15 characters of "Game of thrones", which was supposed to play the other actors

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"Game of thrones" is an amazing series, loved millions of audience around the globe. But what would happen if the characters played by other people?

Site found out one of the actors refused, perhaps crucial role, who reproaches himself for lack of foresight. And we wanted to imagine how would look their favorite characters, play them to other people.

Cersei Lannister (Tricia The Helfer)

Tricia, the Helfer, star of the TV series Battlestar Galactica“», auditioned for the role of Cersei Lannister, as reported on Twitter after endless questions from fans. She finds the book excellent and naïve to hope that Martin will soon release the next one. Now, Tricia plays a virgin in the TV series "Lucifer" Fox. Well, too bad.

The king-beyond-the-Wall (Dominic West)

Dominic West turned down the role of mance Rayder not wanting to spend six months away from his family. When his nephew said ""Game of thrones" is the only great show on TV," Dominic, saw the show and not read the books, I realized that was stupid, but it was too late — the role of the King-beyond-the-Wall is adopted to Kieran Hinds.

Stannis Baratheon (Mark Strong)

Mark strong personally did not mention what role he rejected but it is believed that the actor turned down the role of Stannis Baratheon for the title role in the TV series "Low winter sun", which, unfortunately, was closed after the 1st season.

Surely it would be better to give the role of Brand, because Stephen Dillane playing Stannis in the series, it is not imbued with the spirit of "Game of thrones".

Daenerys Targaryen (Tamzin Merchant)

Tamzin merchant was approved for the role of Daenerys Targaryen in August 2009, and even starred in the pilot episode, but later abandoned the dragon of motherhood. That specifically affect the care Tamsin from the project — "the pilot" or the role of one of the wives of Henry VIII in "the Tudors," and remained unknown, but her play in "the Tudors" and later praised George Martin.

Sansa Stark (Izzy Meikle-Small)

British actress Izzy Meikle-small was one step away from getting the role of Sansa stark, but ultimately approved the HBO Sophie Turner. The young actress says that she is not very upset, because the show too much "nudity" and her parents wouldn't like it.

Izzy certainly disingenuous, after all, the young actors of "Game of thrones" is an excellent springboard to a career. For example, due to the role of Sansa Sophie Turner has already played a superhero in the blockbuster "X-Men: Apocalypse".

Catelyn Stark (Jennifer El)

Jennifer El was adopted by HBO for the role of Catelyn stark. She, like Tamzin merchant, played in the pilot episode, after which he announced his departure from the project. Later she admitted that, despite the love of books and the project would not have been able to go from newly born daughter Talula for a long time for filming. It is symbolic that a loving mother could not play the loving mother due to maternal feelings.

The High Sparrow (Jared Harris)

British actor Jared Harris in an interview, lamented that after the auditions failed to get the role in the TV series "the Wild West", where I prefer Anthony Hopkins as well as the role of Its Barabasheva in "Game of thrones". Perhaps the producers just choose older actors. Well, then at Jared still have time.

Renly Baratheon / Loras Tyrell (Sam Chuan)

The star of the show "the Foreigner", Scottish actor Sam Chuan, auditioned for "Game of thrones" 7 times. Seven! He auditioned for the role of Renly Baratheon, Loras Tyrell, some of the brethren "Night watch" and every time was so close, but still not enough to obtain the role. Sometimes he thought: "Guys, just give me a sword!"Sam is a fan of the world of Westeros and looking forward to the release of each new episode.

Experience is the best teacher and certainly, these samples were not in vain — Sam got the main male role in a fairly popular TV series channel Sony.

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Pipar (Danny Dyer)

One of the most popular actors Cockney Danny Dyer three times couldn't move to Westeros. Probably all because of the accent, though among the placers of British actors of the series Cockney-accent Danny would not be superfluous, especially in a fictional world.

All three roles it is difficult to speak, but one we know for sure: it Pipar, friend of Jon snow in the Brotherhood. And who knows, play it by Dyer, may, Pipar would not have died during the defense of castle Black, and survived, like in the book.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos (Maharshal Ali)

"Wow, how could I reject Maharshal Ali?» says Nina gold, casting Director "Game of thrones". Indeed, the winner of the "Oscar-2017" really wanted in the draft and long preparing to audition for dealer Ksaro Xoana of Daxos.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel the actor said that these samples were the worst in his life: to listen no suitable chair, and all went according to plan. Ali, next time just get the right chair with him.

Waymar Royce (Jamie Campbell Bower)

Jamie Campbell bower, known for her role Kai in "twilight" Saga, played in the "pilot" series of Weimar Royce, the scout's "Night watch". It is unknown what caused him subsequently to refuse the already mentioned low quality of the pilot episode, or he read the script and learned that Waymar Royce — the first character, who was killed in the series.

Roslin Tully (Perdita Weeks)

British actress Perdita weeks thanks to its experience in "the Tudors" got the role of Roslin Tallinn (nee Frey). Parallel to it there was a proposal for a six-month filming of "Heretics" in Romania. Because of scheduling conflicts, wicks chose the "Heretics", but the project was soon halted, and the actress is forced to go back to "Game of thrones". Unfortunately, it was too late for her role of approved Alexander Dowling.

Melisandre, the Red priestess (Gillian Anderson)

Because Gillian Anderson did not disclose what role refused many people think that she rejected the role of Cersei Lannister. Much more realistic, given the competitors, as well as the experience of mystical and psychological role of Mrs. Anderson, is the role of Melisandre, a red priestess.

The eldest daughter of the actress can not believe that she refused the role, to which Gillian replied: "If I'm going to spend a lot of time to work on something similar, I'll work with a Director like Martin Scorsese".

Jonathan Pryce

Jonathan Pryce, who played a brilliant religious fanatic The high Sparrow in "Game of thrones" were invited to the project in the beginning. He was not close to "dungeons, dragons and fantasy stuff", so he refused.

"Game of thrones" victorious walked on the planet over the years Jonathan has offered to play again, and then he did not give up. The actor says, "I'm still glad I said no the first time. I was waiting for Him to Barabasheva".

Brian Cox

Scottish actor Brian Cox rejected a proposal to HBO at the beginning of the project. Laughing, he recalls: "Well, stupid, I refused the offer in the first days because they didn't pay enough money. Now they have a lot more money. And I was a fool".

And if Jonathan Pryce is here again then the greedy Brian Cox biting elbows, watching the game his old friends.

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