20 things that people, strong in spirit, just do not do

A short list of actions that people shun, strong in spirit, and which is shunned by all of us

I often write about the things that I am convinced, would help everyone. That is all we do to achieve happiness and success. However, not always in our lives is the greatest impact we commit actions - sometimes able to transform our lives is what we do not. I fully admit that you are one of those who are not accustomed to sit back, who believe that in order to achieve something, by all means necessary to act.

However, precisely because we are constantly doing something, some of our actions interfere with each other, and as a result, instead of a positive effect we get a negative. As a rule, people who are usually described as "strong spirit" people seeking to achieve prosperity as quickly as possible and as short as possible way, avoiding to make some actions, considerably lengthening the path.

In this article you will find a short list of 20 acts, which avoided people, strong in spirit, and which is shunned by all of us:

1. They do not live in the past
Strong people try to focus all their attention on the present, as well as to the immediate future. They understand that we can not somehow affect the past and the distant future is too uncertain to be able to navigate to it.

2. They do not try at all costs to stay in their comfort zone
Comfort Zone - this is a very dangerous place. It is a dark abyss in which you can completely lose yourself, if you stay there too long. All my life to stay in the comfort zone - means not to live it properly.

3. They can not afford to dismiss other people's opinions
Only fools consider themselves well-versed in all areas of human activity. To brainstorm and come up with to not squeeze out of ideas of which this approach may turn out to be unusable, but a few people gathered in one place, to catch the ideas that are in the air. And I advise everyone to remember once and for all: a good idea is good, regardless of who it came up. Do not allow your ego to gain the upper hand over you, and if someone wants to give you good advice, accept it with gratitude.

4. They do not seek to avoid changes
The fact that the strong spirit of understanding, and the weak in spirit - there is the fact that change is inevitable. Trying to avoid the inevitable - pointless and stupid. It therefore pointless to try to avoid change and move away from them - you are just wasting your time and effort.

5. They do not try to close your mind to new ideas and knowledge
Neither I nor you, and no one else can know everything. Even the knowledge that you are sure a hundred percent, may not be entirely true. If you keep your mind closed - you are your own hands miss the opportunity to learn something new. The moment when you finally stop learning something new, you have ceased to live.

6. They do not let other people make decisions for them
You yourself have to make their own decisions, as well as take responsibility for them - you can not let other people make them for you. Yes, I understand that the idea to shift the responsibility to someone else at first seem seductive, but in the end you will only delay the inevitable - the consequences of your actions will experience exactly what you, no matter who make decisions for you. And if you have enough courage to take the risk to make a mistake, you lack it and to ultimately succeed.

7. They are not envious of others' successes
When other people are doing well, you should rejoice. After all, if they did, you too will turn out. Always. And someone else's success in any way diminish your chances of success - not today, then tomorrow. Do not be jealous of others' success. Better to let it motivate you to something to keep going forward.

8. They do not believe that they did not get
Our thoughts govern our perspective, but from our perspective in the end depends on what we can achieve. Strong spirit understand it and use it to their advantage. Of course, even with this approach your undertakings may end in failure, but if you have at least some chance of success, why do not you take a chance?

9. They do not spare themselves
In life anything can happen. Sometimes it can be very difficult. People are suffering, people are dying ... In general, none of us can expect that his life will always be happy and serene. You will stumble and fall down again and again. The only question is, whether you are strong enough to continue over and over again to get up on your feet?

10. They do not dwell on their faults
Yes, we all remember the beneficial own shortcomings, at least to try to get rid of them. However, if you really want to succeed, try not to dwell on their faults, and to start up in case your strengths. If you are equally good or bad in everything, you will never go as far as you want. So if you are content in order to pull themselves up to the average level, be prepared for the fact that your progress will also be mediocre. However, if you just take up your strengths and make them even better your chances of success considerably increase.

11. They do not try to please everybody in a row
Job well done is always a job well done, and no matter who assesses the final product. You can not please all in a row, but you can always do their job conscientiously.

12. They do not put themselves in the guilt that it transcends
Strong-willed people know that they can control, understand that it is not is subject to their control and do not blame themselves for what they are not subject completely.

13. They do not show impatience
Patience - it is not just a virtue, it is, figuratively speaking, the king of virtues. Most people fail not because they are not good enough, or are incapable of victory or success. They fail because they are too impatient and give up, and not waiting for his moment of glory.

14. They avoid misunderstandings
The most important thing for the success of any system or organization - successful communication between all its components. However, when it comes to individuals, everything is much more complicated. Just pass the information to another person is not enough - if this person is wrong you will know it will pass on distorted information, it is possible that could hurt you. Strong-willed people always try to understand them properly, and patient enough to deal with the inevitable misunderstandings.

15. They do not believe that everything they owe
Remember - you no one owes nothing to nothing. You are alive? That's good, the rest is up to you. The life you do not owe anything. And other people - too. If you want something ... Well, now you have a goal. Strive for it. Such is the world. And free breakfast it does not happen.

16. They do not repeat their mistakes
If you make a mistake - it is, in general, normal. If you repeat it - this is not normal. If you make the same mistake a third time ... No, I'm serious.

17. They do not give in to their fears
Sometimes the world is a very scary place. But if we look closely to our fears ... Yes, some of them are justified, but most of them are completely illogical. So if you know you really want to take a risk for something, do it. And if you're scared, try to understand that if you are so afraid of failure, it means that you chose the goal is really important to you.

18. They do not act without first having considered the consequences of his own actions
Strong spirit know that before you act, you must first try to understand what the consequences of this situation will result in one or the other thing. If you have time to think everything through, to calculate and cover escape routes - and proceed. And if you do not do, even if there is free time - you are just lazy.

19. They do not refuse to help
You're not Superman, you can not do everything yourself. And even if you can, is it worth doing? If you offer disinterested help, why not accept it? Communicate with other people. Listen to their ideas and see how they work. How to know if you will not be able to learn something? And maybe you will be able to teach them a pair of three-piece items. After all, where would we be if did not help each other?

20. They do not give
This is perhaps our biggest weakness - that we often give up when the cherished victory is almost here. Strong spirit never deviated from what is really important to them. They are trying to deal with a really important things, putting aside what is not really so important. And holding on to something, they brought the case to the end. Always. And there are no exceptions.


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