Will the dosnyat "Game of Thrones"

"Game of Thrones" - one of the most popular series of all time. For the heroes of the epic television experience, both for loved ones and close friends, at every turn of the plot hearts of millions of fans bleeds and another new series for them - all the same that the news from the front. Factors of success are simple - a first-class raw material for authoring brilliant science fiction, professional crew of HBO and, of course, a bottomless purse budget. In the "game" has it all: amazing, as they say, "picture", masterly dialogues, excellent costumes, flawless game actors - it is not surprising that the show immediately after the release has become a cult. However, in the best tradition of "A Song of Ice and Fire," a triumphal procession "Games" the world could end in tears unexpectedly. Try to understand why.

1. The rate of creation of the series do not coincide with the speed of work on the saga


The first two seasons of the series entirely cover the events of the "Game of Thrones" and "Battle of Kings" - the first and second books of the saga of the American writer George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", in which, as we know, the show is removed. The third and fourth seasons of mostly based on "The Tempest swords," the third novel of the series and some of the events affecting the fourth, titled "A Feast for Crows».
It is assumed that the saga will consist of seven novels, but at the moment the writer managed to finish only fifth, so that left the series from the creators of the plot of the fourth book, the fifth novel, "A Dance with Dragons" and two more not to write a novel - it would seem, material in bulk, so nothing to worry about. However, given that the work on the "song" Martin began back in 1991, and the fifth novel was released only in 2011, it turns out, the author spent an average of four years for each book (over the last Martin worked for about six years) . It is expected that the sixth novel (working title - "The Winds of Winter") will be released in 2015, the year, but most of all - a little later, after George himself in one of the interviews could not give even an approximate release date. On the exit of the last of the books in the series and did too early to say - we can only hope that science fiction will be able to complete it by 2020.
Filming of the series each season lasts about a year, then Prime Minister of the fifth to be held next spring, while fans of the "Games" do not look at the output of the sixth before 2016, and when the work will begin over the last two seasons (the creators of the television series argue that the eighth will be final) is probably only known clairvoyant. In any case, to find out what the outcome of the series, will have to wait at least five or six years - during which time many fans may lose interest in television "long-term construction».

2. The cost of creating the series


It is clear that the work on the film epic with a large number of major and minor characters in a well-developed set of costumes and battle scenes cost is not cheap - the first season was worth about $ 60 million, and increase of entertainment next season took another big spending. Geography filming covers Iceland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia and Morocco - the creators of the "Games" ready to go to any lengths to find a stunningly beautiful landscapes that are so popular with viewers.
Only one series of "Blackwater" with the Battle of King's Landing has been spent more than $ 8 million, despite the fact that the battle itself is not described in such detail and colorful, like Martin. During the filming of the episode "watchmen on the wall" (which depicts the storming of the Black Castle) such costs avoided only thanks to various tricks, such as the use of Europe's largest green background screen, which is used to align the images when creating movies.
TV channel HBO is not the first time faced with a fantastic amount of expenditures on the production of his TV series - so shooting "Rome", which became one of the most successful projects of its kind in the history of cinema, were discontinued just because of their crazy expensive. The total budget for the two seasons of "Rome" was more than $ 100 million, but is now about the same as HBO spends each season "Game of Thrones", at the same time taking into account the inevitable decline of interest in fantasy TV series during long breaks between seasons, in the end, "Game "may be unprofitable.
George Martin suggested that the creators of "Games" to include in the plot several other of his works, not related to the universe of "A Song of Ice and Fire" to the shooting did not stop during the work on the book, but it is unlikely fans will appreciate the fact that tens of actors to show whose names and so hard to remember, will add a few more.

3. Child actors


In the series, and in reality, time moves at a different speed, and shooting has been going on for quite some time, so the actors who should be on the topics of children, in fact, already turned into young men and women - for example, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, the player on the screen 7-year-old Bran Stark, this year turned 15.
Because of the striking differences between the actor and his character creators of "Games" are forced to tricks and different ways to hide the true size of the "little boy". Since Bran was thrown from the tower and he could not walk, the character did not have to shoot standing, in addition, the lower half of his body almost always is covered with something. Also, Isaac tries to speak in a high voice, which is not so easy, because in the period of puberty in boys all "broken" tone.


Similar problems and have played the role of Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams: 17-year-old girl need to look 14, so that the producers of the show is running out of time to solve the hard problem - to continue to thoroughly make up and dress her Williams in special costumes, visually reduces growth "kill" Arya, or 'cause her serious injury, "as is the case with Bran.

4. Fans can affect the plot


The average fan of the series tends to treat numerous brutal murders, which are abundant in the plot, with the courage and resilience of the old warriors, not the last one "hot spot", but ready to grab the gun, if in the next season there is his favorite character or of one of the storylines. Author firsthand may cease to exist, say, Tyrion Lannister, at any time, but in this case the HBO channel suffer significant losses, because without the amazing Peter Dinklage charm "Games" will be incomplete and the series certainly lose a lot of viewers.
In the words of Sir Kevan Lannister: "The man who fights for money, is true only own purse." Conservatism fans and commercial factor was joined by the film adaptation of "A Song of Ice and Fire" unkind service - the writers began to indulge the tastes of the audience, which is considerably dulled the sharpness of intrigue source. This is what happened in the adaptation of the fourth book of the series - the creators of the "Games" decided that a completely new characters a devastating impact on the rankings, so some storylines "Feast of vultures" combined with the "Storm of Swords", which have been known and loved by the mass audience faces. Heroes who seemed irrelevant to the main producers of the plot, was removed as part of the episodes, which allowed to keep within strict time frame of the series. The problem is that the producers do not always imagine the logic of the story and do not understand what "side" storylines are often very important to justify the actions of the characters.
If George Martin did not have time to put an end to the last line of the seventh novel before the completion of work on the show, there is a high probability that the TV people will think out their vengeance plot moves-that is, quite simply, to carry gag, infinitely far from the intent of the author. < br /> Of course, the film adaptation of literary works are almost always different from the first-hand some of the details, and sometimes plot twists, but in the case of such landmark works as "A Song of Ice and Fire" freedom writers can be called blasphemy. For example, if at the end of the series Tyrion and Jaime unite to save the kingdom, and in the final book is clearly written that they both ate the dragon, it will be a tragedy comparable to the Red wedding - the true connoisseurs of George Martin will understand me.



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