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It was their long-awaited first-born. My father was at birth. He saw the baby's shoulder - what is it? .. No hands. Boris Vujcic realized that we must immediately leave the room, the wife did not have time to see how it has changed in the face. He could not believe what I saw. When the doctor came to him, he began to speak: "My son! He has no hands? "The doctor replied," No ... Your son has no arms or legs. " The doctors refused to show baby mother. The nurses were crying.

Nick was the only similarity stops instead of the left leg. Thanks to this boy learned to walk, swim, ride a skateboard, play on the computer and write. Parents have to take his son to a regular school. Nick became the first disabled child in a normal Australian school.

In eight years, Nicholas decided to drown in the bathtub. He asked his mother to take it there. "I turned to face the water, but it was very difficult to resist. Nothing worked. During this time I presented a picture of his funeral - these are my father and mother ... And then I realized that I could not kill myself. All that I have seen from their parents - is love for me ».

More Nick tried to commit suicide, but thought - why did he live. He can not work, can not take the hand of his bride, will not be able to take the child in his arms when he cries. Somehow my mother read an article about Nick seriously ill man who inspired others to live. "Then I realized, I - not just a man with no arms and legs. I - God's creation ... It does not matter what people think ».

At nineteen, Nick studied financial planning at the university. Once he was invited to speak to the students. On it took seven minutes. Within three minutes the girls in the audience wept. One of them could not stop sobbing, she raised her hand and asked, "Can I get up on stage and hug you?". The girl went to Nick and began to cry on his shoulder. She said, "No one ever told me that he loves me, nobody ever told me that I'm beautiful just the way it is. My life has changed today ».

On his speeches he often says: "Sometimes you can fall like that" - and falls face in the table on which stood. Nick continues:

"In life it happens that you fall, and seems to have no strength to climb. Are you thinking then, do you have any hope ... I have no arms or legs! It seems I try to climb a hundred times - I did not get. But after another defeat, I have not abandoned hope. I will try again and again. I want you to know, failure - is not the end. The main thing - how you finishiruete. You are going to finish strong? Then you will find the strength to rise - that's the way ».

He leans his forehead, and then helps his shoulder and stands.
Women in the audience start crying.

Ten months of the year it on the road, two months at home. He traveled more than two dozen countries, it was heard more than three million people - in schools, nursing homes, prisons. Sometimes, says Nick stadiums-mnogotysyachnikah. He performs about 250 times a year. In the week Nick gets about three hundred proposals for new shows. He became a professional speaker.

February 12, 2012 Nick Vujicic married Kanae Miahare.


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