Near you the man you deserve

Why some women are unhappy in relationships with men suffering from their perpetual drunkenness, violence, aggression, or the opposite of indifference, betrayal, coldness, while others are happy with a genuine, caring and faithful men?

The reason for this seemingly injustice lies in the woman's self-esteem, which is situated next to the one man she by his own opinion worthy.


The subconscious mind forms the bar, above which a woman does not allow herself to "jump" does not allow to want. How to check how high the level of this bar do you have? To do this, answer the following question:


"And what for you to do a decent relationship?"

Think about it, is it permissible for you to the man you lied to, insulted, humiliated? But if he likes to drink, quarrel with money? Or if he has no money at all? Would you be with him? And if he has the good nature and eyes of the devotees?


Now imagine that you are seeking a great successful man. Purposeful, responsible, kind and sincere. In short, the man is a dream. And money has a lot, and the feelings he has for you are real. In the future do a decent relationship.How would you respond? I have a friend, who all his life was looking for just such a man. I dreamed about it, like, waiting. All the rest ignored, because they are compared with the imaginary ideal obviously did not.

And here He was in her life. It's amazing how, it is not clear where. But there was. As if descended from the picture: beautiful, smart, expensive dressed, educated, intelligent. And began to achieve it. She went with him only once on a date and... turned him down. As it turned out, she was uncomfortable, awkward, uncomfortable that SUCH a man was paying attention to her. Because where He is (!), where is she... And how she can take His time? I remember when everyone was amazed how she could have missed such a groom. And she just considered herself not worthy. Though clever and handsome and the mistress good.

The level of such low self-worth depends on the upbringing, environment, and nation...

The fault most often are psychological trauma, presented to parents, teachers, schoolmates. Children's psyche is very vulnerable and easy to convince that he is bad and nothing good in life is not worthy.

Then, in adult life, it still sits a little frightened child, which does not raise the bar desires in life. He's not worthy! But it is not only in our perception of ourselves, in the inner bracket "what we deserve".

There's something else. Now think about why a girl from a good and wealthy family always finds a partner from the same circle? If she has, she automatically believes themselves worthy of it and of the man. So if you want to meet a decent man, become the first deserving woman for this man. Work on yourself, improve your character, develop your femininity, build your feminine energy, raise their self-esteem, and then your life definitely will do a decent relationship! published

Author: Yulia Kravchenko




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