Unexpected role of the actors from the series "Game of Thrones"

Tyrion Lannister favorite of fans, and in the world actor Peter Dinklage has played in more than 50 films, but this glory had not had. For example, few people know that he played the dwarf Trumpkin another cult saga "The Chronicles of Narnia." Of course, come find out for such a magnificent beard.

May 1 favorite of millions, Khalis Emilia Clarke will celebrate 27 years. Prior to the "throne", she starred in two not the best low-budget films - the TV series "Doctors" and the horror film "Attack of the Triassic" (frame from which you can see right).
We believe - on the case, the actress will go to the mountain. In 2015, for example, lease to be released the next series of the movie "Terminator," where "the mother of dragons" Sarah Connor will play itself.

Jackie Gleason, who played King Joffrey, only 22 years old. Almost 10 years ago he played a cameo boy in the film "Batman Begins" (see photo).

Kit Harington (in the film - Jon Snow) dreamed of becoming a military journalist. Still left to the actors and now wants to play King Henry V. For many years he has devoted to the theater, "Game of Thrones" was his debut on television. But at the end of the first season, he immediately received an offer to star in the movie "Silent Hill 2" (see. Photo). This is not about the war, of course, but also scary.

Yuri Kolokolnikov became the first Russian actor, starring in "Game of Thrones." He got the role of Styra - the leader of one clan and wild. Earlier, Yuri appeared more than thirty films, his most famous role - Lieutenant Ivan Antonov in the film "In June, 41st»

Play bitch Cersei Lannister, the mother of King Joffrey, Lena Headey, the actress came out fine, but not all of it as such. For example, what's wrong with this Sarah Connor from the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

Mark Addy (King Baration of the first season) formidable and majestic as how Fred Flintstone ... comedy of 2000.

Maisie Williams is best known for his debut as Arya Stark. In 2012, it and another resident Vinterfela - Maester Luwin (actor Donald Sumpter) was invited to the TV series "The Secret of Crickley Hall." To repeat the success of "Game of Thrones" He could not, though generally received positive feedback from the audience.

Who plays Jaime Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau previously lit in several major belts. This "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Oblivion" and the sci-fi thriller "virtual", where he played Commander Frank Pike.

King of the North Robb Stark began his career as an actor in 11 years, the truth anywhere until this is clearly not shine. Well, except that in the TV series "Sirens" you could see it.

Due to the harsh and masculine appearance British actor Charles Dance has always played Lords, gentlemen and commanders. The "Game of Thrones", he got the role of Tywin Lannister - head of the powerful sort and Hand of the King in the third and fourth seasons.
And no, not always: in late 1996, he played here such simpotyagu in the movie "Space Truckers».

People just do not have to play the Irish actor Aidan Gillen. And CIA agent, and detectives, and a nameless children early in his career. And now even the ingenious intrigopleta, Master of Coin Petyr Baelish. On the right picture it as a detective in the popular TV series "Torn: Sonia»

Young Bran, as well as many other actors, the glory was only after the first season of the cult series. Before that, he starred in the movie only odnazhny - in the mystical film "Psychic»

50-year-old who plays the head of intelligence of Westeros Varis, irlansky actor Conleth Hill had time for a career to play in three dozen good movie. For example, in the political thriller "The fish of my dreams" and the TV series "force majeure" (pictured).

Actress Eleanor Rose Arbuthnot-Leslie, who played the beloved John Snow behind the wall - redheaded Igritt, a native of ancient Scottish clan Leslie. She grew up the family castle of the 15th century and received an excellent education. Her whole career is connected with the Knights, war and locks. For example, she played a maid in the TV series "Downton Abbey."

Michelle Fairley played not only Catelyn Stark, and other wonderful mother - Mrs. Granger in the last Harry Potter movie.

Where do we see this beauty, which is always on your mind, but it is easy to find a common language with anyone, even with the cruel King Joffrey? Bah, that's Tyrell Margery Irene Adler and at the same time it also Moriatti series of Sherlock Holmes "Elementary»

Actor Rory McCann, who played a personal guard of King Joffrey Sandor Clegane, began his career with a starring role in advertising ... porridge. Here's the proof, good eating, the boys grow and really become strong. And he pictured right as commander Crater in the movie "Alexander»

The big good-natured John Bradley-West played the priest Giovanni De Midichi in the series "Borgia", but the remembered as the protector of all walls and other John Snow Semvel Tarly

German actress of Turkish origin Sibel Kekilli began a career as a porn actress. In 2004, she starred in the movie "Head-On" - about the life of Turks who emigrated to Germany.
The picture won the "Golden Bear" and the FIPRESCI prize at the Berlin Film Festival, and Sibel decent roles in European films. The "Game of Thrones" They play Tyrion's mistress - a former prostitute Shai.

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