How to stop being angry at people

You get angry at people when they believe that their actions are important.

Anything similar I do not believe.

Don Juan ("the Teachings of don Juan" C. Castaneda)


When we are angry, angry, angry, we automatically begin to play the game:

"there's someonewho doesn't behave as we would like, and there's me, who absolutely can not stand that someone does not behave as we would like".

While this game has a sub:

1) where "I" is small and poor (inner Child)who expects his will to love, to accept, to pay attention to him, to do him something good, but don't.

And unhappy inner Child is angry again.

2) where "I" controlling, critical, angry Parent, who does not tolerate disobedience, even if they are not a husband or dad and mom, for example.

3) where "I" like as not the Child, not the Parent, just a prickly Ego (pain Body), which used to be in a grumpy mood, and even can't think that you can not put your "irritated" plate.

Each of these subtypes games in irritability there is a way. Namely, you need to stop an existing game, replace it with a more pleasant ("life is a Game", don't be afraid to play your lucid games).


1) Play with a young Child change to the game where instead of the Child — Adult.

An adult will not wait for attention, love and so on, he will give everything.

2) the Game with criticizing a Parent also change to play with Adults.

Adult able to take responsibility for other adults. "I'm me, you're you. This is my life, and it's your life. I have my own lessons, and you have your lessons. And if we both forget about it, let's again remember and repeat: "I'm me you're you..."

3) In a game with a disgruntled Ego we again invite an Adult (Oh, the Adult, everywhere necessary).

Since an Adult is rather deliberately purchased the Part, rather than the state in which we spontaneously find ourselves in the day of age, Adult have realized that constantly irritated Ego and suffering in this Body pain porridge will not weld. It's time to relax and enjoy.


Eric Berne: give yourself Permission to live by their own rules!

An unmistakable symptom of toxic communication


Adult — the adult Game of Life, and irritation, if it takes time and effort, there is no place.

With irritability, anger, anger can and should work. More awareness, to understand how the game is played, change the game.published


Author: Elena Guskova




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