Nordic walking is a cure for old age

Virtually every municipal entity of St. Petersburg there was a section Nordic walking for older people. Classes are free. As a consequence, they massively rushed and grandparents.

Directions Nordic Walking today opened in fitness clubs, courses, Nordic walking began to practice during the traditional February "Ski arrows", but the popularity of the discipline mainly by older people. Their marching with the special, and then just ski poles, you can see in the Petersburg parks and squares.

Municipalities point out that one of the reasons for the popularity of this sport among pensioners is that to pay for classes is not necessary. For some to give even 100 roubles a month is already a problem. But in free groups the hype. Each — up to 60 people.

According to the coach Irina Markov, who conducts classes on Vasilievsky island, Nordic walking is ideal for older people.

Classes are recorded diabetics, hypertensive patients, people with heart disease.

Nordic walking helps to improve health. Have diabetics reduces blood sugar (glucose produced during the movement and is absorbed by the same movement) — and they all take less sugar-lowering pills, that is freed from chemical effects on the body.

Walking with poles helps patients suffering from arthritis and arthrosis. And for those who have osteoporosis (a common problem of the residents of St. Petersburg, where so few Sunny days). Due to prolonged cyclic active exercise in the fresh air of the compacted part of the bone. In addition, thanks to the fantastic Nordic walking strengthens the pectoral muscles, and this is "the second heart".

"Grandparents come in with weak muscles it is difficult for them to move, heart is not very good, the shortness of breath. After a workout in the fresh air 3-4 times a week, changes occur. Reduced pressure, it becomes more stable. Strengthening muscles. They push the blood to heart, act as a second pump. Fresh air is good ventilates the lungs. The person really becomes easier to live. He feels vigorous and healthy. Three months later newcomers did not know. Come to class one person, and continues to engage in other", — said Markov.

Coach, the representative of the World Original Walking Federation (ONWF) in Russia Nikolay Shustrov believes that the older generation is simply impossible to find an alternative walking with sticks.

"Nordic walking older people choose the power of nature, — the expert believes. — The work involves all the muscles that work the arms and legs. Energy costs are equal to Jogging. At the same time to run because not everyone can. And what else could be the alternative? Swimming is an expensive sport. In the winter, as an option, the ski. But skiing complex, they have yet to master, but if the man is confused? And the snow in St. Petersburg in recent years difficult. Look at people who do Nordic walking — come to our competitions, you never see so many happy faces".

Experts say that until the situation with the development of Nordic walking in St. Petersburg is much better than Moscow. In the capital in the commercial sections Nordic Walking began to actively intervene in the Directorate of the parks. They believe that the time for classes, pay money, then they should get their share. In St. Petersburg parks, gardens and squares while such conflicts arose.

Weekend trainings are held and in the suburbs — in Toksovo, Saint Petersburg, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, near Sestroretsk and Zelenogorsk. In fact, classes for the city turned into a small hike. Near St. Petersburg in the area of "Sestroretsky resort" there is a sports route, the so-called path or trail.

Athletic trainers say that Nordic walking is still not a sport. Although the roll in this direction have already emerged. They believe that Nordic walking needs to first develop as exercise, a way of healing the body, available to everyone.

"In St. Petersburg really forms the backbone of the athletes. There is a team that participates in competitions. It's small, 200 people. This Teens, students and thirty years, and retired. They like to participate in the competition. They experience the excitement. Imagine, a man never in life did nothing, and then he begins to participate in competitions to win places medals, diplomas, feel like a star. Photograph it, write about it. This motivation, which contributes to the further study. Grandmothers very much. I ask them, why do you need competition. They say, "I can't stop it so recklessly". But I like the idea of the professional competitions in Nordic walking is not very much," — commented on the situation Markovian.


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According to the trainers, today, a very rough estimate, the number actively engaged in Nordic walking in St. Petersburg is estimated to be 4-4,5 thousand people. 60% of them falls on the elderly. They form the so-called group healing — the most difficult category of dealing which, as a rule, throughout life, paid little attention to the sport, and now decided to get up from the chair and start to act.published


Alexander Kalinin


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