The correct technique of Nordic walking engages 90% of muscles!

Decided to learn this universal sport? As with all sports there are some little tricks and common mistakes. This is what we talking in this article, but only after a workout.



It is important to prepare for the main lesson: preliminary small exercises prevent injuries and make training more efficient.

1. Raise up on the toes for 2-3 seconds, down to the full stop.

2. Soft, low jump from one foot to the other, then on both legs.

3. Simultaneously, pull one arm forward and the other back, then switch hands.

4. Make the big step (lunge) forward, take back (hands move in the direction opposite to the body). Change legs.

5. Move the stick behind the back and grasp the ends with your palms facing forward. Turn your whole body left and right.

6. Raising the stick above the head at arm's length, bend left-right.

7. Hold stick in front of him for tips in the upward palms. Stretch your arms forward, try moving closer to the body and pull them again.

8. From the same starting position lift the stick as the bar.

9. Move the stick behind his back. Holding them so that his hands were diluted slightly to the side, raise the stick upward as high as possible.

10. Hold the stick vertically behind. With one hand, grasp its upper end, and the other for the bottom. Pull the stick up until you feel resistance in the "bottom" hand. Adjust hands.

11. Put the bar at shoulder width, lean on them. Pull one leg, taking a step on the heel, at the same time bend the knee of the other so that in the muscle of the rear surface of the outstretched leg, felt the tension. Poprosite, return to starting position and repeat, reversing leg. Do not bend your waist and keep your back straight!

12. Starting position: bend forward at a 90 degree angle, sticks in his outstretched hands put as far forward and lean on them. Bend.

13. Move both sticks forward, holding them perpendicular to the floor, then pull back, "starting" from the air; on each stroke forward and back, do a partial squat.

14. Move the hands with sticks protivohode. On every Maha — slight squat.

15. Leaning on a stick, make two series of squats. In the first approach, you move the stick forward a bit, the second bit ago.

16. Lean on the stick with one hand, take the same leg behind the ankle and pull the heel to the cheek for 10-15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.


Each exercise, do 8-12 times.

This list is subject to changes: with regular practice you can develop your own, more suitable warm-up complex. And to beginners it easier to understand how to look warm-up exercises we selected videos with elements of warm-up exercises:



The technique of walking and exercise intensity

The technique is simple: its main element is the STEP everyone is familiar with early childhood.

1. Straighten up, the body slightly tilt forward. Now we need to coordinate the hand movements.First, just walk around, carrying sticks over the middle parallel to the ground. Feel invisible during normal walking the opposite direction: left hand forward, right leg forward, left leg — right arm.

2. Now, release the stick, grab as you keep walking, and dragging pull them away. Practice, working first one leg and one arm and stick to the body was easier to learn the movement. When prompt rhythm and repelled at the same time: the left stick — right-heel, right — stick left heel.

The intensity of the exercise, adjust yourself. Want to increase the load — build stronger hands, make the steps wider, increase the length of the sticks.

To pick up a stick the right length, height in centimeters multiplied by the ratio:

  • 0,66 — lightweight for training.
  • 0,68 — for standard workouts.
  • 0,7 — for heavy-duty loads.
When buying the usual sticks obtained by multiplying the number rounded up to the closest to a standard length. If the stick is telescopic, you can adjust their height accurately for growth.


How to hold the sticks

Sticks practically we keep on hand. Loops for the hands, knots, on special sticks for Finnish (another name for Nordic) walk very robust: they are similar to the socket of gloves and wide bands cover a thumbs up, preventing the brush from the wrong movements.

Place your hand, hook the loop, adjust the diameter by means of a fastener (wrist should not be too tight). Now drop the sticks will fail. Keep them freely without straining your hands, parallel to each other.

When walking on hard surfaces on a stick for ease of wear rubber, and the soft parts removed and repelled the spike on the end of a stick.

How to work with your hands

The algorithm of the hands is the same as when skiing.

Slightly bend your elbows and move them up and down, pushing sticks from the surface. In the upper position of the arm rises at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, the "lower" the hand at the same time moves backwards at the level of the pelvis.

The technique of Nordic walking with sticks is based on the correct formulation of stop and working hands.


How to go Nordic walking

Foot put right. First — on the heel. Then, making a push, the foot rolls forward, the weight goes on the pads of the foot, the toes, on the heel of the other foot, and again the same thing, but with the other foot.


Other important elements

During and after the walk to drink water is possible and necessary as the emergence of thirst, small SIPS through a small period of time.

Not to disturb the water balance, for every pound of weight lost during a walk, you need to drink at least 1/2 gallon of water and Cup more.

Of food all individually: you want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain an existing form? Each goal correspond to their diets and workouts.

General recommendations:after a workout, you need to wait with the intake of caffeine-containing drinks and to fill only half just calories burned. So fat nothing postponed, and the body will not "panic" from a lack of resources.

To replenish the energy reserves better than just carbohydrates (approximately grams per kilogram of body weight) and proteins (at least four times less than carbs).

Cereal, juice, meat, fish — simple and correct set.

And remember the rule of the athletes: first drink, then food. Again you can drink in an hour after a meal.


Typical mistakes


  • Do not use walking sticks for other sports. Try to get special sticks for Nordic walking as soon as possible, it is desirable to use them from the first class.
  • Sticks should not slide back and cross your fingers, forming a triangle.
  • Do not rotate your body when you raise your arm to push off with a stick.
  • When you push off push on the stick a force of the wrist and elbow, the load had on the whole hand and not just on the wrist.
  • The foot should not wobble left-right. Especially important is a solid step on the mountain roads.
  • Don't fall into the pacing. A rare quality horses synchronous stepping of the same leg in the human Nordic walking is unacceptable. Remember: the left arm moves simultaneously with the right foot, and Vice versa.
  • Wearing one pair of socks? Change the word "socks" with the word "corn". To RUB the feet, wear two pairs of socks, and both close and not too loose.


Dress for the weather and in layers, as do climbers. The air between the fabrics will create the right microclimate for the body. A General description of the clothing the same as footwear: so comfortable, you don't pay attention to it.

Shoes in addition to convenience needs to be checked: do not wear even comfortable, but not yet tested running shoes to walk is not a misery.

Before exercise eat ahead of time. For three or four hours before the walk, you can eat something "weighty", but the closer the trip, the less calories should be eating: you need energy for movement, and not the extra ballast.


Also fun: Walking on the buttocks for health and beautiful forms

Nordic walking: the ideal solution if you have problems with joints, the spine and not only


And finally, one more piece is no secret: the most fun and important voluntary classes, calculated according to the forces. So tune in accordingly, adequately estimate the possibilities, and let the movement will be a joy.

We wish you all a pleasant acquaintance and long friendship with Nordic walking. It is useful for the back, strengthens the body and available to people of any age at any time of the year, both in the city and in nature. These classes are steps in the right direction, even a little walk is part of a long journey to him.published




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