What to avoid strong personalities

It's no secret that for the fundamental qualities of entrepreneurs is the psychological strength and tenacity, endurance and optimism. As well as the ability, according to Forbes magazine Officer David Williams, "losing, winning"

Determine what is the power of the spirit, you can watch what strong in spirit and have achieved great success people try NOT to do. Psychotherapist and professional clinical social worker Amy Morin examined this question has compiled a list of things to avoid strong personalities. Here it is:

1. Spend time sorry for himself. You will not find strong people complaining about the circumstances or foaming at how badly they were treated. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and their consequences, and is well aware that life is often unfair. They are able to get out of difficult situations with self-awareness and gratitude for the lessons learned. If the situation ends badly, they just say, "Well, well," or maybe just "go further!"

2. Allow someone to get a grip on yourself. Mentally strong people will not allow a situation where someone would force them feel inferior or bad. They understand that they control their own actions and emotions. They realize that their strength is in the ability to control your reactions.

3. Avoid changes. Strong people are happy to change and welcome any challenge. If they do something and are afraid, it is not unknown. Their biggest fear - is to become complacent and lethargic. Changeable situation and even uncertainty can activate mentally strong person and make him show their best qualities.

4. wasting time on something that they can not change. Mentally strong people do not complain (much) to cork, lost luggage or other people especially since we realized that all of these factors are usually beyond their control. In an unpleasant situation they realize that the only thing that we can always control - it is their own attitude to what is happening, and take advantage of this.

5. Try to please others. Familiar with such Flatterers? Or, on the contrary, such who is bending over backwards to annoy others for samoutverdzhdeniya? Both positions are not too successful. Psychologically strong person tends to be kind and just to please others and, if necessary, but is not afraid to stand up for themselves. He is able to withstand the grief of others in and out of the situation gracefully.

6. To be afraid of risk. Mentally strong person is willing to calculated risks. It's not something to rush headlong into a crazy adventure. Being psychologically stable, it is possible to carefully weigh the risks and benefits to fully appreciate the potential negative aspects, and even the worst options before taking action.

7. live in the past. Force is required to come to terms with the past and learn from past experience, but a strong man capable of not getting bogged down in past disappointments or fantasies about the past "glorious times". He puts most of its energy in creating a better present and future.

8. step on the same rake again and again. Everyone knows the definition of insanity, is not it? This is when we do the same thing time after times the, hoping for a different and better result than what it was. Mentally strong person assumes full responsibility for their past behavior and is willing to learn from mistakes. Studies show that the capacity for adequate and efficient self-reflection is one of the strengths of successful executives and entrepreneurs.

9. annoying when driven by others. Need willpower to truly enjoy and admire the successes of others. Strong people have this ability. They will not envy or resent when others can achieve success (although they may take note of the fact that someone has done well). They are willing to work hard for their own chances of success without relying on the shortest path.

10. Give up after failures. Each fiasco - a chance to get better. Even the greatest entrepreneurs are willing to admit that their first attempts invariably bound to fail. Strong personalities are ready again and again to put up with failure, if it is necessary, because the experience gained after each failure can bring them closer to the goal.

11. afraid of loneliness. The strong man is enjoying the time spent alone, and it is very appreciated. It uses the "simple" to think things through, to plan and be productive. And, most importantly, his happiness and mood does not depend on other people. He can be happy among the people, as well as alone.

12. Considers that the world is something you should. With the current state of the economy in particular, managers and staff at all levels have gradually realized that the world is not obliged to provide them with salary, benefits package and a comfortable life, regardless of their education and training. Strong-willed people out into the world, ready to work and succeed on their own merits in each stage of the game.

13. Expect immediate results. Whether it's a workout plan, diet or starting a business, strong people are willing to work for a long time. They understand that we should not expect results immediately. They put their time and energy in small "chunks" and celebrate each step on the path to success. They are resistant and realize that the real changes take time.

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