A selection of books, reading that a person ceases to live forever "gray lives"

Site publishes a selection of books that are worth reading if you feel that life turns into an endless gray routine. Alex Novak - "book, which is not"

If you have 20 minutes a day, then a week later, this book will change your life. < Who should read "a book that is not»? 1. Seeker himself. 2. living on autopilot 3. having a long unrealized dream 4. postpones important things "for later" 5 Adherents of the system of self-development What's in the book This work - it is, in fact, the "tool box" for management of their own lives. You get them and start to make real steps to setting goals and brightest (most importantly) translate them into reality. In the book of many examples, a lot of theory and clear recommendations for the practical execution. Wrote the book simple and understandable language, without the "erudite" speed and unnecessary cumbersome terminology. < Why do you need to find / download / buy the book? appeared on the network in December 2014, the product of a bombshell. Less than six months after that, on the website of the author users viewed a total of more than 100 000 pages. "The book, which is not" caused a storm of controversy, got into all sorts of charts and was eventually spotted by publishers. Author (Alex Novak) has received an offer of publication of the paper version of the book. The contract with the publishing house "Peter" was signed in February this year. In stores "book, which is not" will appear at the end of April 2015 and then learn about it in general all

Nick Vujcic -. "Life Without Limits"

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs, but it is completely independent and lives a full and rich life: get two degrees, self-typing on a computer at a rate of 43 words per minute, surf, fond of fishing, swimming and even diving jumping into the water. His book - an inspiring, emotional story about how to overcome the difficulties, the frustration, believe in yourself and be happy. Nick openly talks about his physical problems and experiences, about how it was not easy to come to terms with his condition - there was a moment when he wanted to commit suicide. Nick took a lot of years to learn to see their problems are not an obstacle, and the possibility of growth, to set big goals and always achieve the desired. Hands and feet, he learned to climb in every sense of the word. In his book, Nick has formulated the rules of life that helped him, and now he is sharing them with readers

Yitzhak Pintosevich -. "Live!"

This book - a synthesis of the latest discoveries in the field of medicine, physiology, psychology and the secrets of training Olympic athletes. Its author Yitzhak Pintosevich, a former professional world-class athlete, coach, businessman, has created a unique program for busy people, most of the time conducting at work, aspiring to achieve important goals for yourself and do not want to change your schedule. The purpose of the program - to save from the "failures" of depression and disease. Thanks to her, you can in a short time to raise their level of energy, improve health and achieve the highest degree of personal performance in life

Igor Mann -. "Number 1"

There is a famous exercise: "What do I see myself in five years", which clearly reflects the level of ambition of man. Often people give the answer "I want to be number 1, the main authority in the industry," but few actually do something in order to achieve the target, the more so in the stipulated time. Only actions taken (and their results) give an idea of ​​the real person. A "to make himself the most" difficult: too much influence on the result. There are no unimportant details. As in everything, we must act systematically. This book offers just such a plan, a check-list that is easy to modify for you personally. After reading and filling in special tables (slice strong and weak qualities, determination of priorities, the development of key skills, image change, methods of promoting yourself) you will get step by step algorithm, both from the point where you are now getting to the point where you want to be

Waitzkin Josh -. "The art of learning"

This autobiography Joshua Waitzkin who won his first national championship of chess at age 9 and became the world champion in martial art of Tai Chi in 28 years. How he managed to achieve this result in a completely different sport disciplines? Joshua himself did not believe that he is the best at chess, or the best in Taiji. He says: "I am the best in the ability to learn." In this book he shares his story and teaching the principles that helped him to reach the summit twice. It is not only the history of the outstanding man, but also proof that any victory and achievement - up to championship level - achieved through proper lifestyle habits and the correct psychological attitude, and not innate talents

Vadim Zeland -. " Hacking technogenic system "

If you do not possess any special qualities and talents, you have no other way to get out of the total system and allow yourself to become unique. Due to the disposal of the release of the technique presented in the book, you can create yourself any peace. The strength of your intelligence and creativity will rise to the level of genius. You will have no problems with the achievement of their goals. You will have the reality in an unfamiliar guise of what it actually is. If you have a dream, if your goal is difficult to achieve when many people want the same things you do, if you have to stand in long queues for your dreams ... You should know that you have a special, unique opportunity. Chance to get the advantage that others do not. The chance to crack the matrix and break free. You should at least know that it is possible

Tom Peters -. "Imagine"

The author of the world bestseller, master new approaches to business and management guru Tom Peters returned from a remarkable new book about the new order of the modern business world. Written in the inimitable style, decorated so as to more clearly express the new philosophy of the author, Re-imagine! It motivates us to action. Meet the destructive commands of Tom Peters, see how he predicts the death of the bureaucracy and find out why he thinks that business - it's cool. You will be able to "think of the country" and to comprehend much more "change" than we could have imagined before

Brian Tracy -. "Get out of your comfort zone"

The book is number 1 on self-development. It has been translated into 40 languages. It bought more than 1.2 million copies. With this book began worldwide success Brian Tracy - one of the leading experts in the world in terms of personal development. The book presents the result of more than thirty years of studying the issues of time allocation. She talks about how to seek solutions to complex problems, leaving your comfort zone

Bodo Schaefer -. "The laws of the winners of"

In a compact, affordable and entertaining form describes the 30 tested laws and the most important strategies in which any area of ​​life you will be able to achieve their goals

Robin Sharma -. "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"
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What is true success, and how to achieve it? Is it possible to find happiness that does not depend on career growth, or from the global crisis? How to get rid of the endless worries about tomorrow and start enjoying every day we live? Are there any simple recipes that allow obtain spiritual gifts, without giving up the usual comfort? How to develop superpowers and subdue destiny? And, perhaps most importantly, how to find their vocation and be yourself? The answer - in this book, which became a bestseller in many countries around the world. Together with the former millionaire Julian Mantle, Robin Sharma, invites the reader to make a wonderful trip in Siwan - a country where dreams come true

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