13 signs that you - a witch.

Once the witch was determined by a fairly silly signs. We'll show you how to determine that you have a witch gift.

Once the witch was determined by a fairly silly signs. As warts and moles, by the fact that very envious neighbors say, well, and by the sinking whether or not it is in the water in bound form. Fortunately, not all drowned, and we'll show you how to determine that you have a witch gift.

Should you think about a person, he (or she) calls or writes. And if you're going somewhere, then accidentally meet the desired person on the road.
If you are, lost in thought, staring at the back of a passer, he can suddenly fall out of the blue, and sometimes very sensitive.
You do often lowers his eyes, because it can easily cause a person to hesitate and withdraw one of its eyes. Friends say he's a killer you.
Your desires and even jokes often come true. To the extent that the cost of ice cream you want, you are on the ground fifty dollars. Wanted flowers? And you gives them bystanders. And if you want something bad? Then the carcasses light.
When you have a bad mood, circle bulbs burn out, sometimes several at a time. And to a computer or other difficult technique you better not come.
You love cats and small children, even when you did not want to mess with them. And do you find understanding with all sorts of creepy creatures such as frogs, spiders or snakes.
You have a "green" hand. Even if you do not put anything special, you endlessly take root roses or Christmas trees. (Oh, about potatoes and do not say).
Do you feel the coming of the full moon. It invigorates and inspires you. You is not surprising that you're probably an owl than lark.
People close to you and pulls to be frank, even when you do not maintain a dialogue pointedly. So you keep a lot of secrets, compromising and gossip. Did you ever write a memoir such that all will not find it.
You feel the pain of others, and mental and physical, and know how to work with it. Perhaps you learned to shoot a toothache or headache, or all your friends beg you to do them a massage. However, after you have squeezed itself like a rag.
You know exactly who was in a past life. And thou shalt know his former friends and girlfriends from it. Great guys. Sometimes you find yourself in a new place and you realize that you know the ins and outs, because I had been here once, in a previous incarnation.
You have their signs, their personal interpretation of dreams and the interpretation of horoscopes. Much more accurate than the well-known. And your true divination so well that it becomes scary.
Do you know what a gift - it is a responsibility, and any power have their price.
Well, about a broom and a cat, we decided not to speak. However, if they do not - the Establishments :) cat, by the way, you can get in our regular Friday.


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