7 books that reveal new truths. They deserve a place in your library!

They say that in order to become wise enough to read a few books, but to find them you should read thousands. I decided a little help with your search. We offer to your attention a 7 exciting books about self-knowledge, philosophy and psychology, which is sure to add to the library. Discover new truths with these international bestsellers.
1. "The Artist's Way," Julia Cameron
This book was written for those who have not found their purpose in life. It is a great help in discovering the talent of which you have no idea. Author Julia Cameron did not just told about how life has found its meaning, but also gives you tips. The book "The Artist's Way" - a practical course consisting of 12 weeks of daily exercises. Most people who read it, claim that the book is changing consciousness and life and teaches us to be true creators of his happiness.

2. "Life Without Borders", Nick Vujcic
This book is intended for those who are desperate and loves though sometimes complain about life. The author of the bestselling motivational Nick Vujcic was born without arms and legs, but he was able to fulfill themselves in life has two higher education, self-typing on a computer 43 words per minute, surf, help the needy, and he has a happy husband and father. In the book "Life Without Limits", he offers advice on how to cope with the fact that we have no control, and become the person you desire.

3. "Yes, pray, love," Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert's novel "Yes, pray, love" tells the story of a modern woman who after her divorce from her husband goes on a long journey to find the meaning of life. Perhaps reading this book, you have to think about on your way if you go and learn to look for happiness where you least expect.

4. "1984", George Orwell
In the novel, dystopia "1984" shows the fears and prejudices of the inhabitants of Oceania, which zombified government and are under the supervision of the authorities. The protagonist Winston Smith tries to resist the totalitarian regime. On the way he meets a girl with whom he has a love affair. All anything, but under the law of love relations between members of the party considered to be outside the law. The book warns people about the danger of loss of identity, love, and critical thinking.

5. "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray
Perhaps you have heard about this book. But if you have not had time to read it, it is strongly recommended you do so. It can be a real key to your long and happy love story. Psychologist John Gray writes about the relationship of man and woman, pointing to the differences in their character, ways of thinking and their emotions flow. As well as giving practical advice in a joking manner, so reading this book and useful, and enjoyable.

6. "The Art of Loving", Erich Fromm
This book has an equal amount of supporters and critics. Therefore, it is yet to be read for the overall development, and what conclusions do it - it's up to you. The famous German thinker, originally thinking about different kinds of love, explains the difference between a mature love by immature, and much more.

7. "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
If you read this book, it is useful to read it again. It is relevant to people of any age. Each proposal it has a deep meaning. The book teaches us to listen to your heart, appreciate friendship, and do not forget that we are all "from childhood».

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