion world, the interests of its outstanding personalities Nick Wooster - an example to follow.

A little bit of the past ...

His full name - Nikelson Worcester. But in the fashion world just called Nick. Future celebrity was born in 1960 in Kansas. It is believed that his first step towards fashion made in 16 years. During this time he began working in fashion store. According to Nick, the owners of the store immediately noticed his extraordinary taste. Result - Nick began to take shopping in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities.

Soon Nick arrives at the Faculty of Journalism. But his dream is very different. Worcester has long been decided for themselves to become Bayer, a man from the world of fashion, versed in its brands, the kinds of products and so on. Young Nick dreamed of fashion shows, its wings and therefore purposefully went to his goal. Shortly after entering the university, he found a job as an assistant to the head of Saks. Saks - most visited store in the Big Apple. At Saks collections of virtually all the world's designers. My favorite shop stars.

In the future, life is like a Worcester ascent to dream. His place of work - John Bartlett, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Barneys and others. Nick now with gratitude and fond memories of all those who gave a helping hand at the beginning of his career, who helped him navigate and find yourself in a treacherous, diverse and complex fashion business.

Nick today

Now Nick '51. Comparing with some Brad Pitt (47) can be given to all 60, but then Nick still looks cool.

Today, Nick - fashion-director of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Neiman Marcus Group - a company that unites 35 boutique stores and two Bergdorf Goodman in New York. The concept of the company - trade in luxury. The customer base includes the stores of the rich America. Neiman Marcus Group is a leader in this segment and successfully cope with this role. Huge profits, big names, luxury, beauty and style - that Nick's sphere.

Worcester constant participant of various fashion events. His face constantly flashed on the covers of various magazines, his interviews dismantle citations. That he belongs to the famous phrase:

"Dressing like a garden, needs constant care»

Many call Nick one of the most stylish men of our time. And in the end of 2012, renowned photographer Tommy Ton has made its own list of the most stylish people in the world of fashion, in which Nick Wooster is one of the first places of honor.

His style

Extravagance, originality, some frenzy, brutality blends with elegance, style and beauty. His style - a sort of paradox. A classic gentleman "outfit" Nick skillfully "dilute" the bright modern accessories. In the fashion world it is considered a daredevil and a bully. Freshness, extraordinary, daring present in each of his outfit.

He knows what kind of tie is suitable for a particular collar, a tie clip should be complete, a peek handkerchief from his breast pocket. By the way, Nick in 2011 asked the fashion of breast shawls.

Nick Wooster himself calls his style of "classic with a twist." Favorite brands and designers - Salvatore Ferragamo, American Apparel, Michael Kors, Buckler by Andrew Buckler.

Tattoos Worcester

Nick first tattoo done in 1993 or 1994. When exactly, he does not remember himself. During a trip to Miami, he had the idea of ​​getting a tattoo. For a long time without delay, he decided to realize his idea. So on his left bicep tattoo appeared as a heart and dagger with the inscription "Mother." It is said Nick mom was not impressed. But it is not matter. Nick has been unstoppable.

"When I was 39, I did a 3/4 sleeve. Quite late, but it's good, I'm not sure that the tattoo made in 19, would suit me or 39 now, 51 ».
Later, he made a full sleeve on his right arm. The idea to make a "golf" Nick says not very successful. The fact that prick tattoo on his leg was much harder, so the tattoo will most likely incomplete.

Nick does not ask, it will look like "art" in old age, in 80 years sees no point thinking about it. To live up to that age - even for a miracle. He is confident that all will be well. In particular, and with his tattoos.

Nick Wooster:

"Yes, probably now around too many tattoos. And I want to see more about a lot of bad haircuts, bad shoes, a lot of bad jeans. But the tattoo is constant - and it is a filter. It annoys me when people say that the tattoo can be removed. This plastic surgery - no one deceive you. "

Well, the main question is

Yes I do not know!


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