To each his dire wolf: 12 actors from "Game of Thrones" and their dogs!

young Starks have had such steep dire wolf and every character in his master. True people of Westeros and other vermin destroy their packs. There are only two. Fortunately, in our reality to protect their dire wolf is much easier. < Website publish stars "Game of Thrones" with their favorite pets.

In Kristian Nairn in charge of as many as three dogs. It's awkward and charming Chain

Photo source: Ivi.ruEmiliya Clark loves the baby completely neognedyshaschego Roxy

Alfie Owen-Allen, who has a dog lover. His instagram littered with photos of many different doggies. This dog belongs to his sister Lily

When Aidan Gillen break from work, he was always accompanied by a shaggy dog ​​

Lena Headey have a whole pack of ferocious dire wolf. Behind them right eye so the eye

Maisie Williams and her favorite of Sunny are very similar. You do not find?

But Jack Glisson presented puppy named by Debbie. She seemed delighted with his new owner

This dog on the growth zone to its owner lives in Peter Dinklage for a long time. Together they walk around the house in Manhattan

Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, or in common Gore got himself crumb Spitz nicknamed Asterix. We even have a baby in your account instagrame

Sophie Turner home lives a dog that played lyutovolchitsu Lady in the series. Her name Zunni

And Keith Harrington not have a dog. That's because he's always on the move. Here photographed with strangers

And Jerome Flynn got himself a cat. Because everyone - its dire wolf!



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